What's everybody sitting on pollen wise

It’d be kinda nice to know what opportunities abound.

I didn’t find any males worth hitting back to what I have going now.
Like NL who else here is running her?
Gorilla Biscuit there’s stardawg and Sensi star in this one?
Strawberry diesel anybody with a good diesel male? There again a Sensi star or stardawg.

@Baltimore whats the status of the bb male clone ya got?
Wouldn’t mind doing a limb of NL x bb.


I’m working on pollen for autos and know there’s a few interested. With luck I will have some blueberry auto pollen reg or fem sometime in the next month and maybe some dark sparks fem pollen but I don’t want to presume hahahahaha they work on their own timeline.


I might mix some mamilk into the NL.


I have a little of huckleberry x herijuana in the freezer I hit my lemon gas ( lemon Thai x swamp gas) x chem 91 ) with it should be interesting
I try to keep some things around but stopped playing
Can’t grow every thing I got in the vault
Now it’s got to be something special


With the boy doing it up now, I only kept what I felt to be essential to me and the wife.
He inherited around a 10k collection.
If need be I can always get back what I want/need.

He’s doing fine with what I gave him to hold.


Ive got nothing right now in ways of saved pollen but took a couple clones of the SSDD male I got. I plan to run it soon to get pollen off of it. Never saved a male, but this guy was super bushy, smelled more than the female, and had no issues w/ growth, nutrients, etc. Whereas the female has been a bit picky.

I also have all the Blue OG x Snow Lotus I popped, but out of the 4, 2 are undetermined on sex. Wasnt planning to try and get pollen from it tho, unless you wanted some??

Now I just need to find the right info to follow for collecting and storing. Id imagine if you end up with a bunch, you’re better of storing it in a bunch of small containers rather than all of it in a single container?


Currently some skunk#1 and sour bubble pollen… Both excellent males waiting on a pretty female and time to explore their offspring


Hmmm sour bubble x NL.

You’d think some body would have Stardawg or Sensi star going.
@GrowHard any SS f3 left?

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He was a dense little male that SB… Looked like the perfect little plant… except with balls lol

Tight little clusters


just learned that i can save pollen …

is there a thread that explains how to do this …it would be helpful to me not to have to keep males around every time i want to knock up one of my plants :smiley:


I’m collecting some from an agent K male - he’s got a nice coffee-ish smell. He just went back into the cabinet with my female for some natural polenation duty, as I seem to be struggling to get very much from him otherwise.


No.1 collect pollen
No.2 clean all plant material out of pollen
No.3. Let pollen dry out for 3 days or so.
Note important if you do not let pollen dry it will clump and ruined.
You can store in a vial, eye contact cases are nice and flat and don’t use up a bunch of space.

Store container and all in a bag with silica gel beads/disacant.

Do not store all your pollen in one container break it up into small batches only take out what is needed.

Wax paper envelopes also good for storing pollen instead of vials

When you use it let container set out and get room temp before using. So moisture don’t get inside and ruin.


I heard you can use flour to essentially bulk out and aid in drying.


I’ve got some sour strawberry pollen left over


Not so much drying just makes pollen go farther and spread out.
Which don’t make a whole lotta since to me.

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I’m sorry I really wasn’t that impressed with the sour strawberry and people I’ve resold seeds to weren’t that impressed.
But that’s me and them, I’m sure he has alot of followers on his sour straw.

I used to dabble a bit in bogs seeds.
Used to get his 420 deals and it would happen at the right time that other growers I knew were needing beans.

Pretty sweet deal 12 packs for 420.
You all ought to get together and place a big order with him.


That was the first male I collected from, unfortunately I didn’t let the pollen dry correctly and it was just gross lol

Best of luck to ya… those f2 have been waiting to be done for a minute now

Sounds like agent K is bubbadom

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Super silver haze x agent 99 I believe… Started for the elusive coffee pheno lol

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Im starting to collect Golden Triangle and Black Triangle pollen today.

Unfortunately i sent an envelope to USA almost 2 wks ago and it hasnt crossed the border yet so I dont think I can send any outside of Canada atm. But Ill be running males clones to collect more pollen later too