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Bloody hell @ryasco I wouldnt like to trim those, do you use an eletric trimming machine or by hand for those ?

1 of my descriptors for a keeper is leaf to bud ratio and ease of trimming.

Although I have been looking at the twister 4 machine now it has the option of the trim collector.

Infact i’m gonna find the link because to see just how much the electric trimmers knock trichs off is something I always knew was bad just by looking at the end product. But quite simply without these machines the competition are leaving the rest behind.

The general uneducated public dont give a shit about the amount of crystals, there priority is price. May be I should buy some terpines chop at 6 weeks and spray the electric trimmed crap, becuase theres a saying if you cant beat em join em.

This collector looks like the inside of a pollinator box after the barrrell is removed, so just how much is missing from the damaged goods ???


Check out this trimmers…

I hand trim everything, it sucks but i have just accepted the pain. Ha! Ha! I see a lot of machine trimmed bud on a regular basis and it is horrible. You are right the commercial growers don’t care but they are trying to undercut everyone anyway so speed trumps quality. There will always be a market for cheap scwagg but that isn’t what i want to do. The buds are visibly scuffed and dented. It is the lowest quality you can get without pulling out a mold and carjack. (brick weed)


Its ridiculous where I am, they (public) will buy the electric trimmed stuf because its £10 or £20 cheaper on the Oz. I am going to start tumbling my buds for 60 seconds to 2 minutes in a pollinator from now on and match their prices, I get more for the kief than an oz of bud. Oil or kief is going for £280 oz.

Other than that I am about ready to just fucking torch it all with petrol in the car park after everyones gone home, the crows and pigeons will get high then probably fall from the sky or start flying backwards rofl.

Im a traditional hand trimmer fiskars all the way.


Hang in there. In California there seems to be a right of passage. You start young with Budweiser and brown bud then get older and have Lagunitas and kind bud. Hopefully the demand for top quality will grow in your area.

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Infortuneatley that isnt likely, they think the elctric trimmed cropped early unflushed is quality. I have a few options;

Change strain and copy there madness joining in, only having a small room just or myself.

Crop early by 2 weeks sell the job lot for a 1000 less / kilo but saving on 2 weeks, not flushing, trimming with a machine, spraying it with terpines diluted in alcohol.

How the fuck can some one justify top quality fully matured, flushed properly and checked, ripened trichs been sold for 5% more than what the compettion are doing. It just does’nt go with me anymore.

Im not putting in the extra time hard work etc for 5% more they can smoke the fucking poisons, becuase thats my plan for the next one and the rest after this.

Until im asked for top quality at top prices im joining them, cant beat em so fuck it. Here comes power plant cropped at 6 weeks every time for the public. Hopefully it kills em all off quickly.

On days like today I feel like spraying it with cyanide lol


Machine trimming is the future of 98% of the cannabis market. Hand trimming is way too expensive. On the plus side, hand-trimming should become a factor that helps to distinguish artisanal, organic flowers from commersh.


My thoughts exactly.
Most of the general public want the cheapest bag and that’s all they care about.
Someone will say, " that’s too expensive". Then I’ll ask to look at the weed in their pocket, and it’s full of botrytis/mite turds and burns like candle wax.


just look at beer - at least here in the States, the vast majority go for the cheapest swill available. Look at cigs! Everyone smokes horrible commersh pre-rolls with radioactive fertilizer, other toxic shit mixed in, fiberglass filter, etc.


I always get bud that has calyxs chopped right off. Stupid trimming machines. Dont cali have the trimmigrants for that?XD


Exactly what I was shown today didnt have a single swollen calxy just long slightly oranje hairs very long and straight, so it had even been fast dried. Thing is they guy was told its power plant sprayed with limonene terpines diluted in alcohol, he was also told to sell it as lemon haze dur to the scent and long hairs.

He paid 5% - 10% less than he does with me for a premium grade product. I wouldnt mind but when I go to the lengths to source seeds from the other side of the world, put every effort in to bring it in on time at the right quality, flushed until I get returns/run off same as my tap water, trim by hand twice wet and again a final polish when dry, and even give it a slight cure.

So he is saving and selling it £10-20 cheaper than top quality and people are paying for it and buying it. I have no options left.

If the customer base is demanding that I can go one better may be, spray a crop with cyanide sell it for half price and kill off the muppets that are demanding this shit, or just join em at the same game. No more hassle trimming, rip it off the branches with electric shears, and a twister 4 with trim catcher., fast dry it in a heated drying rack in 24 hours and go get the cash.

Canabis becoming legal is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow growers think it is. I must join the lobby to keep it illegal here where do I sign the petition.


Customers are exactly the same here in Ontario Canada.
They are used to buying cheap junk from Walmart.
These people will never know the joy of smoking a properly flushed flower that got an extra week of lamp.

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And the right conditions provided for drying slowly, temps and humidity and darkness.

I may as well just lower the lamps to 5 cm above canopy and stop watering at week 5 then chop at week 6

When we had the flower power boys running from holland years ago around 2010 it was known you would only get 3600 gbp for a kilo, when they got caught prices jumped to 5400, but at least the quality was right from the flower power boys, dutch grown and smugled.

I can handle that if the quality is the same fair game.

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Well I had to respond to my client;

Yes I can do you that price in 24 hours, I am literally spinning it all in a pollinator, 3 seperate runs,

60 seconds 1st run
5 mins 2nd run
1 hour 3rd run and then he can have it at that price no problem.
It still smells nice, and burns nice, but im keeping the trichs.


It’s sad that this is the position large-scale corporate-carpetbagger production of cannabis has reduced us to.
High-end, educated clients are rare these days.
AAA product went from $4K/unit, to $2K in the last 5 years, in my area.


I have not had a client pull a microscope or loup out on me in over 10 years which indicates either they dont care or dont know.

A decade ago most of my clients used a microscope or loup to check before buying.

The large illuminated magnifyer at Barneys coffee shop in Amsterdam dissapeared from the counter around the same time.

The prices started to plummit again here with the introduction of more electric trimmers, the kermit and 1 or 2 others existed back then, but every one still did it by hand, teams of trimmers would be brought into bring the larger rooms down.

Now its 1 or 2 guys with an electric trimmer and rooms are cropped in hours not days anymore.

The important factor seems to be scent, well I can buy that in a bottle and save myself weeks of electricity and nutrients, and days trimming. The offset of that covers the costs of terpines and alcohol to dilute and spray.


Like a baby they need to be shown i had to show somebody the other day the ash test an how to look at bud changed there whole life they said they wonpypay as much as they did jext time sire they went to another person cause i got undercut but they will come back just show them the way you know

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I have and they dont care its purely a numbers game for them.

This is not just happening its slowly been getting worse and worse, so I have decided to give in.

If thats what they want its what there going to get, im not spending my time teaching ignorant arseholes nothing, i will just match their product and keep a seperate small room for myself and my genetics.

I know which they are all going to get as clones from now on round here, pure utter scwagg shite that I can get my hands on @madscientist send me a load of seeds from your brick weed dude.

Seriously I could go cut my lawn in the garden, empty the lawn mower spray it with limonene and they will buy it.


An then you have to your self if 10-20 dollar lost is really worth losing the sale is your product worth tha extra 10-20 of course you take the time etc but you should bever lose a sale over 20 as long as he buys it your going to be happy then you make the cheaper sht obsoletccthen who loses the sale an is griping cause he got ripped off by his dude i can tell you one thing its not you the. That dude gonna be looking for a new dude then bam could be you then you got two clients buyin your shit just uy humble opinion tho ill always pay more for better 20 to me isnt shit caise ima make way more with better that extra 20 gonna bring you a extra 100 atleast but thats the way the world is now

No argument there ppl are dumb asses lol maybe i can get some of that lemon grass for use it as comparison they prolly still buy your grass tho hahahaha XD an hopefully you wont lock those gentics up forever for those who know maybe the culture is in need of a renaissance

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