WubbaLubbaDubDub's Garden

Today is Day 21 since flip. They got a little dry I’ll have to adjust my watering.I shifted my lower fans so they don’t point directly on the fabric pots

I gave the girls a cup of mushroom compost and a half a cup of earthworm castings worked into the soil .
Here’s the two Afghan#1.

Here’s the Godberry

The maltezerz is starting to get a little frost to her.

This is my first run with these new leds so I’m still trying to figure out how much light the plants like,I’ve got a apogee par metre,but I only purchased it when I got these new lights.
It’s fun figuring out new things in the hobby!


Well I hit em a little to hard with that power bloom.
Mild leaf tip burn but not terrible otherwise


Day 25 of flower.
Over coming the nute burn pretty well.
It rained here the other day so I filled my barrels and buckets as much as I could.

They’ve gotten two days of the rain water now, they always seem to love it.


Hey man you know I had to stop in here when I saw the topic. Great looking girls, looking forward to them plumping up!


We are both in the same time of the growth, I think I’m 2 days ahead of you. It’s fun to watch yours and make sure I’m on the right path.




Very nice my friend what strains are you running this time?

Lol don’t judge much off of my grow,I do the wrong thing all the time lol

I’ve got this Grand daddy purp a friend gave me, she was flowering and I didn’t want that so I cut off all the buds and topped her.
She’s starting to show reveg now and I’m excited to see what she does in a 15 gallon pot outside this summer.
It’s an experiment and I’m giving her to my step dad if all goes well


Got 4x white grapefruit, 2x super iced grapefruit, and 2x harlequin.


Those sound nice my friend! I’ll have to follow along and see how yours turn out.

I had a freebie Heavy Grapefruit I tried to run this time but I let the seed dry out in the soil and killed it🙁


Looking stellar Dub!
I like the photography.


Day 31 since flip.
Well I should have trained a little better and mounted the net straighter but I’ve been pretty busy at home lately.
I’m not getting the most uniform light spread to some of the lower buds in the corners/sides
They should be fine anyways I figure

Not much new in the tent just keep watering daily and maybe in 3-4 days I’ll give them a mild top dressing.
Tomorrow they will get aquarium water from my water change.

I took some cuttings so my GF can keep trading for house plants.

And these cool mushrooms keep popping up in my croton since I gave it a heavy fungal tea


I’m green and jealous :green_heart:
You ‘splashed out’ for the really good light meter :sunglasses: :+1:



First of all sorry for the photo bomb if too many photos are similar mods please remove some.(that goes for any of my posts)

My personal outdoor is coming along I’ve got some of my lights free from starting all mine and my family’s veggies, I brought my 315CMH outside and attached it to my canopy to keep my plants on 18/6 for now.

Just little babies. Here’s more info I’ve got a freebie Auto Blueberry Cookies by Garden Of Green in a 7 gallon Geopot
Another freebie Auto Sunset Vibes by G13 Labs in a 5-6gallon? Smartpot(blue bottom)

And my two friends started growing not long after I did so I started giving them seeds to try out and grow equipment.
They repaid the favour and gave me some seeds. Only problem is I don’t know what site they ordered from,who they came from and how legit they are.
But either way I’ve got a ‘Fem Sour Diesel’ in a 7 gallon fabric spring pot
And a ‘Fem Cheese’ in a 1 gallon, gonna get a 7 gallon pot for her tomorrow.
My 1.5-2 year old pineapple plant is doing good too! And for kicks I have a sugar cane

After talking with my father in law fabric pots aren’t for him so the GDP I’m revegging will be going into a 10 gallon plastic pot not a 15 gallon fabric.
It’s trained pretty flat and it’s about 26X23 wide with 15 main branches coming off, I’m hoping it will put out pretty decent for him.


Those are some nice looking plants. That isn’t a photo bomb.
:seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:


Hope that light is waterproof


You worried about the bulb? Or the ballast itself? Or both?
I don’t want to break anything or start a fire that’s for sure.

It’s under my canopy so it won’t get any rain rain on it(hopefully)
There’s the possibility of morning dew I suppose.
I didn’t really think it was an issue considering I’ve had it in super humid tents and such.


Should be fine, morning dew doesn’t collect under canopy or cover. The only thing I would be worried about it the inital warm up. The unit being cold and turning on to heat up fast can cause condensation and rust.


Ah I see what your saying!
I’ll keep an eye on it the next few mornings.
It’s only on for like 2 hours in the morning and 4 in the evening or something.
I’m just trying to keep them 18/6 a little longer before I let nature take over and let them do their thing


Are you trying to keep it in veg?


Yes sir they’re just little right now


Look into the “Gas Lantern Technique”