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hi there !
This is my very first thread here in OG. To begin, thanks for this great forum, its very nice to come here and stay aside of dramas from other places. Sorry about my language skills, ill try to do my best to keep my posts understandable.
Im a medical user and a amateur breeder, living far from my homeland (and my genetic library)
Currently i have 3 cannabiogen destroyer females selected from 15 plants, starting flowering. Im keeping pollen stored from 6 differents destroyer males to do f2 (in fact … f7 if i remember well, Destroyer is a f6) with the 3 selected females.
Also, im selecting the best females from 19 mrnice SSH and 11 bodhi’s super silver hashplant to do the same what i did with destroyers. I really curious in what im gonna find in the f2 of this two stellar genetics.
And also, im testing 50 homemade nirvana’s northern light f2.

ssh and sshp

d1f (72 days)

d2(100 days) and d3 (115 days)



spacemonkey*(jh/hashplant13) male


Welcome to OG, great to see new garden thread pop up!

That is also thanks to our community moderation! Everyone can help to create better atmosphere…


Welcome @gmike. Glad you have joined here. Good looking plants and great background. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to following along.


Looking forward to watching this grow. Welcome @gmike


Nice to see you @gmike. Glad you’re here!


Welcome to Overgrow @gmike look forward to you growing with us


Hey @gmike nice garden! Please tell us what kind your growing medium. Is it soil? Are you watering by hand?

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Really thanks for the nice welcome guys, very appreciated :facepunch:


Hi Tree Top, thanks you :slight_smile: they are growing in coco coir, with raw salts as fertilizer. The nl part still hand watered, the tray with ssh and sshp got automatic watering. Ill gonna take pictures of my setup, in part was designed for homebreeding.


Nice project @gmike! I have some destroyer seeds I’ve been sitting on. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out.


thanks bro :slight_smile: i’m really satisfied with my actuals destroyer keepers. Best of luck with your project.



This lady (ssh#13) was my morning present, i dont know exactly how many days they are been flowering, 7 weeks± mostly of the ssh#13 sisters still needing several weeks, but she look almost ready, just water since today. Thats a very good new for me, my jars are under the desirable minimun levels xD Im keeping a healthy clone of her.

The Destroyer keeper labeled as D1f is ready for pollination, i’ve been waiting for d2 and d3 to be ready, but especially d3 gonna need 2 weeks more before partying. The destroyer pollen is under refrigerator storage.

d2 and d3


After culled down all the nl males, there is some free space available for more plants xD. So … i moved 6 sshp to the flowering room, for f2, the 5 males still at 18/6.


NLs and friends


Step to step, i’m reaching my goals for this year. After a few bad rounds purchasing seeds online, i decided to start breeding my own. I would like to explain that im not a seed seller, i never sold a single seed to anyone. I just want to keep stored more quality seeds that the ones im gonna need and select some good keepers. Really suck when there is no quality smoke and the jars are empty.
Now im pretty close of ending my second “big” f2 proyect, with the selected 3 Destroyer females + the stored pollen of 6 destroyer males. D2 is an amazing plant, really potent and sticky, ive planned some hibryds with her.

D2 lady waiting for some STS

GSC, one of the planned mates for D2.

SSH8, another one of the planned mates for D2.

My first “F2” proyect was using the plants from a pack of regular Nirvana’s Northern Light for doing a open pollination. Il gonna try to take and root clones of every females, but im still sucking on this. I keep more of this seeds stored. They have 14 days since the flip to 12/12. Nl is my favorite night time strain by far.


i’m feeling dumb, i’m a haze fan lover over my forty, and this gonna be the first run with mr nice gear. Lots of fire phenos. I can’t wait to try the f2


I have three cuttings from the same destroyer mum. At photoperiod 12/12 since 2, 3 and 4 weeks now. They was sprayed yesterday with STS, im not sure that a single doses gonna be enough, but i dont know when spray again, or if it is mandatory. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Same destroyer mum than the Sts cuttings, +7 weeks at 12/12


Ive been keeping pollen from 4 different males waiting for the girls to be ready, but only #d1f is ready, and this morning was pollen hitted. #d2 gonna need 10 days more, and #d3… 2 or 3 weeks …


How dont pollinate

First step: Do a clean pollination and wait two days for mature pistils.
Second step: bad feeling, pistils still white as my ass.
3rd step: check again after 2 days more, let yourself be carried away by the hysteria.
4rd: grind out all the males and cover your females with the male corps powder …
5rd: dry your tears after realize that your stored pollen is dead, and you killed this males months back.
6rd: Order more seeds … dry out your tears as many times as you need xD

anyway, spray with water the plants to make unmovable the imaginary viability of your dead pollen, before introduce the “pollinated” plants again in the flowering room.


Part of the pollen used in the destroyers pollination was alive, there are many calyxes getting fat. Im happy about the fact of i dont gonna need bought more destroyer seeds, now i can spend this money in more seeds xD
Im still looking for original haze, but im not lucky yet. Todd is selling only inside USA and my time machine still unfinished.
For a time, im gonna be satisficed with seedsman sugar haze (st marta * o.haze) but i really want to put my hands in a sack of hazes.
haze#1 is not o.haze related, but anyway im very curious about this genetic.

Long term work, already in progress after 4 months of waiting. Ill gonna test 12 doctor seedsman 30:1 and 6 aceseeds CBD. ill gonna cross the plants between they (STS), and too, ill gonna outcross the best looking plants with a few NL males. I need to put my hands in a CBD test kit, or better, figure out how to do my own test.


“habemus pepas” Destroyer

Bodhi’s super silver hashplant party and some D2 STS