The Strain Bank of Los Angelas review

I wanted to start a thread to report my expieriance with this company.
They have a clean easy to use website.
There communication In regards to strains and ordering is very quick.
The clones I ordered arrived exactly when they were supposed to, in some of the best packaging I’ve seen.
Excellent healthy roots , bug free.

Now the sketchy part about all of this even though things went perfect so far.
This company has some seriously scary reviews from fake genetics to being a complete rip off.
With minimal internet research you can see several businesses all under this person’s name and address with several reports of him scamming people in various ways.
Im assuming the bad reviews are people trying to cause problems idk what to think but everything I have expierianced has been good so far.
I’ll post a update in about 2mnths when I know if the strains are what they claim to be