The Daily Bud~~A Photo Essay!

Another strain we created this year quietly is Grape Lime Ricky a simple hybrid of Urkle X JTR grapey and sour it packs a serious medical punch from the JTR male.



“True North Seed Bank” just delivered my Jesus OG from TGA in like 3 days.
“Hemp Depot” is a reliable source for TGA Subcool seeds also.
Both take e-transfer if you’re Canadian, and TNSB even accepts credit cards.


How much kilos are 8 pounds?

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2.2 pounds is 1 kilo so 3.5ish.

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Cherrygasm is one of my favorite new creations every single grower that runs it falls in love.

Resin Machine



She is sure sexy sub, did you breed her specifically for squishin’… high terp content? :peace:

Lets Take a look at Jack the Ripper
Weve created so many strains after this one people forget :L)

Lots of Breeders use this strains to create with its deff a huge honor

Kraven Everything I make these days is geared to resin :slight_smile:


OK Not So Daily But here is Grape Inferno :slight_smile:

Thanks to our good friends at Norstar Genetics we bring you a new and exciting cross. The Nepali OG is very unusual and combined with the grape flavor of Querkle with undertones of Space queen this is one great smelling plant. Rock hard buds are produced even outdoors and in light dep.


Into the Vortex
By Subcool

I had the idea to start 20 Vortex seeds and find the best 3 males to do a Apolo-13 cubing project. We were only blessed with one lone male out of 21 seeds started and that kind of defeats the concept of increasing our male selection pool. The good news is I ended up with 17 females. Every one a keeper in there own right. I wasn’t expecting so many females and the three I killed early in seed stage would have been no different than these but enough is enough and 17 is enough. I have passed out the extra clones to friends all over and there input will help determine which is the best clone when they finish. I Took pictures of about half of the plants to give you an idea of how nice and even they all are with just slight differences in smell and shape.

The plants were budded in square 2 gallon pots and placed in 12/12 as soon as they showed sexual maturity about 24”. I used super soil in the lower ½ and Roots soil in the upper portion. The plant were budded mainly under a 400 watt HPS in a room that was averaging 60 degrees so I’m sure they are a lot happier now under a 1000 watt HPS with temps in the 70’s. I fed the plants about a week ago as these are really small pots compared to what I normally bud in and it looks like I pushed them just right as just the leaf tips are fried a tad.

I’m very impressed with the quality and stability of this many plants from seed and over 75% look just like clones. This is a very strong line and I am extremely pleased as I have been telling people for over a year how good it is based on the 5 seed run we did last year.

As the plants in bud matured and the clones rooted we started passing the females to more local med growers to run in there gardens. While I knew one would stand out every plant was a keeper in my opinion. I kept three that I liked based on smell and structure and ran all three again through the bud room to determine which was the absolute best to me.

The three phenotypes we kept were named after Chat members on my website. Pistils, Speakers, and SuperRV311 were the tag names they received and it was a lot of fun to have each member pulling for his favorite plant.

The clones were placed in full sized 7 gallon pots and run in my normal fasion on the second run.

The Pistils variation was very Apollo dominant and tasted of Spicey Pepper and fruit. The Speakers variety was sweet and fruity but the high was mellow and not as complex as I prefer. SuperRV311 was just right with a combination taste/smell of Grapefruit and Pineapple that got better and better as the sample cured in a very large glass jar.

We culled the other two females and cloned Super to run in our main medical garden. As with many clones by the third run the plant was performing better than from seed and the buds were extremely hard and dense with a liberal coating of resin.

Everyone that tries Vortex from seed finds something they love. The females are all very similar but slight variations are present and make it easy for each grower to find one that has the taste they like the most.

Super was alone this time and on her third trip through the garden she really hit her stride and the Cola shots from her are simply stunning.
Rock hard resin encrusted Grapefruit buds with just a few ambering up at day 54. I will place her in the dark in two days and let her mature to my taste.

She has so much of what I love in a strain, the sour flavor and offsetting contrast of sweet fruit. Heavy resin and a great Bubblehash strain she will be in my garden for some time to come. Enter the Vortex and see what all the fuss is about.



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If you need seeds check out dna genetics

The cataract kush is killer

Today we Have Space Jill by MzJill


Space Dude


Thanks for sharing the pictures of Space Dude. There aren’t enough pictures of males on these sites. :grin:


The Art Of Seed
By Subcool

It All Starts with a Seed!
How many times have I typed that in my life? More than I can count for sure but this statement has never held more truth. The modern day expansion of legal cannabis can not take place without good solid genetics. I have written before about the process of breeding but its time for a refresher course IMO. I was on my Podcast the other day The Weed Nerd Live Show and I asked about 250 viewers how many of them had created there own seeds? The response was over whelming and I thought how will the powers at be ever regulate this plant? But That is another article.

Creating cannabis seeds has been something I have spent the last 3 decades practicing. There are both the genetic side of things to figure out as well as the logistics for heavy yields of seeds per plant just like flowers. I will attempt to cover a few aspects or both disciplines.

The male cannabis plant is somewhat of a unicorn among growers but each plant holds his own magical contributions to the gene pool. I have always found it funny that some of the larger cannabis seed breeders have list and list of female plants but only a small selection of male plants.

Male cannabis plant is responsible for hidden attributes like vigor, pest resistance and flower support. The male Cannabis plant is equally as beautiful to me as a huge cola. He carries half of the genetic code that is responsible for creating the Dank and without him we could not create some of the amazing hybrids we have like Pennywise and Deadlights.

Timing is Everything.
The earliest males to show sex and produce male flowers is something to avoid. In nature cannabis dominant state is hemp. Using the earliest males that flower will result in less potency and resin production. Male flowers actually form trichomes you don’t see it often but its definitely something I look for when selecting a male plant to breed with. . In nature Cannabis is a hemp dominant species and the drug traits we seek for medication have been bred into the plant over thousands of years my mans intervention. In the wild these hemp dominant males acclimate the variety and the drug traits are dominated by other traits like fiber production and vigor.

Dave’s Not Here Man!

One thing we should cover is male cluster formation. The male flower can tell you alot about it’s potential in the terms of potency, yield, vigor and overall health.

When selecting a male for breeding we run him as a mature full size plant and we want to see even if he has met all our other breeding criteria that he makes big gnarly male clusters this indicates the bud formation he might pass on. Do the male flowers get powder mildew or mold if left untreated or in moist conditions? When the flowers open, look for males that release copious amounts of pollen. You will see that some males release average amounts of pollen, but if you grow enough males you will see some true studs that produce an abundance of pollen. Our price Space Queen male drop insane amounts of pollen, ounces and ounces. Those males have always passed on large yielding plants from their seeds.

Oh That Smell…
Other than out crossing a selected male and studying his outward appearance the smell of a male plant is a huge determining factor. When you rub the stem of a potential breeding male and your fingers are covered in gooey resin that has a pleasant odor its actually a good sign he will pass on these traits. Smell plays a huge roll in my selection process and once a male plant is sexually mature at about day 45 I analyze each plant by rubbing each stem and making notes on the ones I like best. This may seem very basic but its been my experience that a skunky sour male will lend this smell trait to a new hybrid. Conversely if the male doesn’t smell incredibly dank the results are less than satisfactory.

The final attribute I look for is a new male is resin. The number and frequency of non-glandular trichomes on a young male plant can be a huge indicator as to the quality of the plant. If a plant smells great and is covered in resin at day 45 I will absolutely give him a try with one of our best females.

In nature the male and female plant flower at about the same time as the goal is reproduction and not producing as many seeds as possible. By preflowering the female plants 7-10 days early according to strain origin we can greatly increase the amount of seeds produced on a single female plant.

We have a specially designed 8x8 room that is sealed and vented. All air leaving is filtered and then pushed through a water trap to prevent our outdoor crop from being pollinated. The female plants are placed into the main bud room 7 days prior to the male. At Day 7 the male is placed in the breeding room by himself to start producing pollen while we determine the best window between day 21 and day 28 according to the flowering time of the mother plant. Once we determine the pollination window the female plants are loaded in with the male and we will then actually kick tyhe container the male plant is growing in while turning on all the fans.

I allow my males to hang out with my mothers for a few days with a small fan positioned on the male with females in the air stream. As the stamen open the pollen naturally flies into the air providing max coverage. We also like to pluck off ripe pods and gently roll them between our fingers over each cola head. This is how we capture the amazing suspended pollen shots I set as a standard and later Jill perfected.

At this point the male plant is killed and submerged under water and removed from the breeding area. I wash the females well with water in a spray pump moving the female plants in a circle making sure I get rid of any excess pollen. We do this to avoid stray pollen once the room is opened up. Time destroys pollen but moisture does it even faster so this is a failsafe to prevent unwanted seeds in our Sensimelia plants.

While flowers on a cannabis plant will be mature in 8 weeks the seeds take a bit longer and MzJill and myself prefer to let the seeded plants basically die on the stems. This assures the maximum amount of seeds. The seeds are then cured very similar to our flowers stored in open jars. After 3 weeks we do a germination test on 100 seeds and we expect 99% if we have done everything right.

Just a small look at the science and mechanics behind the production of seeds.
Plant One today and see what pops up.

The Weed Nerd


Thanks again Sub! Needed me a refresher. Collecting Inca Gold pollen from Chef Joel’s arsenal, last dude to show, wonderful stemrub bouquet, thick clusters and the pods smell like straight bubble hash. Pure hash and a hint of orange smell no exaggeration I was floored. Agent Orange here he comes. Have a dank night! :pray::pray::fire:

Entonces, los rasgos definidores de vigor, resistencia a enfermedades/depredadores y estructura física están ligados a los genes masculinos?
Y que tal el fumar los machos para juzgar su valor para crianza?

So, the defining traits of vigor, disease / predator resistance, and physical structure are linked to male genes?
And how about smoking the males to judge their breeding value?



Thanks Sub. I’m running a clone only Cookies cut that is constantly giving up 29-31% returns, really terpy and good and stable. I’m gonna have to get over to the site and get some of your gear going. What would be your first pick if you were looking for something fruity / sweet? :peace:

Its better to breed with them and test the progeny