THE ARENA: Where plants try to live

Right on Grobro!

Have gotten a lot of gardening done.

Work is very slow for me anyway these days.

It will pick up again. It always does.



Didn’t want to start clogging up @Roux hydro thread.

Yes, I guess that lil pig could be considered mine. In fact if you or anyone is interested in some free stickers let me know via PM. You could also head over to instagram and follow abrownlake and get them that way.

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Thought this looked neat with sunlight from below.

This is bob. Bob doesn’t usually come out during the day. Very rarely. It’s going to eat that grub on the left.

Got a little hermaphrodite action happening on the compost tester. Early on there was a small ball that looked exactly like a male nut, but had a hair sticking out of it. Decided to toss it in the compost bin and let it go. Herm for sure.

So I chopped off the lower four branches and will let the top go. Not sure of the strain, and I’ve been struggling to just put it out of its misery, but since it won’t affect anything else growing outside right now, i’ll just wait and see what it makes in the smoke department.


Sorry grub, Go Bob. :bug:



Hi OG.

Not much in the department of progress other than a few sprouts starting to show some vigor. Had great luck with 4 of the LemonTree x X18 popping and growing well. None of the Roxbury x X18 popped. Had that some grower issues.

Got to pull seven clones of a supposedly clone only strain, so those are trucking along into a re-vegetative state. Pretty sure, off the top of my head I had one Diesel Moonshine finally pop and two of my BCxDM crosses are doing well.

A friend, after hearing about the clone only potential thing, decided to let me test drive a nice LED light fixture for him. Hooked me up with a bunch of stuff. Couldn’t have happened to me at a better time. I’ve been trying forever it seems to pull together enough extra cash to line myself with a nice solstrip rig from @Baudelaire, but looks like I can safely say I won’t have too now. Or at least not for a little while.

Other thing, maybe worth mentioning? I don’t know about you all, but when the universe is speaking to you, you have to listen. I’ve been thrown a nice ass bone when I needed it. That’s kind of a reason I don’t mind sending out seeds to you all. If I could I’d pay some parking tickets or something, but I don’t have that power. Instead I’m just trucking along like the rest of us jones’s. Peace y’all.

couple little clones. They’re in a smaller dome now.

I’ve got some reading to do on this beast. It’s pretty cool. There’s a button and antenna on top. The button allows manual adjustment of the spectrums available. 6 spectrums to choose from, I believe. The antenna is for wifi and an app. Turned it on in the garage and it’s blinding. Time to start taking things a bit more seriously. :scorpion:

I’ll be setting it up this week if I don’t have to leave town. I may need to head north for two weeks, which is another universe speaking to me thing. This was the only online info I could find. Going to reach out to them and see what info is available. Please, if anyone is running these/this… I’d love to know more.


600 watts, wow that thing is a beast! I’m guessing it has to be 3 feet above the canopy with that horsepower.


We have located the flux capacitor.

Quick Marty get in!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy, that light is a beast - can’t wait to see the results!!! :eye:


The specs on the site show 2.5 but I believe that is for par, lumens, radius…not safe distance from canopy. Purely an example of output radius. I’m borrowing a nice light meter to see if it can’t be dialed in real nice. Still no software to test with. My buddy is being secretive. It’s going to be a huge curve for a minute. Other thing is it has two fans up top, so I’m thinking to vent that heated exhaust back to ground level. My set up in the garage is trying to endure dramatic temp swings. High 30’s at night and approaching the low 80’s in the day. My box is sitting at a consistent 60/40 heat/humidity. Slowing them down a lot. Actually one of the master kush’s is looking like it’s got nitrogen toxicity going on. I’m probably wrong. Post the sickling later.

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Some progress and other stuff.

Stumbled across this lil fella in one of the pots.

Box has been neglected. Plant in the middle isn’t doing so well. I’ll see them through, but will need to do some nice modifications to get it working properly.

Master Kush bud shot from the sicker of the two.

A tincture made from @ReikoX tincture thread. Its a hundred times better tasting than the last batch we made. Two droppers full for me about an hour before bed and I’m out. Wifey puts it in her coffee. Go check out his thread if your making these. Killer write up and easy to follow.

My cross #1. It’s in the exact same soil as all my others, but seems sensitive. Could be heat stress because they were really close to the lamps a couple nights while the temps dropped, but every plant was close to the lights, so I’m semi-ruling it out and saying it’s simply sensitive.

All of them.

Put another outside that is showing much more of the diesel moonshine early on with large fat leaves.

Diesel moonshine.

This is a mystery that hermied, went to flower, now going back to vegetative. Going to let it go through the summer and keep an eye on it.

Here’s the HOG. It was growing really slowly in the box. Only had one leaf then split on its own. I cut the leaf in the center.

Can’t remember for the life of me what this one was. Maybe it’s somewhere above? Happy though.

I’ve got four lemontree x x18 testers going for @buryseeds.
So far, six of the seven clones are rooting and starting to veg. Last two days I notice they are leaning back to the light when they are rotated to face the other way. Also a nice even amount of dead/healthy growth. Good signs.

Got the veg fixture hung up and some temporary walls started. May let these veg an extra week or so to give me time to get the LED room figured out and built. It’s a shit storm in here. :metal:t2::scorpion:

Happy February!


So glad it worked put for you and the wife. If you think that tastes good, go for the natural decarb some time. It keeps many of the aromas and flavors lost during the decarb in the oven.


Bunch o stuff. Sunday funday. Here it is.

Supposed P91 clones are starting to flip back into revegitative state. Very pleased.

My #1 (BC X DM) looks like it’s a boy.

These two are staying outside now. One in the red pot is my #1 (BC x DM), looking like it’s leaning heavy to DM side.

Here’s kalgrae’s melt your face off sauna. Watered everything from the bottom. Didn’t let two of them drain enough.


@Kalgrae There aren’t enough words to spew to give justice to your progress and amazing builds. Looking fantastic. You’ll like those screw in’s until you can get some solstrips, they do the job just fine. I’m still thinking about making a veg cab for my screw in array i’ve got.

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up, but looks like you’ve got things handled. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jellypowered that means a lot coming from you. Slow and steady as they say.

I also noticed I haven’t posted the arena lately. Well, well, well… just yesterday I finally started tackling a little powdery mildew. Shit is rampant here. Used the sugar and hydrogen peroxide with water solution. Leaves a nice shine on the leaves. One on the right is @Muleskinner CBD. It’s really frosty. Other two are master Kush from nirvana. Middle one is eating itself and stems on the far right are purplish so I top fed them with some guano, fish meal and alfalpha. Off track but getting back on.

Master Kush





Hey OGer’s. Hope everyone is high as they need to be on this fine Saturday.

Made a big NO NO and brought one from outside into the box. It could be a really bad move, but I’m going/went for it.

Both Master Kush smell great and look fine enough as far as developing trichomes, but they look airy to me. Need better pics, so none for now.

CBD from @Muleskinner smells absolutely amazing! Like a sweet piece of bubblegum but better. It’s very compact and aside from doing its split ribbon thing with the stalk, it’s a plant I’d consider keeping around. Most likely after processing it will be popping a few more. Thanks Mule.

Moved the young’ns under the T8s. They don’t look as happy today as they did after being transplanted. Just raised the fixture a bit. See if that helps.


the hog

diesel moonshine

under some light, finally
This was last night after being transplanted and sitting there most of the day.

this morning
I think the light was too intense? The ones still in cups are basically dry, so it’s not from over watering. Humidity wasn’t 99% either. That gauge is junk. ??? Raised the lights a bit. I think that will help?

Clones are doing great. No complaints.
Enjoy your weekend all.


I loved ‘The Hog’ when someone gave me a cutting of it.
Very fast flowering.


Green and healthy here! You must be growing storm clouds :cloud_rain: to have humidity at 99% all the time lol

I see what you mean about the little guys in the cups. The 3 on the left side looks like they just might make it, the other 2 look very dry. Plastic bag, stick, and rubber band can make an instant humidity dome, it can also dull the light if using a thicker bag.


The Diesel Moonshine is a nice stout looking little bugger isnt he
looking forward to trying that outdoors
very “Indica” leaning, should do well
All the plants look healthy, so good job and good job on the cab build too.

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Taken a couple nights ago. Also turns out the fixture needs to sit a lot higher. It’s about 24" above the canopy. Any closer and it makes them dry out, which looks like they are overwatered. Top leaves were waffled and flaky to the touch a couple days ago. All seems good now. Male LT x X18 is in the grow box now until it really shows itself. No plans to keep it around otherwise. I will say it has an amazing odor for how young it is.

Diesel Moonshine is making me a proud papa this evening…

Now the hog is transplanted because it’s going to be hanging around for a bit. Or at least that’s my intention. See how that pans out… It’s looking rather sickly this evening because I was hesistant to transplant until I was reading this post about Pollyploidism it might be cool to try and use some pollen with something else. I can always save some too. :scorpion:

It naturally topped itself from day one. Somewhere there is a pic of it just sitting around being lame. One leaf for about a month. I know, kill the runt!!!, but I just couldn’t There were only two seeds and one was crushed, so I had to let it do its thing.

Box is doing fine I guess. Everything is very dark and the PM hasn’t reared its uglyness lately.

This poor plant has been through it. She’s turning back relatively quickly though. Wife’s eyes lit up when she saw there will be more sooner. Good job kalgrae!

I was busy with other stuff too and went for a drive. Left a nice sunset in SoCal to a comforting sunrise over Mt. Shasta.

Another highlight was seeing my brother. I’ve been warned to go easy with them. Called “little helpers”?

I could probably waste a lot more of your time with pointless ramblings, but I’ll spare you for now. Hope everyone is as high as they need to be and having a blessed moment.


It’s never pointless my friend. Please ramble as much as you feel need!