Wiki for seed harvest

Here are some things I would like to know more about with regard to harvesting seeds. Seems like this would be an appropriate FAQ so I will make it a Wiki. Feel free to edit.

-When to harvest seeds:
Optimally when the plant says it is ready by dropping the seeds. If this is impractical, be sure the calyx is open. The seed should be visible, brown and mottled or striped. If it is green, yellow or white it is too soon and may not be viable.
If you are not concerned with bag appeal, it is also possible to wait until the weed is dried, cured and ready for consumption, break it apart over an upside down Frisbee™ and roll the seeds to the outer rim. Worked for this formerly 15 year old, brick-weed connoisseur.

-Methods for harvesting seeds

-Sorting, organizing, and storing
Separate the top quality (dark, large) from the mediocre.
I hear freezing is optimal. But only if there isn’t frequent thawing. Add a few grains of rice to absorb condensation.

-Documenting and collecting information for future projects and transfers
When harvested:
Landrace, IBL, Fx, Polyhybrid, herm tendency warning, etc:
Breeder grow details:
Completion Time:



Seed harvest yield.
These seeds were from the two full plants at the bottom. The buds were from other plants.


So if I do a little SOG style that end up with 1ft tall plants, they’d produce Roughly 200-300 seeds each? I want to set up a breeding box/tent in the near future for personal seeds and to share. I’m trying to figure how big the plants need to be to produce enough to share.

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I think different females/strains produce different quantities and viability can vary. I pulled several thousand viable seeds off a four foot plant. Also gotten less then 100 with 50% aborts off a two foot reveg of the same strain. One way to maximize yeild is to pollinate soon after pistils extend and again when the buds are full.


How about just leaving the male in there till they are full

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I have a breeding tent that can only support one male (or strain) at a time. Right now I have male Durban, WCSxHeri, and DCxHeri that are cued up. I let the males mature together but have to keep them away from the girls until the proper moment(s).


Ah, I was thinking one male/reversed and several females at a time in a tent or cab. All only veg for a week and put into 6” square containers, and pull the male when the buds are developed. But yea, multiple males would require more work, or just collect pollen I guess.


I did pretty much exactly that with 5 females and one male under 75w of LED light. I got about 500-600 seeds total. One plant got like 200 another got 60, the average was around 100


Hmm, may need to go a bit bigger than, maybe veg for 2wks lol. I want to produce enough to share with anyone that would be interested or needs them. Maybe even put it up to vote what to make crosses from.


Ya I wish I had vegged a bit longer, 2 weeks should give much better results.

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Would someone who has a high success rate transferring from shot glass to dirt please post pictures of sprouted seeds at peek transfer length. Also and your handling technique.
I could use more consistency.

I will try to remeber when I soak my seeds for the 16oz manifold challenge.

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White Rhino seeded with Rhinopple BX. 5 weeks from pollination.
90% of the seed sampled is soft and fails the smush test. Can I help these things harden? Silica? Too late?

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