What's in a title? But no, a grow

This is my first grow with new genetics in a long while, for the last minute I’ve been using home made crosses from some Connoisseur genetics, freebie Hawaian Skunk haze, a couple clones. This is also my first grow journal. Some plants are doing good some not so much.

Lucky Dog Seed Co Chem Flyer in a 25 gallon smart pot filled with recycled old soil re-amended with a coots amendment, soil was broken down and amendment mixed in.

Another Chem Flyer but in a 20 gallon black plastic pot that I have been reusing but only topdressing every year and this year top dressed with the same amendment

Not quiet sure, maybe one of the branded seeds or a homemade but Its looking rather messed up.

more plants to come, because i dont know how many pics i can flood one post with.


These two are either PCG kosher x pie or sow good cake crash. Some times i catch some good smells off the taller one.

These are two of the home made stuff the one in a clay pot smells kind of like a pine or eucalyptus red berry.


Looking good! What are the ones with pink… thats sweet!

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5 Gallon pot of some home home made seeds, a survivor from my last outdoor…

some seeds in a recycler with recycled soil but the plant’s a little touchy, sometimes its doing good some times its not.

a plant in a 14 gal pot

Soureen in the ground i think it has a phosphorus deficiency but it smells like Gmo but more kushy and sour over chem


a cross of a lot of different stuff i had over the years mostly haze but a little kush too.

awesome! Have you grown them to completion yet? Do they stay pink

on most phenos ive grown of it they haven’t really finished but since its reflowered and started around december it should finish this year so ill see.

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another beat up one in a 14 gal pot

and some more hazy stuff in a 25 gal nice good lemon eucalyptus woodsy type smell
surprisingly this plant is moving faster than im used to seeing it


but when cut early i had a hermie prone pheno stay hot pink until dry

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Also, so I don’t create an additional post in the sick plants thread am I correct in thinking the in the ground soureen that displays:
inter-veinal purpling with some yellowing mixed in
purpling on the leaf serrations- usually a thin line
yellowing of some whole leafs and others have yellow and brown blade tips has

has phosphorus deficiency, or could it be something else?

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I think there may be a little nitrogen deficiency as well but that’s my guess. :+1: :sunglasses:



dr. half-awake here :wave: :coffee:

I’d say heat has been an issue. :thinking: And maybe a high pH or low Nitrogen on the more yellow, ragged stuff.

If the leaves got worse I was almost thinking russet mites :ant:



I wouldn’t doubt there’s been a heat issue its been in the 80-90s for the past couple weeks along with high humidity. Hmm didn’t think about pH for the ragged one but it could be a possibility since the amendment i used was made for a soil mix with one third peat moss so they probably put something inthere to combat the pH dropping, but since the soils recycled the pH didn’t drop as much. Thanks for the input ill upload more pics after I get something to help deal with the problems.


It seems like end of cycle progression to me man. Looks like the plants finished up what nutes were available through the soil and are moving on to cannibalizing some leaves. How many weeks into flower are they? The upward facing leaves could be heat related. Overall tho they look great and about to finish. Id resist the urge to fertilize now because it might add a whole bunch of flavors you don’t want :sweat_smile:

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Maybe for the in the ground plant, but still looks atleast a month until done it still has small underdeveloped buds- it is the first time im growing that strain though. The majority of the plants started to flower mid/early august which was pretty early compared to what im used to.

The two plants in the 14 gallon pots still have a long time to go, Im used to plants from the same seeds going until November- those smell pretty good like metallic lime but they’re eating up the lower leaves somewhat fast, but I do feel like giving them too much nitrogen would ruin the smell/flavor easily.

as for the other plants I dont plan to do much more to them if i can get away with it.

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The soureen in the ground, past couple days I gave her a very dilute mix of some old Alaska fish morbloom, probably not the best solution but it was on hand. Ill give some more in a couple days- hopefully the high p in it will help and the high k in it won’t hurt much.
I feel like the very bottom of the plant is untouched by the deficiencies the started in the middle and worked their way up.

the plant in the cycler

the three survivors

The chem flyer in the 20 gal growing vigorously

Ive been watering them every 3 days or so, I fed all the flowering plants a little morbloom, watching ash rain on them.