The Apothecarium - Indoors / Organic / Medical

Hi Y’all. doing both outdoor and indoor organic medical grows in an illegal state (TX). i have been requested to show what i’m growing and how i’m growing it. finished with indoor tasks for today so snapped some shots when i finished up each area.
i am new(er) to indoor growing. i don’t have fancy gear. everything has been cobbled together with spare parts/lumber, cheap stuff (lights), and in some cases trash - local bakeries throw out the food safe buckets. i ask for them, clean them up and drill drainage holes. free food safe pots from 2,2.5 and 4 gallon sizes for medical grow. my clone “tent” was something left for junk i put back together. when the wife finally agreed to let me use available space inside to expedite the strain hunt, i got to work with what i had available.
hopefully MacGyver is proud of me.

the what, where, who and why of my purpose in growing can be found in this thread along with my strains list:

with that all being said, on to the indoor portion of my medical grow(s).

Zone 1 - BR3 Closet
this one i have been using to run out “the list” strains during the winter months. i do photoperiod plants from seed in here. veg for about 2 months. top, lst, supercrop and weave through the scrog screen. after the 2 months i will flip to flower. this is the ONLY area that i have a hi-ya lighting system. (viparspectra 1500 some sh*t.) with this light i have grown some really potent ganj. the last harvest in here was louis13. it is very strong. makes me sleepy. makes abuela too sleepy. trying to dial in the dosage.
currently running:
seedsman amnesia fast (left)
blimburn gelato x kosher kush (right)

Zone 2 - "Main Area"
this one has typically run autos on the bottom and clone moms up top. up top left is blimburn grandaddy purple. top right is still in seedling stage. seedsman gelat.og.
bottom has seedsman lemon haze auto (left) and seedsman Critical+ 2.0 auto (right).
despite my cobbled together lighting system i have grown some pretty potent sh*t in here. the bottom lights throw a lot of red light and makes the flowers pretty fat. and yes… i have rotated the pots to test this theory. sides exposed to more red light produce fatter flowers.


Zone 3 - Garage flower zone
this one is set up to flower out the clones i snip. it also serves as a spot for autos, or to flower out males for pollen. it is isolated from the inside and outside spaces respectively. lighting my usual cobbled together home depot special lights.
this ~used~ to be my workbench. now it’s the gucci growbox™.
EDIT: oops. forgot to name the plants
(left) seedsman northern lights auto, (right) NASC freebie purple lemonade auto.
the NLA is struggling. the summer is “over” but it’s still in the high 90s F here. the garage spot gets VERY hot. up to 115F in there. some plants can hang, some can not. NLA looking in the not category.

Zone 4 - Clonezone™
left for junk, brought back to life with glue, clamps, cussing, wood and a sh*tload of duct tape. it is now the resurrected clonezone™. home depot special lighting. a 2 tier system . rooting the cuttings up top, vegging them out down below. nothing is down below, because i just made it and none of my clones are mature enough. i am really quite new(er) to the indoor thing (note lack of fancy tents and lights) and still kinda doping my way through it. never done a perpetual before, but, whelp… here goes.

ZONE 5 - Helpers
this guy likes when i defoliate and have fresh salad for him.

that’s it. closest to finish are the two autos below in main area. once they are harvested i am going to put in 2-3 more clone moms. i have 4 different cuts of GDP i need to resolve and start sorting out for my first seed production run. i’m not going to be without or hunting for GDP seed ever again.
f*ck that.

thanks for stoppin’ by.


Following this

appreciate your interest. thanks for stoppin’ by.
hopefully i don’t disappoint. :smiley:

Oh no won’t be disappointed. this is exactly what I’m after. Real diy home grow. I love it.


lol… you’ve been warned. i AM the frozen caveman awakened to modern times.

this is truly DIY all the way. and since none of this is for commercial purposes and on an extremely limited budget, don’t expect any fancy upgrades anytime soon.

TBH i kinda chuckle and shake my head at my setup. it’s ugly and inelegant but it functions and produces.


I’m a big fan of repurposing stuff for my grow to keep cost down as well. I’ve used the cake icing buckets from Walmart a bunch of times as 4 gallon buckets and have bricks and cinderblocks for plant stands. Hope you find some good meds for abuela.


“Ugly”, my foot!!! You have a very workable setup, quite efficient. It gets the desired results, and is quite admirable. SALUTE, my friend!! Continued success, stay safe and, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I get so tired of all the commercial grows honestly. Everything dialed in. Lights just right. Perfect buds every time. IM HERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT. Lol not that I want people to fail but I believe in the value of working to get where you’re at. My first veg box was an old two drawer end table converted to have no drawers and the two drawer faces were joined together. Then that panel put on t slot hangers with a cloth behind that to block the light of my three cfls. I still kinda operate like that in all aspects of my life. Used to be necessity but now it’s like my creative outlet.


i use those buckets for my veggies too. got some kickass serrano peppers this year. and tried some of those little tiny thai peppers that scorch your cornhole next morning. i got a bunch of those. it was still producing up until a week ago. it’s got some new flowers coming in with the weather “cooling off” (it’s gone from 100s down to high 90s… but yeah. cooling), so maybe will get some more before the season is over?

bakery buckets rock.
so does spare lumber and heavy gauge metal fencing.

i hope i find the right stuff for her too man. the disease keep progressing so you kind of already assume the outcome of the fight, but i know this is helping her. and so does my wife. but i think it was all caught too late and the fighting with doctors over handfulls of pills making her sicker sped up our clock too. finding out now that she’s also diagnosed with parkinsons last week was another punch in the f*cking gut. so more research. thankfully i started the GxKK in zone 1 last month before we even knew this. Kosher Kush has shown good results with parkinsons. as does bubba kush which i should be harvesting from outdoors this week or next. it’s real close. bubba was also one of abuela’s Alz top 15 alz strains.

praying this one fits. ANY of them outside fit. high hopes for candyland also for daytime.

thanks man. i appreciate all your help and encouragement from RIU to here. it has meant a lot from my isolated standpoint. thanks.


wow. thanks for your comments. appreciate you.

oh… follow up on @Sodapop 's comment from other thread.
i am still searching for anything “lavender”. it is something i haven’t been able to find in 3yrs.
original lavender
lavender kush
lavender haze

the terpine profile, on paper, is probably one of the best for abuela’s condition. if you have ANY idea where i can find any of those or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
please and thanks.


Glad you found your way over here. Lots of caring and knowledgeable folks here and genetics to be shared.


Pulling up a chair, looking forward to seeing your grow. :v:


-nods- understood.
when i left the ‘scene’ when my kids were born and i got the respectable work out of the military i had to be clean. everything was underground and discreet as you described.
i entered back into the ‘scene’ with the same mindset i left. i was terrified i was going to get pinched my first online seed order. lol.

online. seed. order.
none of which existed when i left. got about 30yrs of weed moving on without me to cram into my head in 3yrs.

whelp you’re in now. pull up a chair and watch some wacky n00b sh^t unfold. :smiley:

me too. you have done nothing but give me good advice since i met you. you gave a sh*t about my project and helped me where you could. i’m grateful. thank you.

you were not lying about this place. have gotten a lot of encouragement and some interesting/helpful PMs. this is a good fit. (just needs more metalheads. lol)

going to finish out the season over there and be done with it. i’d rather roll with this set.


LOL, I recognize that clip.


thanks for stopping by Doug.
hope i don’t disappoint.



That’s not even possible bud. Just do you thing and all will be good.


I’ve got Original Lavender, f2s of Soma’s Masterpiece. PM those “personals”, I’ll send you a Flip of SIX/6 if you’ll accept them. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: SPECIAL NOTE: Buena salud a la abuela!!


oh man. thank you!
what an auspicious day for me.
between yourself and @DougDawson you have helped me find 3 i have been looking for without success.

thank you both.


Told you , we’d get em for ya @Til_Valhalla Thanks @Sodapop and @misterbee :pray:t3: as OG as they come. All you guys.