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@lefthandseeds couldn’t be more right @gmike --you do have superstars. Super super superstars.

He estado buscando fenotipos que se acerquen al corte de Hp13. es todo lo que quiero. Seré feliz para siempre si puedo volver a tener ese olor y sabor … mis amigos y yo estaríamos muy felices de darte esquejes de madres probadas y / o polen de algunas reliquias increíbles que han estado guardando. Espero que podamos hacer algún tipo de intercambio para cualquiera de sus cruces …
envíame un mensaje si puedes ayudarme a reunirme con mi amor perdido hace mucho tiempo…


Thanks @dudfinklesteine :slight_smile: are your plants from seed, cuttings? I obtained 6 females that when flowering gave me 3 different phenotypes; g13, hp and ssh. The SSH pheno plants, stretches a bit more than the other two phenos, but she tends to stretch. My sshp, with 13 days of 12/12 began their flowering and stopped the streching. Do you have any current pic of yours?


Thank you friend, very kind words :facepunch:
If I could give you a hashplant13 cutting right now, i would do it without hesitation, but unfortunately that plant is 10,000km from me. I plan to travel to Spain to visit my family before the summer. I will try to get my mothers back (including hp13). If I succeeded, happy to send you cuttings.
cheers :slight_smile:


My plants are from seed. I posted some pics. Top is after flip bottom is b4. Seem to be very similar phones. Both girls grow and stretch at the same rate. The only real difference i can see is in leaf structure. One is what I assume to be more of a hp leaner with its more broad leaf where as the other is more narrow and razor sharp looking. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your experience with me.


kind words for kind people who love kind bud. i will charter you a goddamn plane and send you with a treasure chest to have my beloved returned to me…

may i message you? perhaps there is some form of support i can offer when you do go. we might know someone in common…

you know how poorly Americans treat their mothers–be they human or plant. the Spanish take care of theirs.

couldn’t be more grateful to you–just knowing she’s alive and well makes me happy, even if i never see her again. :slight_smile:


@gmike i have to add that your seeds are gorgeous things! wonderful fat actually mature (lol) walnut tiger-striped beauties.


In the photos the shape of the leaves cannot be seen well, they were taken close to harvest and the plants no longer had those leaves.
Sorry i don’t have a photo of the g13 phenotype. Her leaves are thick with short fingers, similar to any skunk.

ssh leaning

hp leaning (the plant in the middle)


may i message you?

Yeah of course bro, send pm, as far as I can help I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

i have to add that your seeds are gorgeous things! wonderful fat actually mature (lol) walnut tiger-striped beauties.

Thanks bro ! I try to provide a lot of nutrients to the seed mothers, and I pollinate them young. Later, when harvesting, i discard the immature seeds. I do not like to lose seedlings when they germinate or that they need 3 more weeks of growth due to immature, if I can avoid it.

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@gmike hopefully these are some better photos.

thanks again for the time much appreciated.


Some updates:
super silver haze #8 sts sprayed, almost ready to pollen hit: 2 phenos of super silver hashplant, 2 phenos of super silver haze, Destroyer#2 and 5 amnesia’s phenos

Finally 25 cbd “girls” ready to 12/12 flip.

Backup cuttings, from the cbd plants

Cuttings getting ready for next crosses. sshp#1,sshp#5, ssh#4 and ssh#8

11 Sterling Haze, for phenohunt

I wasn’t able to discard this bagseed …


I’ve been smoking from the last crop for several days now … and I already have my favorite amnesia, the plant labeled as #6. She’s the most sativa plant of the 6 females. Mild aroma of leather, jelly, dried strawberries. Smoked is a strawberry bubblegum flavor bomb, wet leather and maybe a little entrails, it sounds disgusting … but it’s a delight, exactly what I remember from the amnesia in Adams 2005 + -.

Sadly the only male that appeared was discarded (hermaphrodite). I would liked to do regular F2 with the 5 Amnesia female keepers … but they must be feminized F2.
I can’t wait to test the offspring. I am almost certain that the amnesia that nirvana offers is amnesia hypro cut * nl5haze, or a bx of this crossing towards the mother amnesia, or something similar, 25% of the plants show very nl5haze rashes. The only “but” to this variety is hermaphroditism, 2 plants out of 7.

I have been waking and baking amnesia6 for days, mixed with Destroyer2 (lucid and cold effect) and I have never been a more happy, productive and competent person xd As soon as the seed tent is free, I will reproduce amnesia, using amnesia6 and amnesia 1 as pollen donors. And I also want to use this pollen with my mothers destroyer2 / destroyer3 / ssh4 / ssh8 / sshp1 / sshp5

I have 3 backups of almost all 25 CBD plants. This takes up a lot of space and im not able to keep them properly, so I need to do soon the seed reproduction. I am going to apply STS on the 25 cuttings, and then use this pollen on another 25 equal cuttings without STS.

And finally after a very long wait, my last seed purchases are arriving. todd’s haze, mrnice thedoors & holygrail, original delicatessen lilly. And a great gift of mango vision (laos / mangohz / blackvietnamese), incense sticks (blackcubanhaze / a5thai / blackvietnamese), and surreal (tomhillhaze / oaxacan / bigsurhollyweed) from a very generous friend from IC (I would like to name him and give him the credit he deserves , but I haven’t asked him yet if it’s possible)


CBD beauties. Some of the plants are very sativa looking

Variegated super silver haze. Im doing crosses and s1 from this plant, im wondering if this traits gonna be passed to the descendancy.


Some of the plants that i tried to cross have given me seeds. SSH8 *Amnesia1 (30 seeds) *sshp5 aka super super(10 seeds) and *destroyer2 AKA super silver destroyer haze(6 seeds) It seems that i have hardly gotten pollen, i imagined that something like this was going to happen, but with this amount of seeds it is enough for me to test my female super silver haze#8 as pollen donor. Sadly no S1s


less than 10 days from harvested


These two seedlings are twins, they were born from the same seed. Today, pruning, I have noticed that they do not have the sap of the same color. Genetics: bigsurholyweed * (oaxaca79 / tomhillhaze)