White Widow Auto

:spiral_calendar: Day 07

@Solowolf me and some other tennants raised a fit and might have the leader of the crackheads out by august… gonna be a nightmare till then tho and who knows if they will actually leave.


Good for you guys! Why does everyone have to get together to get one bad tenant out all the time? Quietly tell the dude you know Mexicans in the cartel (I am in no way affiliated with any cartel of any sort :shushing_face:) and I will call you speaking Spanish, put me on speaker and you just respond in gibberish then tell him, “You know they strip you naked before they shoot you and they put it on Twitter right?”

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:spiral_calendar: Day 08

the girls stood up today when i gave them a drink!

@Solowolf your soap reminds me of a time a crackhead was crashing at our place and he thot he lost a rock on the floor somewhere… so my friend pulled a huge chunk of carpet glue from the hallway and put it on the floor where the crackhead was looking… long story short when homeboy fired that shit up he almost died… exhaled a cloud of black smoke like the exhaust pipe of a diesel truck.


They’re definitely much happier! Well on your way now! As I said, they’re making roots so you might see a tiny lag. Much shorter lag in autos though.

RE neighbors: Are you in a position where you have to see them or are you in a complex? I hope you can at least not have to physically deal with them.

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:spiral_calendar: Day 09

@Lunash76 yea i share a kitchen and entrance with lowlife crackhead idiots :smiley:


Uff! I am sorry to hear that!

On the bright side, your plants are looking A+ and right where they need to be at that age!

Stems should start thickening soon.


:spiral_calendar: Day 10

can not believe its only been 10 days. feels like a lifetime

@Lunash76 the skinny stems make me nervous so i hope so.


Your’re good! If need be, just plant deeper in transplant. In the future, it helps to have a small fan in the tent to move air around. It helps to strengthen them. In this case, since they stretched, I don’t know if I would do that now though.


Good job dude. The stem part that you bury in transplant will grow roots!


:spiral_calendar: Day 11

@Lunash76 yea i have a small fan in there they dance all day

@Solowolf roots will really grow out of burried stock?


I can’t find what it is actually called, but many plants, tomatoes for instance take the technique especially well. How many roots will depend on conditions, but you won’t kill it. I promise.


Plants are looking great!
I have a couple of these going on myself right now as well from CKS.


:spiral_calendar: Day 12

grabbed a watering can at the dollar store today. total price $4.20

@JuicyJay thankyou for sharing that looks awesome! hope i get there