Vintage Cinderella99 X Romberry giveaway(closed)

It’s the Cindy 99 x Romberry, I just think Blueberry Space Queen sounds better, since Romulan x Cindy 99 is Space Queen.


Some pointers Mr.Johnny Hempseed, about this strain of yours brother?

Like, what to look for and such… Thanks for the seeds man.


The Fat Grape is a blueberry-type plant and takes low nutes - it burns easily. otherwise normal.


Germinating some seeds for a project.
Taking the chance to plant six of @Muleskinner 's (C-99 x Romberry) too.
5/6 of the (C-99 x Romberry) (nearest 6 in pic) were first out-of-the-gate, and are already catching some rays :sunny:


Hey brother. By any chance do you have any left for giveaway or trade :slight_smile: PLEASE lemme know… had a frantic situation and am left with 5 random seeds LOL. GOD DAM JOKE SO I’M HERE TRYING TOO GET A LITTLE HELP LOL. but I deff don’t expect but hoping someone will feel my pain

Hey @Deecee00 check this thread out. Also get some pics up and you’re sure to get some good gear sent your way. Welcome to OG.


Hey how do I enter for the giveaway??

You will find that trust is built through casual conversations and interest in what others do.

Wander around enjoy and grow.



Absolutely. I’m totally amazed by this website… Can’t get enough time in my day too even read through all thw amazing treads And info. I’m new to this and here toobstay!!! Koodoos too this solid cultivors community. Stuff like this makes our much loved hobbie look like a community rather then a bunch of law breaking gangsters. Lol.


Special thanks too 99 ofcourse


no ass-kissing is required. :smile: I’ve just been too busy to organize another mailing giveaway, I’m prepping for a big giveaway at the NECANN convention this month.

I will post here or the free seed thread when I get a chance to do another mailing


Also giveaways at the boston freedom rally.

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There was one i tried showing up in worcester ma my car ended up having problems driving up there.

The baby’s are looking good , so far, Mechelle , keep in there .

You’ll definetly love it here.! Only been here 23days and everyone I’ve spoke to ect , have made me feel , right at home … They go out their way , to go beyond there own just to help. I.e especially 99%, mad scientist and loads more. Just join in when you feel comfortable ,! To do so. Keep reading …take care .Mechelle, just saying hi :slight_smile::seedling:


Hey @Deecee00! Come in the house! You’re in the right place. You won’t find a more diverse and honorable group of like minded and generous growers anywhere! Be yourself, learn, teach, stay lifted and enjoy! Much love and respect. :cowboy_hat_face:


@Muleskinner the Hurkle is a great smoke!! I’ll be growing the remainder of the ones left when I’m able. It’s got a nice grape or fruit like flavor to it. Tasty for sure. The buzz, for me, is fuzzy and mellow, but also slightly intense after it comes on, then plateaus. Long lasting as well with an almost unnoticeable come down. Several friends also agree it is a very very very very nice strain. Puts me just about where I prefer to be when I’m headed into my day. Nice strain!

Side note. Had bud mold and PM on the polyploid bud, so lost that one and another two nice nugs. Did not get a great harvest, purely my fault! Inexperience, neglect and misdiagnosing or mistreating issues could have helped. If only the LIFTA nutrients by @ReikoX were available at the time. Who knows…?

Genetics=good / grower=bad.
Cheers @Muleskinner


thanks for the report, this strain is supposed to be “super PM resistant” mabye not 100% bulletproof though. yes, It’s an indica but not couch-lock, I find it good for daytime too.


how long are the c99 x rom and fat grape strains 10 or longer weeks @12/12 ?

they should be right around 8 weeks, a few might go longer