The Bank of Stank

I wouldn’t be surprised if PU passes on longer flowering times. I think the PU F5 are all around 11-12 week finishers. At least mine and a few others I’ve seen growing them are all like that.

This one smells identical to the one from last round. A weird mix of wet lumber, mothballs, old lady perfume, dark berries. The smell totally transforms after a cure though. Definitely a unique experience.


Hm. I hadn’t heard that. Or maybe I had and I’d forgotten about it. In any event, I’m surprised at how long the PNL2 is taking. But I guess I shouldn’t be, if I’d have done a little research haha…

Gotta love that “old lady perfume” weed haha…


Oh that BOG looks awesome! I can’t wait till I can start my sour boggle!


The new tenants are all settled in. Got a few plants that are more than halfway done already. I kind of like splitting up harvests sometimes. Looking forward to these Bodhi Phone Home (TK x Wookie). Also I think I know why it’s called Sundae Driver, because it’s slow as molasses! Slow to root clones, slow to veg, slow to kick into flowering. She better put on a show or off she goes!

If that Slurricane looks weird, it’s because it’s missing 1/3 of its branches. It’s got the most fragile nodes I’ve ever seen, like they just want to split apart from the main stem. After I lost the one arm moving it around I duct taped all the other main nodes to the stem lol.


Really like the way you have that tent stacked. Nice!!!


I’m pretty tight on space but wanted to add a tent so I can experiment more with clones and mothers. The max footprint I had available was 2’ x 3’ with only 6’ max height. I thought I’d share this fairly cheap way to build a 2-story grow tent.

I started with this 2-in-1 grow tent for $100 (36”x24”x53").

Here is the intended design of the tent.

And with a little re-arranging you can make it split in half horizontally. Surprisingly it all came together without much fuss. The only customization I needed to do was join two open-ended female pieces of tubing. I happened to have a curtain rod that fit the inner diameter perfectly. I cut two 3-inch pieces from the curtain rod and it worked great to join the tent poles at those points.

I then got this 2’ x 3’ metal grate shelf for only $17 + shipping. It fit right over the tent pole corner brackets, like it was made for it.

And lastly this $17 dog crate liner as a water tray. I had to snip out a tiny piece in each corner so it could go around the tent poles. I taped the cut corners up good after that to make sure it sealed well. It can easily hold an inch or more of standing water.

The horizontal split is not evenly spaced, so plan on having a larger and smaller half. You can flip the frame to your desired setup before you add the tent fabric on. I chose to keep the larger half on the bottom for heavier potted mothers, while the smaller upper half is for new clones and such.

Now I’ve got 12sq ft available to play with! I have 110w LEDs hanging in each level with the top light dimmed pretty low. I can’t believe how lucky I was that everything fit together as planned and was so much cheaper than I thought.


Great ingenuity my man!!!


Thanks @HaRdRoC! It’s like riding in a Cadillac now, so much room!

Hey @stanknugzz77, I got 5/5 quick and healthy seedlings just popped up of your Motorbreath #15 x Blowfish cross! I can already hear them whispering to me…“staaaannnkkkk”. Do you have any names lined up? First thing that popped into my head was “Motorboat”.


Much appreciated brother! In regards to naming my hybrids in general, I usually just let the names shake out naturally (like you did with Motorboat haha), so feel free to call it whatever you wish and if it sticks, so be it. I always find it humorous when people breed with a name in mind. Like I want to breed a hybrid named this, so I am going to breed x and y together. It just seems silly to me, but that is just my opinion. I am more so about the progeny of my hybrids, rather than what they are named. I hope that you find something that you enjoy! Positive vibes…



I agree. Although inspiration strikes in mysterious ways… haha!!

Still, Motorboat is a catchy name. Might wanna check and make sure that that name hasn’t been taken yet… I feel like it maybe might’ve been.


Yes, it’s already taken! Secret Seed Society has Motor Boat (Motor Breath #15 x Titty Sprinkles), and since they are using Titty Sprinkles it is much more fitting. You win SSS, fair game. I think I might have to smoke this bud before I get another inspiration. But Blowfish has to be featured somehow, and I can only think of sexual references right now. Hey, how about Hootie & The Blowfish?! Surely that is novel.

I’ve been in so many bands where the name was the most important first decision to be made, and they always ended up with the worst name in the world somehow. Honestly it’s exhausting, having to check and make sure no one else is using the same thing. Who cares. Someone else is ALWAYS using it! You just have to make your product is better so everyone associates it with you first.


Hootie and the Blowfish sucks haha. I would never, ever smoke or even consider smoking a strain named that. I never understood how that band got popular. Their music sucks, their name sucks… I’m thinking serious payola.

Why not Motorfish? That sounds good to me. If I saw that name, I’d be like,”Motorfish? What’s that? I think I wanna blaze it. Or at least stick my nose in that jar.”

Gotta love stanknugz bringing those rare Blowfish genetics around, though. Seriously, when was the last time you saw any Blowfish around? Years ago…


LOLOL yeah Hootie sucks, it’s universal understanding. Motorfish is badass, just like stanknugz.


All is well in the flower room. All three Phone Homes shot up in stretch. Some with like 4" between the nodes. We’ll see how they fill in. The Black Triangles I grew were a lot like this and they had great yields. But with the Wookie dad who knows.

Got this Slurricane that is maybe 2 weeks away from harvest.

And this Lava Cake is turning colors way early. Maybe a deficiency. Not sure and don’t really care. Best of luck to her. All you get is water!!!


Wow, a lot can happen in just 30 days! I started taking in clones and had a plant infected with powdery mildew get past my quarantine defenses. Well it spread to all my tents over the course of just a couple weeks. I decided to scrap my flowering tent at 3-4 weeks in, and my Agent Orange seed run that just started flowering. The only plants I kept were small clones that were easy to manage.

In talking with @JoeCrowe I decided to try spraying sulfur to see if it really could stop the infection. All of these clones I am working with had been infected. I sprayed them with wettable sulfur about 3 times waiting about a week in between each application, dunked them all in sulfur slurry, and even dusted them with sulfur to make sure every inch was covered. I then waited 2 weeks and sprayed them all again for good measure.

And now finally, here I am. I just started flowering today and I’m feeling pretty excited to see if this worked. I sprayed the sulfur off with water because there was so much that they were dusty when I bumped into them. I’ve got Bubba Kush from All Star Clones, Ice Cream Cake (@DGCloud), Platinum Kush Mints (@TheShowMeHomie), Super Lemon Haze and Tampa Crippy (PNW Strain Hunters), Slurricane and Sundae Driver (Clonify).

Coming up in a month I will be flowering MAC1, Purple Punch, and Blowfish x MotorBreath.

Fingers crossed that the PM doesn’t come back. If it does show up again I will trash everything and bring in some seed plants that I’ve been growing at another location (CSI Triangle Kush and Zkittlez S1). I’ve dealt with PM before but never on my cannabis. It’s been a learning experience but I’m staying cool and in hindsight it shouldn’t really hold me back for too long, even in the worst case scenario. Thankfully I’ve got enough bud to smoke for a long time, so it hasn’t been too hard for me to stop like this. The veggie garden outside is getting lots of love and attention because of it lol.

May the new month bring lots of good fortune to all you good OGers!!!


I hope all that did the trick and you rid yourself from the PM problem. Shitty deal to have to start over, I know the pain all too well… best of luck man!!!


Thanks @HaRdRoC! I’m small scale so the pain wasn’t too bad. Canning the seed run did hurt though but I’ll be making more seed soon enough. I just couldn’t believe how fast that stuff spread! Like even day to day I could see noticeable spread. I feel for anyone who is struggling with it long term. But now I feel more capable and “leveled up” in my canna growing experiences. If the sulfur didn’t knock it out then my plan B sure as hell will.


What’s that??? :fire::fire::fire: it to the ground??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


LOL basically. Just getting rid of all plant material at my place, deep clean, nothing for two weeks, then bring in some seed plants from another location of mine.


Blowfish x Motorbreath? You get that from @stanknugzz77?

Sucks about the PM, but it happens. I guess haha. I pray that I never have to deal with it. Knocking on wood real hard right now…