The Panic Attack Phenotype

I’ve had panic attacks, anxiety attacks and paranoia which are all three different and not at all the same. For me, all 3 were induced by cannabis.

After years of intense passion for cannabis and enjoying cannabis with passionate exuberance, I stopped using cannabis in 1996. After a series of heavy panic attacks in 1996, I flushed a couple of ounces down the toilet. The toilet is literally how I got rid of my entire stash and have not consumed any since 1996. I smoked heavily for years before having any panic attacks.

But it seems to me, now, that the cannabis community is learning about panic attacks in some users. It seems the culprit is not all cannabis and is likely only certain phenotypes (or even certain genotypes) that can cause panic attacks in certain users.

So now I’m curious to see if you know (from experience) which strains (if any) have a reputation for never causing a panic attack…or are “least” likely to cause a panic attack in those of us that are predisposed to panic attacks with certain strains.

It sure would be amazing and beyond wonderful if I could somehow smoke again (without a panic attack).

Your thoughts are appreciated more than I can put into words.


Blueberry is the first strain that comes to mind for me as far as very low paranoia while still being a THC dominant strain with an effect of “getting high.”

I have anxiety as well and some bud just doesn’t work for me but blueberry very very rarely makes me anxious and is very relaxing and euphoric.


1:1 or 1:2ish cbd:thc strains should do the trick for you.


I have in the past, and recently experienced a horrible type of panic attack after smoking. This one was really bad, especially since it happened in front of my young kid. It’s a terrible feeling but you have to keep reminding yourself it will pass. I’ve noticed it’s very dependent on the strain and obviously the amount consumed. A lot of people, including myself, seem to forget that THC is an extremely powerful drug and like all drugs, can produce unwanted side effects if over consumed. I explained these anxiety/ panic attacks to the dr that gave me my medical recommendation and the way she basically explained it to me was that all of our bodies have an endocannabinoid system, but can only handle soo much cannabinoids at a time and if your body starts to reject them, thats what causes the uneasy feelings. You have to take breaks and let your body reset. I’ve noticed that after about a month of continous cannabis use, the panic/anxiety feeling starts coming back, so i’ll just stop cold turkey for a week or two. It sucks, and my medical condition is defiantly worse without cannabis but I personally feel its important to re-set when you have these feelings. Ever since i got my medical card for Ohio, ive been experimenting with basically microdosing (2.5mg) of 2:1 cbd gummys. As much as i’ve loved toking the herb, I personally feel that these low does of edibles actually help me more and dont come with the anxiety/panic attacks. just my experience


I had anxiety/paranoia the 2nd time I smoked weed. First time I didn’t inhale much I guess. Ever since then I get anxiety from almost all weed. I can smoke less than a pea sized bud and get high for about an hour. Then I get depersonalization symptoms going on.
The strain that did not cause me anxiety was Alaskan thunderfuck. Never had a negative effect with that strain. It was bliss.
I stopped smoking for about 4 years and this year I smoked a few strains. I smoked the cuban black haze and I had a fucking severe panic attack but I did some breathing techniques and felt fine. Almost all the bud I smoked I grew myself so I know it wasn’t sprayed with shit.
I grew some cbd strains but haven’t gotten to smoking it yet as Job piss tests. Last time I smoke was about 210 days ago.
I used to not be employed when I smoked way back when I was younger. I was at a bad place in my life and I think the weed amplified that. Not that I got my life together way better the panic attack/anxiety wasn’t as bad. I exercise daily, stretch etc and the weed didn’t take me back to my old habits=not doing shit but fucking around.
I’ll let you know how this cbd strains turn out. Maybe try lowering thc so you don’t get too much in your head. Just my thinking.


Its simple: get yourselve an OLD Landrace strain.
Per exanple Columbian 72 by cannabiogen,
some Mexicans from Snowhigh - Instagram

(Hoabac Reeferman)

Ive Anxiety from 99, 999 Percent of weed, because you dont get old Landrace anymore.
Smoking my first Landrace achievements prooved: I dont have anxiety, its Weed-Strains of today that give it , to some, actually a huge percentage of people complain, right? so: Landrace ahoi

I had all sorts of Landrace in my Youth long ago, pure Indica, balanced, or Pure Sativa. Each worked fine


I had two puffs of an Afghani Pink…
It was the top of a bud - so likely very concentrated in thc and high thc.

I was Frantically running around the house doing chores. I started sweating very bad. I got really bad nausea and had to lie down. Every time.i eyes I was getting INTENSE closed eye visuals.that were so over whelming and giving me severe anxiety… every time I opened my eyes. It was nausea again.

So it was a choice between the two . Nausea or intense visual that gave me anxiety…

I had to drive up the road to pick the woman up from work. I barely.made it there . I should not of drove
.when I got there I told.her she had to drive home.

I got.home and the negative reaction lasted for another 2 hours.

Maybe 3 hours in total.

And this was literally from 2-3 puffs of a pinner joint.

And I had already been smoking earlier in the day of other varieties and had been smoking all week - lots. Not that variety though.

I had 8-10 grams of it and I gave it away the next day or two later .

It is not the first time I have had negative rrrreactioons . UUsually is very bad anxiety and nausea . What happens kis my. Mind goes into over drive and I have. Racing thought ySYNDROMEe nd I get sspunn ooout

sO I have SOLVED this by only smoking in the morning and sday time … This has worked for me. As I don’t seem to have as much anxiety out for the day. I am distracted with my work and other tasks at hand. opposed to being at hhome in the evening , alone with my thoughts in my head …and I feel like I’m doin something’s wrong. But it really is an issue to my own mentality as I have this racing thought syndrome even without cannabis,
Sorry my text is bad my screen ccrzackdd.
Will revisit lagter

I can smoke my homegrown all day and Have no negative effects. I think this is mainly a Psychological thing as im confident in the product and it feels great smoking your own . lol maybe THC is low, but the effects last long and are medically efficient.

This afghan pink and other black market stuff I had negative reactions too we’re very high Thc.

I actually had one negative reaction to mhm home grown, it was an immature bud , maybe 4-5 weeks flower. I think it was very racey high and i got spun out + nausea , it was a sativa also and all white / clear trichome seems


Maybe take up guitar or something to keep you busy after smoking so you’re not thinking about being stoned

Use to have panic attacks after having my arms and legs broke with sledge hammers true story :rofl: decided had to move on with my life and leave the panic attacks at home lol it’s been years since I had one
Changed my life around think about good things makes a lot of difference


as suggested i would try going with something 1 to 1 cbd thc and see how it effects you. i had my panic disorder start when i was 18 from smoking a huge joint and it triggered something that gave me daily panic attacks for a year until i got on meds. but it runs in my family so i was pretty much gonna get it regardless. hope you find yourself something that helps and allows you to enjoy smoking


edit: ok, Afghani Landrace was a bit rushy, but still better than any Hybrid.

Last Solution: Find an OLD CBD containing Landrace.

Humbolt seed Organisation - Willie G Lebanese might doo. Actually this one is overly breed thowards cbd, but … not bad looking


Weed has amplified my anxiety at times but it never caused it. So many people have undiagnosed, unknown underlying issues. IMO weed doesn’t give you paranoia or anxiety but can amplify those symptoms


everything is possible, but if you breed tomatos thowards pressure resistance so it can be transported better, outcross it, like its globalisation in its purest, homogenize inbreed it, and it becomes heavily depressed, select thowards yeald unregarded anything other, and tell me this is a good thing.

its simply not that good, and putting something not that good in my brain, is making sensible persons becoming sad anxious, cause A: they believe they got worse, cause long ago they could take “the weed” (but actually weed was just better long ago) B: you simply become sad cause your on an lower Level of performance. you under the influence of Z class breeds…

Imho, weed might only be good IF it is good. Look how people scream for poteny, this shows there is something important in class A breeding, wich OLD Landrace is.

Or like radio, yes we can argue that listening to Justin Beaber doesent hurt, your just closeminded, but, we can argue if Things actually influence you, and if its bad influence, well, then you get sad, or anxious


If you’re worried about the effects, start with very low doses and include CBD. Different cultivars are really not that different in effect compared to variables like dose, mindset, and setting of where you consume.

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I find strong modern hybrids can cause or amplify anxiety for me - especially commercially bought stuff that may be picked a bit early. Its usually the first 15min that is too racey and overwhelming then they mellow out and become enjoyable. Strong sativas, especially hazes can as well, I only enjoy those strains when I have something to do to keep busy- biking, hiking, yard work, cooking etc. I second the recommendation for blueberry lines - i find them to have functional enjoyable highs.


vietnamese is an unracy sativa.the kindest weed (i assume i had viet) i ever smoked, ZERO secound thougts. ZERO Anxiety.


I find that the smoker is the biggest variable.

So many times I’ve heard noobs say “I’m so nervous that I’m going to freak out or have a bad trip.” Guess what happens, they freak out and have a bad trip.

Not calling you a noob, but if you’re prone to these kinds of reactions it’s something to consider.

I find it enhances whatever mood I’m in, it doesn’t change it. Not necessarily a good thing.


I have had a few strains give me panic attacks now that I really think about it. Sometimes I have panic attacks normally, but I have had a few strains, just 1 hit brings one on. And I’m a daily smoker, I have a pretty big tolerance built up.

But what @Foreigner said seems about right.
Alot of it seems to be head space as well as just if your predisposed to anxiety and whatnot

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Make this example: If someone consumes Poison, and he gets Panik Attaks, does it come from the Poison or from the Person?

What people probably dont consider, is that Breeding matters… Ganja is special in that breeding makes the difference between busshit and godlike experience. This hard to believe difference (its bouth weed, bad or good bread) MAY OR MAY NOT be the reason for literally half the humanitys bad reactions.

I had this one and only anxietyfree experience, and it came from a 100 percent landrace, 100 percent Sativa. Everything else was not of that class.

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Of corse, it may come from the user, BUT hey OLD Landraces get rarer and rarer, so, its my duty to inform you, about possible missconceptions, that shall be ruled out

Have you ever smoked old SE Asain Landrace? its that simple, anwser yourselve that first

Have you smoked OLD lebanese, old Mexican,

a tiny portion of todays smokers have smoked even one of those, so lets not let him wander in possib. darkness.

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So this I have to agree on.
I read this before on the forum. And also
Sativa combined with early /young trichs.

I always liked outdoor that ran really long . And Low thc

HAha I used to try and find the crappiest weed out there.

When I was in Barbados, I got some nice “brick
weed, a half oz lasted my 3 week trip. Joint or two a day maybe. Full of sticks n seeds.

But the high was so enjoyable, not strong or overwhelmed at all. Just super pleasent and calming .

I dont care too much for potency. But as I’m growing now and learning more about cannabis.

I enjoy a nice mature sativa innthe morning. And for any afternoon pain I will smoke a Kush variety rom heavy indica around 1:30 pm that will get me through the afternoon and I’ll be relaxed for the evening,