Wilk's 10'x11' Build

Hello everyone! I started a new build this spring and want to share my progress up to this point. I am still adding to it and making adjustments as I go. It is slowly coming together and I have really enjoyed tinkering with it.

I will start with my layout. I can legally grow 12 plants and with my last build being smaller, I could not walk around my plants which made it difficult to reach the back row. Later in the posts I will show my last design for comparison. With this design, I am able to get around the plants which makes my life a lot easier.

I am running two Fluence LED’s so I first laid them out to get an idea of the space I wanted. If you notice the ladder from the attic, it was right in the way of where I wanted my room being the spot of the garage that received the least amount of direct heat from the outside sun. North facing. I ended up measuring at a 10’x11’ space to start framing. Here a a couple pics from when I got started.


Definitely want to see where this goes, I wish like hell I had a space like this I could work with, good luck!


@E5_Wilk May want to remove personal information in the images.


Thank you and I have no clue how that got loaded bc I thought it was only two photos. How do I remove them?

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Thanks for the heads up! This was my first upload so I fucked something up lol.


Ok, trying this photo thing again. Starting with the layout.


I’m here to feed my need for more space. Watching with envy :eyes: :eyes:


For my wall I framed everything with 2x4’s and insulated. Also installed another breaker at this point and ran a few plugs to the inside and outside of the room. Wanted to make sure we were going to burn the place down but still have enough outlets to do everything in and outside of the grow.



One other thing that I wired was a can light just inside the door. I will say that I don’t really use that much with it not being a green light. I need to find some kind of green screen to tape over it so I can use it during flower. For now I use a lamp with a green bulb.

Once everything was framed, wired, and insulated, I sheet rocked and added some trim I had laying around. I textured the walls when I bed and tapped and then blasted it with the Graco. I paint so I mixed up some fungicide in a flat white and went to town.

I’ve got to go feed my plants for now so I will upload more a little later!


Right on man!!! I would love to be able to design a room like that :fire: Props :sunglasses: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :peace_symbol:


Love seeing rooms get built… I’ll definitely keep an eye on this! Converting my garage over completely right now myself.


I think a moderator took care of the one in question. We got you man, no worries, shit happens.


I look forward to checking that out if you upload it!


Man i’m sloppy with these uploads but I will get the hang of it lol. Just finished feeding so where where we…

Once everything was painted I brought the lights in and hung them by a 2x6 so I could position the hangers exactly where I wanted them.

I hung the Hurricane fan I had but it later crapped out on me. More on that fan in a bit. Along with the fan, I brought in the rest of my equipment, portable A/C with a duct running to the attic, dehumidifier, and humidifier.


Now this next one I was really excited about at the time lol. I run all of my equipment off of a Troll Master but did not have access to Wi-Fi in my garage. I thought about using one of those plug in Wi-Fi devices for an outlet but heard enough negative about them that I decide to run CAT-6. I did not know how to do this so learning it and doing it was fun.

I guess I deleted the photos of how I ran it but what I did was hard wired a jack near my router in the hose so I could plug one channel directly to the jack. From there I ran the CAT-6 through the wall, the attic, and then down the wall into the grow. You can see where the Troll Master is plugged into the wall. From the Troll Master I am able to control the humidifier, dehumidifier, and CO2. That is all I have hooked up to it for now.

I’m the photo you can also see the fan I upgraded to. I went with the Hurricane Pro this time which should do the trick. The last Hurricane I had was made with plastic parts vs metal parts like the Pro. The fan with plastic parts broke where it oscillates. I tried to used a 3D print print to fix it but that did not hold up but a month or two. The old van also vibrated the hell out of my wall which is not an issue now with the Pro.


You may have seen it in one of the last photos but the next thing I did was run water to the room. I did this by running a valve before my hot water heater inlet. At the valve I placed a T and another valve with a bleed off so I can drain it if ever needed. I had some shark bites already so I decided to use them to make it easy. I ran the line in the attic which was not far at all. It is in insulation but if I feel it’s getting too cold this winter I will put heat tape on it. Having the water in the room makes life so much easier. Now I just need a pump to drain my buckets back to the drain at the hot water heater. Not sure if I will ever get to that one but it’s an idea!


So far that is where I am at with the build. I have run one full cycle in it so far and have some stuff going now. Here’s some pics of the current to show how it holds the plants. Hope y’all like it!


Nice job with the construction of your grow room, particularly your work-around for the attic ladder.


Thanks you! That ladder was right in my way but it worked out


nice it’s a jungle in there great space :sunglasses: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :peace_symbol: