Upper growth too light green/yellow, other plants fine

Hello, these plants have been growing for around 2 months from seed. They are in organic living soil. They are all seeds from Mazar. Water PH is around 7.3. I recently moved them into this room in the basement from upstairs. The temperature stays around 75 during lights on and 67 at lights out, humidity is around 50 to 60 lights on and 55 - 60 lights out. I gave the one that is very light green a top dress of worm castings around 2 or 3 weeks before this issue.

I have a 315 cmh on one plant and a 225 true watt on the one that is turning what seems too light green at the top. The HLG was at 120 watts, but I turned it up to 225 when I put them in this room. I had a fan oscillating but blowing at both plants from only 6 inches away for a day when I moved them. I had the HLG at only about 18 - 24" above the one that’s turning light green after I turned it up and the plant started drooping and not looking happy.

I moved the up to about 36" in case that was the issue on 6/31 before lights out.

The last two waterings I have lowered the PH to 6.3 from 7.3 in case that was causing the problem. So far they don’t look worse, but don’t really look any better either.

The smaller plant in the photo is a clone of the now “sick” plant. The other bigger plant is another mazar seed.

I attached a photo of what it looked like on June 28th, when I moved them and it still looked really good.

The first photo is from June 28th, the others are now or a couple days ago.

These are July 2nd:

These are today:


Did they just hit flower? Sometimes they can grow a little too fast to keep up with nutrient demands, especially in organic soil, as the plant is a bit limited in how much nutrients it can absorb. Especially since the other smaller plants look totally fine.

Check your runoff pH. It appears like slightly low-pH issues, but frankly it doesn’t look bad enough to be alarmed. If I had to guess from the pictures, your issue is probably a hungry plant. Up the feeds, especially Nitrogen, and see what happens in a week.

Every once in a while, you get a seed plant that just looks “weird” and never quite looks 100% happy, which may also be the case.

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Looks like an Iron deficiency to me … hum|nullxnull


They are not in flower. The first pic is when it still looked really healthy. Initially I think they were getting too much nitrogen, but that could possibly be it. It seemed like the soil already had a lot in it. They were just put into that 7 gallon pot with fresh dirt from a 1 gallon pot only around 3 or 4 weeks ago so it seems weird that it would have used all the nitrogen up already.

That is one possibility I saw. Since I have been giving them water at a PH of 7.3 I thought maybe it was locking out Iron and other micronutrients possibly. I have lowered the PH of the water to 6.3 and just gave it the second watering today with this level of PH. I am hoping it starts recovering soon…

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You’re right, upon this chart pH was out of range for Iron … :sunglasses:


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Ph was definitely too high but now that you have that adjusted I’m guessing they will look much better in a week.