Who plans on making seeds?

I’ve got my first seed run going, using an assortment of seeds collected from across Jamaica (2007)



Oh yes, there will be seeds…2021 is officially dubbed, year of the seeds. Let’s show everyone why we’re called the OG crew.


I’m collecting elites mostly so I can also make seeds with them hehe. Overgrow the world!


I have a few Ancestral skunk males that will be going into flower soon.

This is what I plan on making:
Ancestral Skunk x 89 Northern Lights #5 (P7)
Ancestral Skunk x Old School Hashplant (P3,P9)
Ancestral Skunk x A5Haze (P6)

I won’t be doing anymore giveaways (for safety reasons), but I will be giving away a small hand full for testing purposes.


I usually do reproduction of landrace and heirloom strains to get enough seeds for medical grows. Popping several feminized Hawaiian strains for bud run. Would like to cross male Dragon Blood Hashplant with Aloha OG, Maui Wowie and Ohelo Berry fems. I have not smoked Hawaiian herb since the 90s … hoping for a seed stash for future use.


Reading through this thread, I’ve seen a lot of good ideas for crosses. I hope to have something worthwhile to offer later this year. I have some ideas of things I’d like to try, but in the meantime, I have a lot of growing to do… and hopefully find a few standout males to work with.

If you’ve got some pollen from something you like and you’re just pollinating every female in sight to make some seeds, then you may be considered a pollen chucker. A lot of good strains have been found doing mass pollinations like this.
If you have some pollen of something you like and a vision of what you’re attempting to achieve by crossing it to the female of your choosing, then you are not chucking pollen by any means. That is a thought out, deliberate, crossing of genetics, with a certain outcome in mind. That is what “breeders” do.

For those new to making their own seeds, there is help available, if needed.
Making cannabis seeds is just as easy as making flower seeds or vegetable seeds… if you garden, then this’ll be a piece of cake for you.


Thats what everyone’s doing now, find your own elites.
Believe me what they call elite aint so elite.
I found 1 I really liked it was a pnw held durban poison.
But went thru alot of elites to find shit.

Screw that Be original


Is that Tk the clone or something from seed, I’ve been trying to find a legit tk clone and its hard to do.


It’s from seed - Supernatural Selections TK x Iraqi.

Have you grown any TK outcrosses? I’m super happy with every TK outcross I’ve had. Our Love Triangle #24 tests in the mid 20s for THC, smashes over 20%, and dry sifts over 20%.


That kind of what I’m doing… I have a favorite strain I want to reproduce using the same cuts. I want to phenos hunt through them without paying $200 a pack!


I haven’t grown any tk crosses but I have her sister and it’s a amazing plant for sure.


@mantismedgrower can I be a tester for some of them! That’s sounds right up my alley :cowboy_hat_face:


You have a log? This I want to see!


Thats a tough one. Maybe grape smash :man_shrugging: lol. @KarmaFPS


OG seeding 2021 so we can grow out the future!


Taking Mac Stomper F2 to F3-gen right now. (Then F4)
Lando’s Stash (Pure Kush suge cut dominant) male. (Plant to work to at least F3)
Herijuana male. (working on a true f1 strain using two different p1s.)
Colombian Gold x Mac (going to take to at least F3 - working towards the Colombian Gold side)
Kashmir Asad (seeing what happens…)
UBC Chemo dominant Pheno of Remo Chemo (UBC Chemo x P98 Bubba (Reversal)) planning a S1 project

Some are males I’ve yet to flower (but confirmed males in late veg). Some I’ve already collected.

I may make some other “f1” crosses if I see any really interesting females along the way.

Pretty busy right now, but once I get organized I will be doing some type of giveaway or seed run for us OG’ers too! :slight_smile:


what’s her sister?


dm me. I have a few others to get to and I plan to in the next week or so.


I made rainbow ylly f2s (tricoma-gold-genetics) , this is the first plants worth, minus some. They are drying right now. I have 4 more fully seeded plants. And this is what they look like…


Well after I do a test or run, I’m gonna work on making my own chem line. Unlike most people that aim to get it to be like the clone onlys, my goal will be diversity.
We all know that seeds made from a clone only will never be the same as the clone, so I figure why fight that fight. I want to see what the Chems can offer in the genetics outside of the clone onlys.
I will take ISPs chem D bx3 which also has chem 91 bx in it and cross a couple of unique phenos of those with some unique plants from Chem 4 seeds I got from Mark on strainly.
I want to give people an unstable selection of Chem genetics to search through to find a unique Chem plant for themselves.