Troggys Garden

Well, its been 15-20 years since my last account, also since my last grow.

and 6 months since they decriminalized it in my homeland, up to 4 plants per adult.

so heres what i’ve been up to .

got 3 clones of local bagseed (first one harvested last week, just giving the other 2 an extra week)

then i got these from nirvana seeds

and am currently waiting on the following seeds to arrive:
barneys farm: wedding cake
barneys farm: mimosa EVO
royal queen: purple queen
seedsman: blueberry
seedsman: gelatOG
exotic seeds: Amnesia 7

I live in the tropics so its constant 12/12 all year, which means my vegging is done in a tent, and if i’m up to it i take them out into the sun in the day and put them back in before sundown

so bear with me while i upload the last 3 months of progress while i’ve been home due to covid lockdown.

current family photo
(back row : 2 x swiss cheese auto, AK48, zkittlez)
(front row : 3 x bagseed, zkittlez)


Welcome and looking good !!! I’m currently about 40 days into flower with seedsman blueberry. Frosty hell and strong fruit smell.


so i guess i’ll start with the bag seed. looks like a typical tropical sativa with something mixed in along the way. nothing special.
I took 4 cuttings from a friends plant, all 4 rooted but I killed one when i fell asleep with the dome off while i was hardening them up.

about 2 weeks here

started flowering at about 3 1/2 weeks of veg

fast forward 4 weeks, the 3 bagseed clones are to the back and my zkittlez and AK48 taking in some sun in the front

these little motherfuckers(caterpillar), this one in particular got fat before i found him, they’ve cost me a good few grams so far…and they leave so much poop behind

7-8 weeks flower, gonna leave this one for another week or 2

7-8 weeks flower, gonna leave this one for another week or 2

the fattest of the 3, she is getting chopped because I need to stop paying for weed

the sun has set on her last day

got me a pruning sheers, works much better than the old scissors i used to use back in the day

bottom half ready to rinse.

I mixed 3 containers with water, the first container got baking soda and lime juice added to it, i then rinsed the buds to wash off any dirt, caterpillar poop and other shit that got on there.

u can see how much dust and shit came off in the first bowl

hung everything up to dry for an hour or 2 with a fan on them

then trim and hang to dry, i’m now a few days away from testing my first harvest.

after 4 days of drying i’m looking at about 65 grams, figure its gonna loose a little bit more weight over the next day or two but not too much. so i’m happy with that yield.


Yea, I can’t wait to plant mine, covids been making the mail take much longer than i’d like.


Plants are looking fantastic! Beautiful sunset also. I feel you on the paying for weed thing. Had to spend $140 today cause my harvest won’t be dry for another week. Welcome to OG by the way :smile:


so up next swiss cheese auto.

at about two weeks, planted a few days apart, originally planted 2 at the same time but one didn’t pop.

by week 3 we’re seeing pre-flowers

week 4 and she is flowering

well this shit got out of control fast, treated with a diluted seaweed and neem organic fertilizer spray, homemade by local farmers. and also a diluted rubbing alcohol spray.
other than the occasional leaf miner haven’t had much pest issues since.
i’ve also got some Nuke Em to help with the pest issues

so now lets just skip to week 8-9…they’re getting close to harvest

these plants are my first auto grow ever, when i used to grow lowryder was the only ruderalis strain around so its interesting to see how prevalent autos have become
these 2 plants to me are too small tho, not sure i’d do it again now that i have my garden pumping.
but holy fuck shits bat man, this smells sooooooo good, I went and planted 2 Bubblelicious because it has skunk lineage also.

planted in coco and coming along nicely. but thats for another post

nirvana says 80 days from seed for the Swiss Cheese Auto and i’m still seeing some clear trichomes so i’m gonna leave it another 2 weeks


Wait until you smell the blueberry, smells like candy fruit.


Oh I hate those fucking sap suckers I notice those from a mile away I have a homemade soap solution you ought to check out used it last year puts them down fast! Welcome to OG buddy good to have ya in here plants look beautiful!


now reading your grow chronicles thread, very cool shit, gonna try some of that for sure. thanks


Glad ya like feel free to comment all ideas are open options … shit I’m HI!

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so here we go again, i need to get up to date because so much more is happening in my garden

Zkittlez and AK48

these are the ones i’ve been putting my effort into.
I’m using Advanced Nutrients PH perfect micro/grow/bloom, and into flowering i started adding big bud and overdrive.

planted 2 zkittlez and one AK48, i was too anxious ended up killing a zkittlez before it could even even break out the rooting cube…my bad so i planted another one a few days later

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 8.58.50 PM
week 2 we’ve got plants!!! took really long to germinate almost 5 days

week 4 and they are coming along, nodes are very close and plants are starting to grow fast.

week 6 i transplanted into bigger pots, my younger zkittlez is not growing as nicely as the other so i’ve just relegated it to the back burner.
plants are in the sun by day and tent by night. this is them with the swiss cheese auto’s

week 7 and i’m thinking i should have transplanted a long time ago, they are exploding with growth, zkittlez is taking the edge on the AK48 and i’m ignoring the runt(for now) plants are the ones to the front of the pic(3 bagseed from earlier post in the back)

week 9 took clones off everyone including my seedless lime tree.

using a plastic cake cover and a rubbermaid container…works perfect

right about this time i’ve remembered i have some monster pots, look like around 30 and 40 gallons maybe more.
so heres my mix. took a bale of pro mix, a bale of coco chips, 2 huge bags of horse manure, a gallon of sharp sand, few tablespoons of root magic mycorrhizae and a few table spoons of cal/mag powder because I noticed some magnesium deficiency in the zkittlez when i wasn’t feeding cal/mag

it was some serious work in an unbearable sun mixing this shit, also tried to break up as much of the horse manure as possible, learnt later that chicken wire works great for this.

also put a layer of coco chips at the bottom of the pot, just because

AK at week 9 , found the perfect cage to train and support the branches, also keeps my cats out, they think promix is the best kitty litter.

Zkittlez week 9, boths plants are just exploding with growth, zkittlez is definitely taking the edge tho

my transplant process here is to try and stress the plant as little as possible.
first sprinkled even more mycorrhizae where the transplant will be going.
then cut the bottom of the pot out and put it in place, then sliced up the side of the pot, built up soil around it then slid it out.
i really didn’t even want to think about trying to lift these plants out of a 5 gallon pot, it would have been a disaster, girlfriend isn’t too happy about the destruction of her pots tho.

zkittlez and AK48 transplanted and starting flower at week 9/10
i have a wood dowel in there that i used for support and she’s at the exact height of it, i’ve been using it to mark growth rates.
with the zkittlez outpacing the ak i decided to put her in the larger of the pots

and there she goes. zkittles
the black marks on the wood dowel i took every night for the last few nights of veg so u can see what she grew in a day, this is like 3 days into flower and in her new pots.
Ak is growing but not at this rate.

this zkittlez is a beast, not only is it growing like crazy its clones are hardy.
all survived, i lost a couple ak becuase i was misting too much and they got a black mould algea thing on the crown, and when time came to start easing them out of the dome the ak needs an extra couple days, the zkittlez where ready to go out the box.

limes i killed by accident pulling them out the cube to see if they had roots, it had just started to root and i think i shocked it and stopped that, so i’m waiting on my tree to give new growth to try that experiment again.

i’m gonna click post here and edit or add a new post so i don’t loose all this shit somehow. have 4-5 weeks of flowering to update still


2 weeks into flower the zkittlez has almost doubled in height.

ak is not going up as much but she sure is bushing out, can see the difference now between the zkittlez thats a 10 week flower vs the ak thats 8. ak flowers are coming along a lot faster.

ak at 3 weeks flower

zkittlez at 3 weeks flower…i’m in awe, i know i can smoke it all given the time, its the trimming i’m worried about…thank god i don’t have more to harvest in the same week

going into week 4 here and wow, smell is very slight but i can tell its gonna be amazing.

zkittlez week 4

ak48 week 4

and heres an close up on my swiss cheese auto with a week to go, got some leaf damage from foliar sprays but buds are still good and cut ripening up.

and with that i will call it a night.


theres been a lot of harvesting in the last little bit

harvested my 2 remaining bagseed, pleased with the weight, the extra week i gave them really made the difference in the smoke

and then i found some male sacks on one of my swiss cheese auto, so rather than let one i didn’t find pollinate the rest of my pants i chopped her a few days early

smell is absolutely amazing on this one, pungent skunky citrus, needs to cure a few days before i judge the smoke on it.


zkittlez and AK48 are coming along nicely.




zkittlez runt is looking like a nice bush right now, might have to start paying her some attention



and inside i’m already getting ready for round 3, i’ve got 2 bubblelicious feminized in coco, they are getting very bushy, 1 critical regular seedling(if its male i’m gonna keep for pollen) and a zkittlez clone from my big one

i am loving the coco, the plants are growing so fast and bushy in it.
ordered an irrigation system that i’ll be building up over the next week or 2 as well as some clear roof sheeting so i can build a sorta greenhouse to protect from the rains that will be starting soon


been a busy week.
I built a clear shed over my plants to keep off the rain. buds were starting to fall over with the wieght from all the water and was getting worried about mould as these plants are getting fatttt.

and i’ve also been setting up an irrigation system on timers so i don’t have to water anymore
so far i’ve got it working in my tent indoors, need to get a bigger pump for the outdoor setup.

these are on my two bubblelicious

two bubblelicious in coco at day 26

day 29 after some pruning, these are looking like they are gonna be monsters.

harvested my 2nd swiss cheese, got about 20 grams dried

and heres an updated video of my zkittlez and ak48 in week 7 of flower