What extraction or in line fans do u guys run?

Hi guys and girls, what extraction fans do u guys use?

I’m using an el cheapo, it’s only one speed and it’s a bit on the loud side.

Keen to know what u guys use recommend???

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Infinity fans are what I use. :v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand:


I like the Infinity Cloudline. You can get it with a temp/humidity controller so it will turn it up or down as needed.


A lot of AC Infinity fan fans here…


If you’re going to buy anything start with AC Infinity. I have a whole rack of old cheap ones getting dusty.

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Yet another, T6.
Mad love for the controller :+1: Worth the money :+1:



I have 3 t6, couldn’t be happier with them.

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Thanks for the helpful info guys, I’ll definitely check out the infinity units cheers.

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Vortex/speed controller. Got one running for 13-14 years now, 24/7.

I use the AC Infinity Cloudline fans now, folks on the forum here turned me onto them. I have 2, and when my older Hyper fan needs replacing, I’ll swap it out with another AC Infinity.

100% couldn’t be happier with them. Quiet is what I want, and I occasionally have to check them to see if they’re even on at lower speeds…that’s how quiet they are. Reasonably priced, as well.


I have had all sorts of no name brands and been really happy with all of them for what i paid for them. Then I recently purchased an Infinity (surprise surprise) and of course I am happy with it too. Mine is a Cloudline T6. So if your going to buy a controller anyway then these are the way to go if you can afford it. A cheap fan and a cheap controller will be cheaper by about 50 bucks all up but will not perform anywhere near as well or have the same features.


I own a few a vivosun 4 , 6 inch plastic inline fan the ones with the red impeller . I own a all metal 8 inch vivosun inline fan and a infinity t8 with the 67 controller.
The t8 wins hands down in everything. I think the metal vivosun moves more air compared to the vivosun plastic fans but makes allot more noise doing so.
If I had to do it again and I wish some one would of told me . Buy the s8 and 67 control seperatly. It’s about the same cost as the t8 but with a much better controler.
I would buy a fan much bigger than you need and turn it down . It gives you room to grow and is quieter.


100%. A 8" fan on low is much quieter than a 6" on medium, or a 4" on high.

200cfm of air moving through 8" ducting is so much quieter than 200cfm moving through 4" ducting.


I’m a recent AC Infinity owner, hadn’t heard of them till recently learning about them elsewhere. It seems i’m just one of many here using this brand… and i’m extremely happy with my T6 to the point i will be getting a second here soon.

Yes, very quiet on low compared to my previous HydroFarm 6"…

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