What is you favourite strain for sex

Hey everyone… been thinking for a while which are the best kinds of weed for sex, any kind of sex. Kinky,:smiling_imp::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sweet loving​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… booty bumping​:crazy_face:…ohh and self lovin I guess counts too.

Which one and why, and how did you/your partner consume it (edibles, smoked, comercial or homemade lube).

I will be the first to throw the stone in the pond to break the ice and shame myself in front of millions.

Smoked: some African sativa made me feel like I was a two part being, my head and my dick felt like two worlds apart.
Smoked Royal Jack by RQS: happy smiling face and more umpf for the act, and climax took longer to reach but good experience.
Edibles made with hash: just this amazing buzz all over, almost like a transcendental experience.
Can’t name other strains because I didn’t have access to the names.
Hope not offending the faint hearted.
Btw what THC: CBD ratios do you guys recommend


Hmmm very interesting topic … I’ve thought of this often but never really thought about it as a thread. Like anything weed definitely makes sex better than it already is, I’ve never really paid much attention to which strains but i do know i will take a indica over a sativa if there is gonna be some sexy time going on haha… Kinda got me thinking i should start keeping track of strains :grin:


:grin: let’s make others think about the topic as well. Hejeh. Let’s open the closet shall we.


i have good experience with c’99


I may be the only one but smoking bud makes me wanna just roll over and go to sleep more than sex does. Combining them both to often would likely put me in a coma :yum:


Hahaha @Ghandisflipflop please chime in :rofl:


For most of my life I was with @Esrgood4u on this. Pot and sex didn’t mix. Without a certain focus there’s no wood. With legalization (here) I decided to do some science. I found several strains that work for me and several that decidedly don’t.

I also found lists of sex strains:
Dream Queen
Super Sour Diesel
Granddaddy Purple (purple punch was not good)
Ultimate Trainwreck
Bubblegum Kush
Sour Diesel
Blue Cheese

There is almost a negative correlation between this list and what works for me. What’s good for the goose may not be good for the other goose.

I personally get along well with Kona Gold, forum cut GSC, Jillybean, Forbidden Fruit, Purple Hindu Kush, Green Crack, Headband (if preceeded with 3-1 CBD otherwise Headband is my enemy), and Bottylicious


Good to know this info, thank you very much for sharing. And are they get the same chance on that, which got a higher success rate ? Much appreciate your answer in advance :slight_smile:

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I will happily discuss but the above is what I am prepared to say publicly.

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Did that make ya last like two minutes longer? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:Lol just having fun with ya interesting topic I have to say!


Guess your partner needs to be on top then ? Lol


Time to “talk sex with Mongo”

The body’s natural response to sexual arousal consists of a hormone flush, blood rush, ejaculation, and orgasm, while cannabinoids will bring blood flow to a specific area. When the blood flow is triggered, it increases hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. (Also, cannabinoids can help with cramps, low libido, and vaginal dryness.)

After taking cannabis, slowly build arousal by using a massage candle. When lit, this candle produces a warm oil that’s the temperature of bath water. Giving and receiving a massage with this oil will push blood flow around the body, thus increasing arousal. Consider adding a blindfold as it cuts off one’s sense of sight, which will then heighten other sensations. Also, a stainless steel massage wand can provide a fun heat and weight sensation while a feather tickler offers a more lighter touch.

Also, have some flavored lube at your disposal. Cotton mouth after consuming cannabis is a real real sensation, and dry mouth can interfere with any stimulation involving the mouth. A flavored lube allows you to salivate and also keep your mouth well lubricated without the bad aftertaste sometimes associated with non-flavored lube.


Since there was and is always some.kind of time warp… I can’t really say. But it felt weird and cool at the same time.

In a sense we, as in weed lovers, are able to travel and warp time :grin: since our notion of time and space can get a bit altered…


Sometimes solo is better than crap sex IMO… plus you get to know yourself a bit better under the influence and can get an idea before trying with a partner. At least you can get a glimpse of what to expect from your body :grin:


Nice touches there…

What I have noticed is that when ingesting canna oil I feel those waves more intensely, specially in the lower regions :grin: I guess due to the proximity of the intestine. I make my oil with lecithin, which makes everything more available for the body to absorb.


I guess it depends what kind you take, or maybe you are so tired that it just puts you in that mood.

Try having a nap, smoke or eat and then see what that does for ya.

I know I get more pumped up after a good nap…

Or a good cup of tea :grin: PGTips? Tetley?

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Thank you :grin: food, sex and weed, amongst other things, make me go.

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I read somewhere that GSC is good for the ladies as it stimulates the brain and the body, and Blue Cheese is good for backdoor action because of its relaxing effects


My man and I really like those “Moon Rock” joints for sexy time. They sell them at dispensaries here. I’m extremely sensitive to strains especially Indica, but if it’s Netflix and Chill night (we never get to the Netflix lol) and I don’t have to leave the house then Indica is where it’s at for me. I’ll pay more attention to strains in the future. My mind tends to drift off with sativas during sex, not exactly sexy when you start thinking about the toothpaste you need at the grocery store in the middle. I’m gonna think on flavored lube for weed sex like @Mongobongo suggested, cuz we always have to stop for water breaks from cottonmouth. It’s not always convenient. :wink::laughing:


Oh, forgot I’m thinking about my cbd plant now that’s almost complete. It would be rad if it is a good sex strain, especially if it’s helping the aches and pains at the same time. We are both pushing 50 and like to have sex in random places throughout the house. This is not as easy as when we were young and we will start there, but ultimately end up in the bed. And funny as it is, reality is like… wait… gotta move, can’t stay on that knee anymore or Ow, my shoulder, my back etc… lol. Middle age can suck it! I’ll let y’all know if the cbd helps! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: