What strains are being grown across different Mexican States?

Im just curious to know if Mexico still has specific region strains like they did in the old days such as Acapulco Gold and Michoacán. I recently acquired some seeds from Zacatecas but I haven’t had time to plant them. I’ve been away with work.


This might interest you…


They still have all sorts of weed in Mexico, but it is unfortunately being very quickly contaminated by modern strains. Literally OG, gorilla glue, etc. They are getting more modern strains, and that is going to be very quickly spread. Farmers are producing a fraction of what they used to because there isn’t a market for exporting weed anymore.

In addition to that, they are on the cusp of full on legalization, and most Mexicans will be smoking modern dispensary grade weed in very short order. No doubt that will cause even more rural heirloom strains to disappear.


Very little of the original pure is still available anywhere in mexico.

Even stuff like the sativa beans bodhi received on the beach 10 years or so ago weren’t pure.


All Mexico’s Western states had their own varieties of cannabis, so probably still do in rural areas away from cartel farms. Kept in small circles. Grown for headstash instead of cash.


I have bagseed mexican seeds dating from the early 90’s and they finish in less than 60 days. Less than pure to say the least.


We’re they kind of piney and like a champagne grape thing going on?The first seed I ever grew was a Mexican bag seed and the bud was a faster flower and grew a main hand grenade cola and a couple surrounding spears.Like a light lime green.it came out of the better brick weed that had like toy cars and match box cars in the middle of the bricks


I am growing it currently actually, and yes there is the pine smell. It’s only at 30 days flower but there is is a piney, skunky, sort of green citrus rind smell.

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If you ever have any extra beans made up you don’t want let me know I have some things for trade miss those old brick weed bag seeds they may not have been pure but they were pretty far out and they are getting harder to find every year.Hold on to that one man I still think of that one since 1995


I got my hands on " purple Mexican heirloom" haven’t had a chance to run em yet but should be a treat from my understanding

I still have some old Mexican brick seed in the deep freezer from around 2001.
Quality was sometimes better than most regular going crap.
Oaxacan was really good to me. Super racy and heavy on the eyes.


I am doing a fully seeded run of it right now for reproduction purposes. I only got one male though, so fingers crossed it is a stud.

If you are on the Front Range or passing through then feel free to a cut of the momma. The original cross is of two different Mexican brickweed seeds. One from ‘89 and the male from 92. F1’s made in ‘93. F2’s made and frozen since ‘98. So it definitely qualifies as old school. I am still making sure it doesn’t hermi in the last few weeks but so far so good.

My momma is one of f2 generation that has been frozen since ‘98.This is fully seeded with f3 seeds and at about 30 days of flower.


Hey hey long time no talk! Just finished reading your great RUST article this is funny

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I grew some Mexican bagseed around that time and they grew very short fat plants with 13 fingers.
Skunk lines went down there in the 80s into the cartel grows but there is also supposed to be landrace Mexican ruderalis that you don’t here much about, makes me wonder if they bred that to some of the more equatorial lines to get faster flowering denser plants.
I’ve heard old timers talk about ruderalis ditch weed plants that used to grow in California along certain riverbanks that would occasionally invade irrigation canals.


That even looks like the one I grew color and all even the look of the bud

They still had what they called oaxacan in 2001?

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Small world. I thought your name sounded familiar.

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Spent a lot of time in Cozumel in the past 5 years, and in that time I have watched the quality of the weed go from brick to pretty close to dispensary quality. 5 years ago it was all brick there. I was on the island 6 months in 2020 and you hardly saw brick and most was indoors mids to dispensary quality by then, at the same prices as the brick 5 years earlier…


While the quality has improved, i wish they grew the local varieties in addition to what you get. When you go on vacation its nice to thoroughly immerse yourself in local culture, including canna culture. The highlight of my Costa Rica vacation was scoring a bag local sativa😁, overpriced as it was.


I can’t get a cut but if you could save a couple beans I would be very greatful

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