VIVOSUN New Product--AeroLight

Total airflow and lighting control in one device. The AeroLight is the first-ever fully automatable LED grow light system that integrates a circulation fan so your plants always get cool, fresh air. Powerful, programmable, and perfect for your plants.


That is pretty cool. Literally. :rofl:


Is the fan connected to the intake ( cool fresh air ) ? ie fan has 4 inch coupling for attaching ducting ? Or does it just circulate existing air


Yeah im curious as well. Seems pretty interesting


Well that is something I haven’t thought about. Looks interesting and others must think so also as it’s already sold out :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks to be a circulation fan. Not too impressed, really. I can accomplish as much circulation with a clipon fan in the corner of the tent up high so it is aimed at the driver of the light. This one is under the light blowing straight down. Mikey no likey.


Well… I beg to differ… (a little) :pinching_hand: :wink:

The fan is 75CFM and variable… and it looks like it is independent of the light operation (you can run at night).
I’ll bet the fan lasts longer than a clip-on. (I haven’t seen a good one yet)

The light spectrum is tunable etc.

My first thoughts wander to possible mods.
You should be able to flip the fan over and have it blow up… maybe into a duct…
They are saying 75 CFM, (that’s no back-pressure) so say half of that, 35 CFM. That might work for smaller (3 x 3’) tents.

Being a cheap old bugger, 2 bucks a watt is on the high side for me.



The fan is designed to blow air around the plants evenly and to circulate the air to the top of the tent to then be extracted by the exhaust.


Be nice if a 4 inch coupling was on the back to attach ducting to , nice fresh cool air from the intake over the plants

That would make the light way better and original : )
With a simple plastic square to round 4inch sealed attachment/adaptor
Turning passive intake to positive and over the plants

Cost pennies


You are correct its fully independent from the light. The air is evenly distributed through the canopy better then a pole mounted fan and blows down to allow for proper circulation, Blowing up wouldn’t benefit the plants as much as they would not get much airflow. The fan can be tuned from low speed all the way up to full speed so you can dial it into your environment perfectly.


Not gonna lie. This is a pretty sweet design, I’m kinda thinking y’all might be onto something with these


You wont get as even of a breeze through the canopy with just a clip fan, This is designed to blow the air down yes, but it also distributes that air out all 4 sides to hit every inch of the tent and all the plants below. Then when it circulates back to the top it allows that air to be sucked out by the exhaust. The drivers of this light do not get very hot so there is no need to blow air on them even with the light being on full blast. Hopefully when you see it in action more you will see where it could benefit those who lack the space for all the extra equipment.


Looks nice for real, and great concept.

As @Gpaw mentioned nicely, at 100w this is very much a veg tent situation, and it’s much much cheaper to just buy some other LED platform with multiple fans…if y’all could lower the price to about 100-125ish US I could see it becoming almost a standard recommendation for people to have for a veg light for home growers…however at current prices it’s kind of prohibitive.

It won’t be long before someone takes this design and runs with it for much cheaper, so I get wanting to grab the market with a cool new design, but capturing the majority with a more affordable design would keep it in the running for a longer time and somewhat prevent the inevitable race to the bottom.

Anyway, just my .02. I like the design, can’t wait to see more test grows with it


Oh dont get me wrong. I do like the design. And as i have not seen it in action, etc. I was not making a real judgement call, per se. Just from the one pic it just didnt tickle my innards. If it does like you say, then, as they say, Too-shay!


Looks neat, $200 is a bit steep for a 100w light imo, but different growers have different needs.


I will gather more videos of it in action to show on here. I agree its hard to tell from one picture :slight_smile: I appreciate you having an open mind and talking to us about your opinions.


For a standard 100w I agree. But for one that is fully customizable its hard/ if not impossible to find one cheaper or close to this price. Most just dim lol. Oh and my product development team tells me they are looking into upping the wattage as well.


imo. the fan should be reversible


You got any science to back that up? It’s statements just like this when used in a sales/marketing angle that make me question a lot. So any legitimate facts to back up this statement above?


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