AC infinity fan users, input please

Hello Glorious OGers,

For owners of the AC infinity fan, I’m curious how you use yours?

I just got the T8, and I’m not sure I understand the controller - don’t you want perpetual air exchange in your tent?

If you use the controller and set the fan to run via temp/RH, wouldn’t exhaust only be intermittent, and isn’t this bad for grows?


I have a 4” version and my thoughts were the same.

I’d love to set it to a temp, but have a minimum speed setting so I could maintain negative pressure.


Mine runs all the time. We have an led in the tent. So not to much heat but with 9 plants in tent the humidity stays up so the fan always going for us


I have one 8" for the intake and another 8" for the exhaust in the flower tent. Set them on 3 and just let em run. I use the temp guage to monitor temp & humidity, but never ran it “programmed”. I’m in my garden daily, so for me, the automation isn’t necessary.

Same for my 4" , and the 6" inline fan.

Best fans I’ve ever bought. :v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand:


You don’t want constant air exchange in your tent. That’s a weed myth. You just want frequent air exchange. The AC Infinity T series controllers help you manage that and dial in VPD…sorta.

You can use the controller to monitor high and low temps and high and low humidity simultaneously, all of which will run the fan at the speed you set at the original menu page of “On.”

You can also set alarms on the controller for all of those things as well, or turn the alarms off. When alarm conditions are met, the controller chirps at you a little bit (not very loudly) and the fan spins up to 10 and stays there until the alarm conditions are no longer met.

So, here’s my usage as an example with the T6. I run LED which require higher canopy temps. I put the sensor about 6" below the tallest colas right in the middle of the tent, not close to any plant material, hanging free in the air. That gets a good reading.

I have the fan speed set to 3 and my settings are as follows:

High temp monitor: 85F
Low temp monitor: OFF
High humidity monitor: 60%
Low humidity monitor: OFF

High temp alarm: 90F
Low temp alarm: OFF
High humidity alarm: 70%
Low humidity alarm: OFF

So this means that anytime the temp gets to 85F or the humidity gets to 60%, the fan comes on at speed 3 until the temp/humidity lowers by 2 points, then it goes off. If my temps get to 90F or my humidity gets to 70%, the fan bumps up from speed 3 to speed 10 until it gets back below the alarm setpoint. I don’t have to worry about low humidity.

This is pretty useful for maintaining optimal conditions during the daylight cycle. Unfortunately, the system really needs another page and sensor for nighttime settings so you can set lower humidity or higher temps at night to combat PM.

Hope that helps answer your questions. :slight_smile: It’s a really nice set of features for that price of fan.


Your amazing response is humbling. Thank you for debunking weed bro myths for me!

Ac infinity should probably also hire you as a product evangelist!


I have the T6. Id only buy another at a discount. Like on ebay you could get one for $20 more than the S6. Only reason being the sensor is nice to hang at canopy level to keep an eye on temps/humidity there. That sensor being in the middle of the tent lets me know if I need to worry. I check it when I see any wierd numbers.


I thought the main reason for negative pressure was for if you were using a carbon filter. Keeps all of the air coming out of the box going through the filter.


We run a T8 and 3x T4s in different areas around our little operation. T8 does the heavy lifting I have it’s sensor at canopy height in my flower chamber (8x4x6’) that runs from the roof on one end through an inline carbon and vented directly out, I have a T4 plumbed on the opposite side of the same space with the sensor at soil height with a 4" carbon ahead of the T4 and vents directly outside at a secondary location again drawing from the roof. WIthin the flower chamber’s overall footprint 14x4x6’ we also run a 4x4x6’ tent which we run another T4 behind a 4" carbon filter which is also vented directly outside and run it’s a sensor at canopy height. The final T4 is extracting 2 breeder tents 2x2x3’ in our lung room.

I love my T series fans, I do run with specifically programmed settings but using different fans at different times, for different reason allows me to really dial things in my space. Should I ever shy away from AC Infinity I will most certainly use temp and humidity controllers like Inkbird or the likes in the future, the days of constant 24/7/365 fan drone are way behind me lol


I have 2 now, they’re amazing. I run them 24/7. Nicer and quieter than the Hyper fans I used to use.

Plants like air, VPD only really applies if you’re really pushing plants to their growth limits (active hydro/CO2/etc).


They have released a new controller that allows the fan to stay on at low set points as the original turns fan off . Freakin’ great for grows. At least they come out now with a decent Digital controller


This is what I’ve been after!


Which controller is this?


My T-4 has a controllor with fan speeds at 1 up to 5. Not a lot of volume at 5. Works as Nube described above.


This is the new one that doesn’t turn off. Tbh they mislead loads of users before this released


That’s an awesome upgrade for sure, but I’m not spending any money right now. Damn, wish that would have come with the fan I just got. Thanks for the info.


lol well, it’s not like constant air exchange will hurt, but contrary to what Vernal mentions, following VPD is a better idea in every case. You can see for yourself why commercial indoor ag follows VPD - veg and early flowering plants love high humidity! And it’s a waste of energy to run fans constantly. You do want pretty much constant air movement from circulation fans to prevent some fungal and pest issues, however.

If you try to follow VPD with your AC Infinity T controller, make sure to set your humidity monitor about 10-15% lower than VPD recommends after week 5 of flower to help prevent budrot. Also, lol at your comments! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know what you’re getting at. I understand the concept of negative pressure, but not how it relates to the topic other than they both involve exhaust fans. Do you mind expanding on your question to help me understand what you’re curious about? Maybe you’re asking if the smell will escape if you don’t have constant pressure on a tent? If that’s your concern, I don’t get smell leaks in my situation…but better safe than sorry if you’re in a red state or other illegal situation.

It’s nice to have a mode where it stays on if you want, but I don’t see a lot of need for that new controller compared to the existing one. I personally don’t want the new one because I mostly care about high temps and high humidity. I don’t see a big use case scenario for that new controller, tbh. And plants don’t use as much CO2 as we think they do. Why would outdoor plants with much lower CO2 levels than our home grows get so big with such huge colas if CO2 level was the main or even a major factor?


That is basically what I was trying to say. I always thought the negative pressure was to keep smell from leaking. Good to know that you don’t have leaks, even without negative pressure.


Cool. :slight_smile: To be fair, my T6 fan runs pretty frequently. Not constantly, but definitely every few minutes to cool during the day, and to lower humidity at night. I use speed 3 because it’s nearly silent inside the room and totally silent outside of that spare bedroom, and it does the job fast enough for me.


Awesome reply ! Great information as always, thanks @nube.

I am a slacker, I just keep mine around 1 or 2, cant even really hear it spin. I like how nube has his set, makes sense. Like the others, I was always of the impression that you want constant air exchange. I love learning something new !

Either way its still the best fan ive ever bought.