The relieving lair

I would like my breeder skills to be as good as my breading skills xD

Nirvana’s Haze#1 (current Amnesia?)

STS Cannabiogen’s Destroyer, +100 days lady

Bodhi’s Super Silver Hashplant, F2 reproduction


The test you want to do is the Beam’s Test. All sorts of instructions on the web for it. Easy to do and what you need is a small scale that can weigh 0.01g, potassium hydroxide, EverClear and some lighter fluid, the kind you use for Zippo lighters. I got the Ronsonol for my Zippo. Some shot glasses and a few vials depending on how many different samples you want to test. Last batch I did was 5.

Some syringes would be helpful too. I use 0.2g of decarbed bud, put that in a shot glass and add 5ml of lighter fluid. Use a toothpick or plastic swizzle stick to stir it around and let it steep for a half hour to extract all the resin. Then I suck up 3ml from it and put that in a vial. Then you need to add 5 drops of a 5% potassium hydroxide/EverClear, (KOH/EtOH), sol’n to it and it will turn red if CBD is present. The more CBD the darker the red and that’s why I measure as exact as I can so I can compare the shades of red in my little light box and be able to tell which is the highest in CBD.

For this test I used 4 samples supposed to have CBD and one not for a control. One that was supposed to be very high CBD and no THC didn’t show positive at all and I destroyed the plant as it was going to be the mother of crosses I planned. So only 3 samples showed a positive result. Doesn’t tell you how much is there but doing this tells me which has it and which is the highest in CBD.

For just a quick test you could just put a bud wrapped in tinfoil in the oven at 250F for 30 min then crumble some into a shot glass with a good shot of fluid, stir it up a bit and drip in some reagent sol’n to see if it goes red.

Took me a while before I got hold of the KOH but they sell everclear here at the vendors. I mixed up a 500ml batch and had 250ml left over to mix with apple juice for a good piss-up. lol

I’ve read that you can use sodium hydroxide and methanol/methyl hydrate instead but haven’t tried it so I must do that. The sodium hydroxide is just lye they sell small containers of at the drug store and the methly hydrate 99% is about $12/gal at the hardware store.

Once I figure I have something that’s a real keeper I hope to be able to send that to a lab to to get some exact amount numbers.



I don’t have enough words to thank you for your contribution, this is exactly what I was looking for. Luckily I have all the ingredients at home, left over from other experiments. Thanks thanks and thanks :facepunch:

12 seedsman CBD fem, 6 ACE CBD fem, and 19 Northern light regular, looking for males this time.

sshp pollen, for future crosses


I don’t know if im weird (also in this), i feel satisfied when I see a good example of sativa flowering in a controlled way.

preparing the next crosses and reproductions. Destroyer#3/s1 Destroyer#2/s1, Destroyer#2Supersilverhashplant, Destroyer#2SSH and SuperSilverHaze f2. I’m basically crossing my strongest plant, Destroyer#2 with all my other potent mothers.

Super Silver Hashplant f2. 5 females X 5 males


Good looking seeds


Thanks bro :facepunch: I usually discard immature seeds or those at a different stage of development, to be sure who’s the father.


I just happen to have 5 batches of seeds like yours that a buddy from another forum sent me a year back. He used 3 DJ Short’s BlueBerry males to mass pollinate 5 Island Sweet Skunk females all grown from seed. Sent me about 200 of each in separate baggies. I grew out 4 and all came up girls but that’s likely just a fluke as they should be regular seeds. The next 4 could just as well be boys. He also sent a description of what he thought about each of the mothers to help pick the ones to grow.

I’ve got a lot of other irons in the fire atm so may not grow any more of those for a while if ever. Getting into kush, CBD and fem autos for outside growing. Going to be using STS to make fem seeds.

I’ve been pollen chucking for 20 years but never tried making fems before. Handy to have.

You just HAVE to sprout that funky ass seed and see what grows!

Good luck!



Hi LabRat !
Too much strains to be tasted, and so few time … (and space in my case).
Ive been playing with sts long before i be able to do breeding with real males. Here i have 2 skylights where i can bloom males without troubles. But in my homeland my growing space was even smaller.

Good luck to you too with your breeding projects, ill gonna keep an eye, the CBD sound interesting. Im working too with CBD plants

Funny thing, a friend of mine talk me the same about my funky ass seed ! :rofl:

Next crosses:
3 different males SuperSilverHaze*
Destroyer2 (my precious xD)
Destroyer1(quick and very good yielder)
Destroyer3(thai electric)
supersilverhashplant2(smell and taste pretty close to the hashplant#13 cut)

My male spacemonkey*(hashplant13/jackherer)*
Destroyer1(quick and very good yielder)
Destroyer3(thai electric)
supersilverhashplant2(smell and taste pretty close to the hashplant#13 cut)

And sts destroyer2*

Destroyer1 in the front, Destroyer2 on the back. Both plants are for smoke, not for seeds.



Pretty ambitious schedule you have there and lots of good luck with it.

I’m barely trying to figure out which of the 20 or so different strains I have in wait are going up first. Priority for me is to make lots of hi-CBD fem seeds for planting outside next season.

Can’t put too many irons in the fire all at once tho so will have to pick a few and get going.



Thanks again my friend. Im waiting for a laws change here in my new homeland. Ive planned the construction of a hoop house in my home´s rooftop, when possible. Meanwhile, im filling as quick as can my seed stash. As medical user, i really miss the genetic that i leaved in spain. Here im trying to be inconspicuous, no one except my wife know any thing, no cuttings sharing … so its hard and slow to fill the library again.
With the years, i developed some sirious mini-breeder skills xD (a joke) when im hunting for phenos, i like to full fill the available space under the lights in over populated SOGs, so easily i can test 60 small plants in the same run, X 3 times with the 2 skylights.
Another “trick” is do the seleccion in two rounds. In the first, just test a small number of plants of every cross, and before the second round, discard the non desirable crosses. Then, grow the larger possible population of the selected crosses.


The CBD project is running slowly, they look very inbred seeds, even my nirvanas nl f2 are quicker plants, they gonna take a while.

So im preparing the “day time” project. Slow project too, due the long flowering time of the plants involved. Im waiting 12 original delicattesen Lilly. They are fem, so im germinating my last mexican seeds searching for a fruity male. My first choose was seedsman sugar haze, but again none of the seeds pop, too old seeds i suppose. Im thinking in germinate the sterling haze seeds too, but im running out of space.




destroyer#2 pollen donor, 13monkeys (spacemonkey X hp13/jackherer)

destroyer#1 (teddy bear pheno) pollen donor, super silver haze


Rooting some cuts for the next crosses, this time using my 2 ssh mothers (ssh8 and ssh4) as pollen donors. Pollen receivers: ssh4, ssh8, destroyer2, destroyer1, supersilverhashplant1 and sshp5



All the cbd girls are almosty ready to flowering, but the flowering light is busy until december / january. Finally im gonna cross the best cbd plants doing s1 and f1 with the ACE CBD#1 and the dr seedsman cbd, discarting the idea of a outcrossing with northern light.


Destroyer x SSH you say? That sounds nice!


Hi @lefthandseeds thanks bro, nice of you stopping by. I plan to do ssh4 * d2 & d1 and ssh8 * d2 & d1. Using my two SSH females as pollen donors, but it’s the first time STS for them, I don’t know if I’ll get pollen from both of them (SSH # 8 never has more than a few white pistils at the same time when she blooms naturally) in case of success there will be 4 different crosses of ssh x destroyer.

Since I quit beer, I like sativas and hybrids, non sleepy, brain-busting, smile makers, IQ limiting …


Great choices. Those are two superstar sativas. I’ve only made STS once, and I didn’t get a lot of pollen, but it was still enough to do get plenty of seeds. I didn’t spray them for the first time until I started flower, and I wish I would have sprayed them a week earlier. Hope you get some fem pollen first go.


thanks friend ! i also think they are superstar sativas :slight_smile: This is the first time i have applied STS to the SSH#8 plant. But more than a decade ago, did some tests with sts, in Spain. There i had a good collection of mothers.
±15 years ago:

hp13*rosetta stone

hp13 s1, varnish pheno

critical mass “bilbo” cut STS

hp13*mako haze

I’m vaping a early bud of nirvana’s amnesia, and it’s a shame that the cuttings i save are not ready yet to give cuttings, very good plant. I can’t wait to cross my two amnesia keepers * ssh and enjoy the offspring. Delicious aroma and flavor. Red jelly, dried red fruits, wet leather. Also the effect is quite lively, euphoric, with no anxiety. Last night it was almost impossible to be quiet watching a movie with my wife … xD actual day:


Bievenidos @gmike
Este es un gran foro - buenas personas que simplemente aman esta planta. Como claramente lo haces. And your English is outstanding–no te preocupes. Much better than my Spanish :wink:



i believe he said he was from spain :slight_smile:


@gmike awesome thread. I am currently running bohdis sshp for the first time and am experiencing this similar controlled stretch. I am 10 days 12/12 and they have stretched 16 inches but seems to sustained. As most stretch was the first 8 days. Is this similar to what you are seeing in your sshp?

one week after flip and day of flip.