TrevorLahey's Low Budget Growing Part 5: "The Ghost and the Darkness"

Great work thanks for sharing

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If you can’t or don’t want to answer I understand but curious how much you were harvesting off of one of those light set ups

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I dont know why anyone would withhold that information lol.

Anyways with the 2x2 16 socket 146w rig I used to get 200+ grams on a good run. Did it with 4 plants, did it with 2 plants.

Last run I ran a 315w rig with 5 of the splitters posted above in a 2x4 tent and got over 300g. It had a lot of problems so I’m sure I could have got more.

So I guess 1gpw+ is a pretty reasonable expectation with these.


I should do my due diligence and leave a disclaimer about the screw in bulbs though, and that is that unless you can buy the bulbs at $1-3 each and the splitters $10 or under they really aren’t as cost effective as say, a Bridgelux EB Gen 2 setup like discussed in this thread:


Kinda forgot your Canadian so you don’t have to worry lol thanks for the info though makes me wish I would have kept the 200w CFL rig I had

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Hi @TrevorLahey.
I need some advice…I bought half a boatload (well, a few hundred) of these type of bulbs.
I didn’t check them out to well though, and they’ve got glass diffusers(eh).
At the moment I’m doing smash and then pulling glass shards from the housing.
They’re siliconed in pretty well :unamused:
If I hadn’t bought so many at the right price (15 Aussie dollars a box of 50) I’d probably cry lol. Its a tedious process the way I’m attacking it.


I’ve not found any with glass diffusers that’s a new one for me.

Have you tried adding heat around the edges where the glass meets the phenolic material? I’ve always found the domes pop off easier after they’ve been running for a while so heat may help.

Be safe friend no one wants glass particles in places they dont belong!


Congrats, cannot wait to see how your grow journal here, :slight_smile: like your words very much ~


Day 39
Bud shots!!


Nice and frosty man :yum:


Hell yeah the trichome production is definitely better under these strips than my old SIL rigs I’ve not seen this kind of frost so early in these strains before.


Those strips are going to kick ass for you!!! Loving the show so far!!!


I am really likeing mine, think I might try and sell one of my 600w HPS to finance another one…

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Day 2
I missed focus on a few of these shots but the day is done I’ll get more tomorrow.

Dark Sparks

Dark Devil x Sugar Black Rose

Auto AK47


It looks like you’re running coco, is that right?
I may have missed it, but for your watering, what do you use and what are your ppm and ph? Just curious as to how others run their autos.

Take a photo just like this in 60 days…same spot, same everything…will be awesome!!!


Yes this is Coco-Coir

In the past I have used pH 5.8 adjusted water during the first week of life, before going pretty much full strength on my nutes.

I have had calmag issues in the past though so this time around I pre-wet the coco with a 200ppm calimagic solution. As the surface gets dry I’m adding a few drops of water around the seedling with the same 200ppm solution. My theory behind this is that I will precharge the coco with calcium and magnesium ions (as coco has a low cation exchange rate with these two micronutrients) while also adding some mild nitrogen (from the small amount of nitrates in calimagic) for plant growth.

I then plan on switching to MaxiBloom/CaliMagic using the Lucas formula at ~7g/gal.

Edit: My weapon of choice during these early stages


Same one I got except only 6 arms actually work haha


Dude you can get a under or right about 200 for a 600w and an eh bulb. Its easily gonna gdt you over 1gpw. Im still smoking my first run jesus. I guess its what you prefer. I pay a flat electricity bill. Im gonna get a strip setup only for space saving issues. Sorry Trevor no thread jacking. Plants are looking scweeet! :+1::v:


I know I just hope to have a basement full of experiments when I move lol but they will be in the lounge when I do


Lol. Big homies love Lounge. You’re going to be lounging on couch is made out of grass soon. When I get out there that basement better be tight big homie Style with dabb rigs and a various array of grass LOL have a good one dog you know you’re always welcome at my spot you can come through and scream at me anytime.