TrevorLahey's Trailer Park 2021

Welcome to the 2021 edition of the Trailer Park!
2020 was fruitful. Had some ups and downs, but finished the year strong with a decent surplus of really dank bud!

Going to start this year with a small experiment. I’ve been wanting to introduce some beneficial microbes into my root zone for a while now, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on something like Recharge/Mammoth P or the likes. I decided to grab a bag of earthworm castings to amend my coco with. Seemed like a cheap way to get some microbial action going in the rhizosphere. I’m also going to inoculate the coco with mycorrhizae. My hopes with these additions is to boost early growth and give the plants a really good start, which is so important with autos.

So let’s do a side-by-side.

Left side is just plain Canna coco coir with mycorrhizae added. Right side is the same but with 30% EWC added. Strains are Dark Spark, Ghost Rose x Cookie Devil, Poisoned Rose x Cookie Devil and Cookie Devil by @Mr.Sparkle Each side has one seed of each. The back middle is just a control with no myco and no ewc.
Today they sprouted (3.5 days later)

Over in the other tent, things are growing a little too well since the switch to DTW.

So I gave them a healthy haircut today to at least help thin them out.

Look at the size of these leaves!

These PRxCD’s always make beautiful flowers!

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by!


Pulling up a chair! I love experiments! Glad you are strapped with plenty o/dank! My outdoor summer surplus is getting dangerously low, but fortunately some indoor is on the way, should have enough come St. Patrick’s Day! Looking forward to watching this!


Last year’s run was a roller coaster of thrills and spills. :roller_coaster: :scream: :partying_face:

You bet I’ll be hanging out for this year’s adventures!
:sunglasses: :+1:



:seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Looking good Trev interested to see how the experiment turns out.


Good genetics for an interesting experiment, willing to see the result … beer3|nullxnull


Pulling up a chair for the show!


Never underestimate the importance of an exhaust…

When I opened the tent this morning a big sheet of water rained down all over my buds. I looked at the hygrometer and it was 96% RH!!

Turns out the duct tape securing my exhaust hose to the egress of the tent had come unstuck, essentially blocking off my exhaust for what I can only assume was ~18hrs.

Hopefully didnt cause any issues and things are already back down to below 60% since fixing the hose.

They seem no worse for wear but definitely had some soaked leaves.


You know I am watching this :heart_eyes:


Never a dull moment in the trailer park! :scream: :partying_face: :+1:



Keep up the good work and you’ll get your grade ten in no time!

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Perhaps you would feel safer with a remote sensor, my dehu stops working when lights go down even for a second. Thanks I check from time to time the mobile and I noticed it :sweat_smile:, hope yours will be ok … beer3|nullxnull


Pullin up a chair :slight_smile: :beers:


I already have one… :man_shrugging: hahaha


I really had to do something about the jungle I had growing in the SP250 tent.

The PRxCDs that I had started 1.5 weeks after the rest, didn’t get the same training that I gave the others, and had grown up into the light, and the apex was actually past the light on them.

So I defoliated them quite a bit to get more bud sites exposed and lots of tucking and training to at least get things a couple inches below the light lol.

Gonna be a decent plant!

And I heavily cleaned up the rest of the plants, evened up the canopy by getting some of the runts raised.

Good spread of buds throughout the canopy. Sucks some plants had been crowded out a bit, reducing potential yield, but should still have a decent overall return on this run as the PRxCDs this round are massive and they always grow huge, dense buds

Seedlings are getting ready to take off. Gave them their first real feeding to runoff last night, so should see alot of growth this week.

Now that I’ve saturated the coco I have to begin frequent fertigations, as an issue I’ve identified in the past is when leaving coco saturated for a couple days without adding new water, the seedlings can get pretty unhappy from sitting in old water (I’m assuming lack of oxygen?) and will get stunted sometimes. This has been a huge problem in the past, so I’m hoping I’ve got it resolved.


And the seedlings off to a good start

Couple of crinkle mutants but gonna leave em for now until I see how much space I’m going to have.



Dropping in with a weekly update

Had some issues shortly after my last post with my plants drooping and looking really unhappy:

When I’ve had this happen in the past, Ive usually attributed it to over or under watering, or a pH issue.

I lifted the pots of the affected plants and they were considerably heavier than the others so I concluded they were overwatered.

Put a towel under them and let them equalize with the other pots overnight.

But if anything the plants were getting worse…

I was left scratching my head because I had been careful with watering and feed inputs and the plants were perfectly happy up until that point.

Mr Sparkle mentioned that it could be a light intensity issue. Then it clued into me… I had lowered my light to about 20" about… a week ago! Damnit.

So brought the light back up to about the 30" last night and today:

Much better!

Some spotting now, but I’m thinking where I turned the auto watering off for the last 5 days that theres a buildup in the coco that needs to be washed out. Debating on whether I should hook em back up to auto watering but use a low EC for a night or two to flush the coco out and cycle over.

In the other tent, all but 2 plants are pretty much ready to harvest. Not much to see since it’s a jungle but heres a pic anyway:

3 or 4 of the plants in this tent got hella crowded out by the monsters and ended up kinda small and larfy, but frosty as hell!

So will be chopping the finished plants sometime this week while giving the remaining plants some room to breathe for another couple weeks.


Thanks for the light distance tip Arriba|nullxnull, you have to know how it looks before searching for it. I don’t think this is nutes related, the whole plant would be affected, not just one leaf, could it be thrips? hum|nullxnull

Love that jungle :heart_eyes:, you’re going to be real busy in the next days … :sweat_smile:


when you look at the pics, the plants affected more have darker colour leaves, so they will absorb more light than the lighter coloured leaves on the plants that are having less problems. The darker leaves are also puckered along the veins and droop down, to decrease the amount of light being absorbed, the ridge creates a shadow. I think the low humidity we have had for the last 2 weeks probably didn’t help you much either.