The Bank of Stank

I figured it’s about time to start a journal. I’m growing more and more OG community gear and it’s easier to tag everyone here then search out individual threads for each. Come inside while I bank my stank.

I’ve got three tents; a 4’x4’x7’ flower, 3’x3’x6’ veg, and a 20"x3’x6’ drying tent. I grow in recycled soil that starts as a base of happy frog and ocean forest and then is amended with KIS nutrient pack after each grow. Tap water only from start to finish. I typically grow in 5 gal fabric pots for flower.

I’m a seed popping fool. Hardly ever take cuts. Once every year (usually in winter) I’ll use the drying tent as a second veg tent, then do a big flower run in both the 3x3 and 4x4. This allows me to cram a bunch of strains in one round.

Flowering now at 35 days I’ve got these four Death Stomper from Ice River Genetics (Death Star x Grape Stomper OG), three of Eskobar’s Chocolate Rain from like 2011 seed, and a lone Orange Goji from the man @50State just for a taste of things to come in the next round with them.

I had a Chocolate Rain male that I collected pollen and hit the all around nicest CR lady, but I washed her down after like 20 mins before going back in the tent and I’m not sure if I’m going to get any beans from her. Sure don’t see any yet.

Death Stomper

Chocolate Rain

Orange Goji

All the plants in this tent are recovering lime-aholics. I realized that you can in fact add too much lime to soil. Got lots of helpful insight from members trying to figure out what-n-the-hell when they were vegging: Interveinal Chlorosis in Veg


For the big veg round this year we have in the 3x3: Bodhi’s Cherry Queen F2s from the glorious @lefthandseeds, Bodhi’s Purple Unicorn F5 grow-along with fellow @Grohio, a single Zkittlez S1 from CSI, and a female HarleSin from Sin City seeds going for some CBD. The stankest one vegging in here so far is the Zkittlez by far, then the Cherry Queen coming in behind.

And in the 2x3 “drying tent” we’ve got three of @stanknugzz77 Yeti OG x Tropicanna Cookies.
Four Soloberry3 by @anonymous4289 doing fine and 2/3 Soloberry 2 on life support.
Three AK47, the famous Motz Cherrys by @OleReynard.
And a clone from the first Purple Unicorn female.


Good luck hope you find what you’re looking for, ill be watching


Looking forward to seeing your turnout, especially on the cherry queen. I’m right behind you with 3 of my own.
Nice funky bank, this thread is! I like funk, so I’ll be hangin out wit yawl


Thanks! I’m not after cherry (got that with the Cherry Queen), but just looking for some classic AK47 smoke. Haven’t had it in ages.


Hell yeah welcome aboard! There’s an open seat right next to my schmarmpit.


Dude they look great. I’ll be following. I need to run that Cherry Queen so I’ll be watching that one closely.



Your gonna love the cherry queens. I keep a cut around. Ive been calling it the sour cherry bubblegum pheno. Super hard dense nuggets too. Lovely smoke. Your garden looks wonderful. Im gonna shoot you a pm about using the kis nutrient packs.


Beautiful mix! Also pulling up a chair!!


:popcorn: :smile:


Forgot what i had sent ya.


These are the Cherry AK47 F3. You also sent some skunk AK47 F2 which I have not tried yet.


I appreciate you running the Yeti OG x Tropicanna Cookies brother! I hope that you enjoy them! I have some vegging right now. Just keep me posted on how they run for you. I just pollinated one of my female cuttings of DLA11 with pollen from a couple of studs a few days ago and I will be doing the same (with different females) for the next few weeks. I also have a round of some of my keeper studs ready to be flowered soon and I will be making more F2s and hybrids with those ASAP as well. As long as people actually run the seeds that I send them, I am always down gift them more. I will always be making more seeds to send out to as many people as possible.

I am down to two female cuttings of Cherry Queen that I am still trying to decide between. Rock hard spears for flowers. Both smell varying intensities of cherry. A little “hairier” than I would prefer haha. I also have my Cherry Queen stud ready to flower soon. Fun times. Positive vibes…



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Pulling up a chair with a pipe in my hand!!


Yep, I will definitely be watching this one. Sounds and looks awesome keep up the good work.


Peace @schmarmpit I’m pulled up as well bookmarked and all. Good vibes. Stay safe be well and grow hard.:fist:t6:


Everything is looking great! :heart_eyes:
Sending best of luck and wishes your way, hope you find what you’re looking for :+1:
Will grab a spot on the :couch_and_lamp:, brought my pipe too!


Thanks everyone for the nice comments and for following along. Everything in the past week is going smoothly.

The Death Stomper plants are starting to flop all over. Doing my best to tie them up and keep them together. They are STINKY plants. It’s hard to make anything out in the tent but if you happen to brush against one you’ll be smelling like dank ass weed for a good while. They have a lot more OG in their structure than I remember with Death Star. One of them kind of has a Death Star look. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with the outcome of this cross though.

The Chocolate Rain are bulking up quickly. Smells fruity and flowery right now. They should end up being a better yield than the Death Stompers. And the lone Orange Goji is getting swallowed up by everything else. Next round I’m going to top them and veg them out into a big bush.

Death Stomper

Chocolate Rain

Orange Goji


The veg tents are churning right along. You can see I’m in various stages of topping. My aero cloning bucket had a couple clogged sprayers and so I think a couple of the clones paid the price. Hopefully I’ll start seeing some roots in the next week.

Looks like I’ll have 3/5 females of Cherry Queen, still waiting on #5 to show. They all smell really good in veg and it makes me excited. I’ve only got 1/5 females of Purple Unicorn, looking like it will be 2/5 in the end. The Zkittlez S1 grows like a bean pole and so the branching is slow going after it was topped.
The HarleSin is deadly slow and low grower. I need some HPS to stretch its legs.

The Soloberry2’s had lots of mutations at first and I think they’re finally growing some legit leaf sets. The Soloberry3’s only have 1/4 that looks to make it. The other seedling next to it is just stalled and I’ll toss it soon enough. The AK47 seedlings are churning along great and ready for bigger pot soon. The YetiOGxTC are coming along great with big fatty leaves.