WubbaLubbaDubDub's Garden

Here’s a daytime picture of my 4.5X6.5 tent.

Two weeks since flip
On the right are two sensi- Afghani #1 and on the Left is FOS- Godberry upfront, and G13 labs- maltezerz in the back.

Edit-spelling,sure I missed more ahaha


Nice setup! Are those the HLG Diablos?

Plants look great!

I ran 1 FOS Godberry when I started back up again in 2019. Ran her in dwc and then in soil before I got rid of her. Mine didn’t look anything like that pic they have but she was great nighttime meds. Hashy+mixed berry scent and taste. Only downside was she’s pretty leafy so trim jail took awhile… but she didn’t need any support at least.


I like the username lol :laughing:. So glad we have a @WubbaLubbaDubDub function that fills in for us :crazy_face:.
Those lights look awesome! Your plants look beautiful and healthy, going to get thick in there!


Sheesh! Your getting busy in here! I would like to follow along to see how these turn out.


I’m glad to hear the Godberry could be nice smoke. It was a attitude freebie same with the maltezerz

Close sir,good eye. One HLG Scorpion Diablo and a HLG 350R
Two HLG UVA boosters and one Rapid led far red unit(need 4 for proper coverage)


@LilJonB i’d love to have you here! Pull up a chair


Following for the Afghani #1. Have grown a couple of Sensi’s auto versions, got lots of abuse but survived it all, tough plant. Very relaxing body high, but not overly potent.
Curious about the photoperiod.


I’ve only grow one of the afghani#1 before this time. The last one was a very hashy earthy flavour and it was a quite short plant. Granted I topped it a couple times.
These two afghani’s seem to have a little more vigor and want to get taller.even with topping and LST.

To tell you the truth I’ve been very busy and this grow has had “minimal” care and attention.
I’m using my soil from the last 3 runs just re-ammended. Normally they would have had half a dozen teas by now but they have only had a couple different top dressings.

Another thing I got this net for free at a local hydro shop couple months ago,4inch holes. Really wish it was 3 inch holes but it’s better than a million strings or yo-yo’s tied to the pots


I reuse my soil too, topdressing with a variety of organic matter, not using teas.
Less is more. :sunglasses:


Honestly I’ve always liked to use Actively Aerated Compost Teas in my garden since I learned about them 10-11 years ago.
By the time I started growing my weed seriously, I already had good success in my garden with the teas so I just continued the habit in my tents.
This run has taught me that sometimes less is more I guess.

I haven’t had any problems or major deficiencies without the teas yet.
I’ll keep them as a secret weapon if I see a deficiency in flower

@MoBilly Well my journal started earlier than I thought lol


I’m happy to take a seat right next to the plants Dub!
One of the first to take a seat!! First for me.
:pray: :v: :cowboy_hat_face:


DubDub, clean and lean, looking awesome.
Welcome to the OG!
Mind if I sit in? If not,… I’m gonna sneak a peak any way!!

Grace and Peace


The more the merrier!
Here’s some garden starts to hold you guys off.

Couple trays of corn, tomato’s, peppers, couple clones,a pineapple plant
They started in 2 inch starters,moved to 3-3.5inch now at 5.5inch pots until may long weekend when they hit the ground
A reveg project to give to my stepdad,grand daddy purp


Beautiful plants. I have to ask, with that SOG wall to wall in a tent, how do you work with the plants? My tent is smaller but I wouldn’t be able to water or top dress. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:seedling::green_heart: :seedling:


Lots of crawling when it’s full like this lol.
I use watering cans with long spouts so I can lean under the canopy and water the back plants.

I have a small humidifier I need to fill every day in veg and it’s in the back of the tent.it’s not as bad when they’re smaller.
I veg in 3 gallon pots and flower in 7 gallons for 8-10 week strains.

And I recently sacrificed tent space to put my dehumidifier in the tent instead of conditioning the room the tent is in before it gets in the tent.
Luckily it’s a 70 pint unit and I only need to empty it every couple weeks so it’s not that inconvenient.

Top dressing from this point on is super annoying just get low under the net spread your amendments, work em in a little then water.
I have one of these bad boys and it’s worth every penny

That kneeling pad is a life changer.


I was going to ask if you send a small child in there with the trimmers when you have to clean em up. Lol. It’s a big trade off when you put the net in there. I only have a 2x3 and it can still be a pain in the a$$ cleaning out my DWC buckets. Thank God for small water pumps :+1:


It’s a trade off for sure, I usually LST so either I’m dodging strings trying to aim my water spout all around the pot evenly.
The net is annoying because I’m definitely crouched over, or on my knees but watering the plants actually goes slightly quicker this way.

Here’s one from two grows ago with my 600w HPS and 144 watts of Sunblaster LED’s. I had fungus gnats in all of my house plants so I put sticky traps up as a precaution.

If you look close you can see a taped limb that ended up healing and pulling through.

Starting two freebie autos I got this year for outdoors

Sunset vibes and Blueberry cookies

Top dressed the girls with 2 heaping TBS neem meal,half a tbs gypsum,and 3 heaping tbs of Gia green power bloom

All watered and happy, day 16 since flip


I am out of luck than. I can’t get down on my right knee. If I did just put up with the pain, I wouldn’t ever get up. I will just have to deal with my set up.
:seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:


I’ve seen some really cool mobile nets. Make a net mount for each bucket. It would be a little more difficult for a grow bag.


Looks great :+1::+1: