What's up with these leaves?

Plant is about 17 days from sprout.

Yesterday noticed some minor yellowing on lower leaves. Today the leaves are curling up and the yellowing got worse. Upper growth looks OK though today it’s a little bit droopy.

I was thinking maybe Mg def, but it’s hard to say.

Plant is growing in a pot of hydroton watered once an hour.

Any ideas?

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New hydroton? Was it rinsed? Whats the feed, temp, and humidity? New growth looks good though.


Humidity is low, maxes out like 38%… Usually 32-38%

Temps are 70f-77f, lights on 24/7.
I rinsed the hydroton to bejesus and back lol. Rinsed thoroughly, then soaked for 2 days, then rinsed again.

Using Cyco bloom A and B + 1ml per gal of CaliMagic from GH. Currently at about .9 EC

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Maybe a lockout caused by an unbalanced pH? What is it? :sunglasses:

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have you tested runoff ph and ppm or ec?


Recirculating system so no run off, but the rez is 5.8 pH and stable.

EC is rising slowly, probably .1 every 4-5 days.

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All your parameters seem correct, as long as it doesn’t progress I would just leave it be.


If parameters look correct I would agree with that … Arriba|nullxnull


The only thing I’m doing that is unorthodox is using Bloom nutes in veg… Reason being is that my veg nutes had serious precipitation going on and there was large salt crystals in one of the bottles. The bloom nutes have the same amount of nitrogen as the veg nutes did the only thing that was different was that the bloom nutes had lower calcium and magnesium. So that’s why I am adding Cal mag.

In one sense it is progressing fairly quickly. Yesterday I noticed a little bit of yellow on the leaves but thought not much of it. Today the yellowing was worse and the leaves were curled up.

I might change out the rez with GH3 part because I do have some of that on hand.


Can’t go wrong with GH 3-part…


Dude W T F…

Rockwool is BONE DRY and somehow she has stem rot???


She’s a gonner.


Guess you have an answer… sorry for your loss.