The Finer Things

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a cheap bastard. Like the cheapest bastard who ever walked the face of the earth.

Mostly it’s because things that cost money just aren’t worth it. Even weed, I grow better than what I could buy.

I start this thread because this month Mrs Foreigner bought me two things that are totally worth it. She’s slightly less cheap than me.

The first is real croissants. Like made with real butter and real quality dark chocolate. These things are not even in the same ballpark as grocery store crap. I haven’t had baked goods this delicious since I was in Paris 20 years ago. I literally cried a little they were so good.

The second thing is this:

It cost too much but it keeps my coffee hot and drinkable, even with the mouth open, for 6 hours. I drink lots of coffee so I appreciate the thought and the functionality.

Do you have anything that maybe cost too much that you now can’t live without? If they’re that good maybe I should get one too.

If anyone in the Toronto area wants the name of this bakery PM me. It was fucking amazing. I don’t get paid by them but it’s so good I want everyone to have it.

All the best for all the best.


Looks good! Wish I had those both here right now :yum:
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Being raised middle class and having a family with an eye for quality, I have a deep set desire to hit that “just expensive enough for great quality” but without much frills.

I own 3 water pipes- two I bought at a headshop in town locally made (so they claim, I’m guessing overseas based on the quality). These are nice, but I never used them anymore. They were maybe $100 for the pair.

One day, I go to a new headshop, the good one in town. Next thing I knew I have this $300+ tall ass Medicali beaker and ash catcher, 18mm thick glass. Fuck. I haven’t used anything else since, except for hand pipes.

Thick glass, stainless steel. These materials just seem to last and clean well. This really extends to food equipment! And don’t even get me started on my Stanley thermos. I had hot coffee the next day, that just fucking blew my mind. Left that coffee in there too long? That SS inside cleans right up.

And of course, in the musical instrument and equipment world… that’s a whole mess. I one spent way more on a guitar that I should’ve, my primary instrument is bass so it didn’t get proper use. But man, I’ve never held such a well made instrument. It never sang well for me, but I sold it to a buddy and damn.

I love the finer things, food especially. I hate spending the money, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself. That’s what nice about gifts, huh? You get the shit you’d never buy yourself but those who love you know you want it.


I agree with you on all these points. In my experience the thicker and heavier a thing the better it is. And a gift from someone who knows you, and buys you something you wouldn’t buy yourself, is often a thing of beauty.


Wifi is not an option where I live. So At 100 bucks a month I can’t do without internet


A lot of you guys might/will disagree with me but I think Phototrons kick ass…These Phototrons are very expensive but well worth it to me. I have about 7 of them 2 I bought and 5 was given to me because they couldn’t make it work and they wanted a certain kind of clone only strains. I think these Phototrons were just ahead-of-it’s-time. People growing in tents to me are just a bigger versions of a Phototron. I love my Phototrons and will continue to grow in them, SWC/TRON style.
A lot of people failed with these Phototrons because they followed the instructions that came with them and used the nutes that came with it. I failed on the first attempt when I grew in the Phototron because I followed the instructions. I have been successful ever since then. I think the company is no longer around and they don’t make them anyone more.



Vitamix mixer, giant heavy ass engine and plenty of torque, such a relief when a blender will actually do what its supposed to, more than twice.
Warm soup is my fave, cold water, powdered soup, turn on max until timer runs out ~5min, comes out super smooth and hot.
Yes, its 10x the usual mixer price and seems to last 10x longer, fair enuff.


How well does it crush ice? I don’t drink anymore but I remember it being impossible to make a decent margarita.


Will crush all day, sometimes make frozen banana and almond ice cream or berry sorbet.
The worst I`ve done to it is crushing activated carbon granules to a fine powder, have to use water so the friction doesn’t melt things, but it will do it.


My volcano. I use it every day. It was expensive imo. But I can’t live without it. :cry:


Finding the sweet spot.
Quality with minimal useless bling. Aiming at things that will last “the rest of my life”, guessing that might be +20y. Its a pleasant surprise when first using built to last items, so used to things breaking right after warranty, flimsy, under powered.


Yes I too had a Phototron.
It got me started.

I’m a tight wad but a proper quality saw is a must.
Dewalt is good one.


I reframed a giant basement using one of these guys. A lot of my tools are the cheap ones but not my chop saw. Totally worth it.

I’m in the market for one of these and the only thing holding me back is that the cord would snake between the table and the couch and would get tripped over.

My sister has one of these and swears by it too.

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I have to second the Vitamix. One of the best investments I have made in quite a while. Ninja blenders aren’t even close to being in the same ballpark imo.


My Chapin 1949 sprayer. I don’t know how I ever gardened without one.

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The older stuff is defiantly better than new. I regret anything I got ride of to get “new and better”
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It has its own spot. I try to keep it where it is and safe from getting hurt. Its a nice investment in your health. I personally got the analog because I believe it to last longer than a led screen. Imo.

I also have a thing I call a “fish subscription.” Every 3 months I get to choose a set amount of wild caught fish and they deliver it to my house.

It beats the crap out of supermarket fish and anyone who likes seafood should get one. It’s a bit expensive, but no more so than buying shitty salmon from loblaws.

Edit - actually I have to pick it up at a refrigerated place but still good.