Yellow spotting

Hey guys, looked around online a bit and i cant find spotting that looks exactly like this so I’m a bit stumped. I’m kind of leaning towards my wife maybe leaving water bubbles on the leafs when she watered the other day…

Feminized white widow in a fox farms ocean/perlite/black earth mix. Other 3 plants are doing great.


I’d transplant that beast into a much larger pot. I’m sure it’ll solve the problem.


Ah shit you’re totally right eh. Thanks!!

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Just to cover the bases, have a close look at the underside of the affected leaves. Look for tiny white and tiny black bits. If you do not see anything - good.
It looks like it is the lower leaves only?



It looks like water splotches from light magnification,especially if your growing under A MH or HPS light
…I agree with JoeCrowe transplant them asap.

Gpaw gave you excellent advise to .


Hey guys, thanks for the input! Just transplanted. To be honest I think that pic makes the girl look bigger than she is, definitely ready to be transplanted, but there wasn’t any serious looking root bound issues when I removed the cup.

@gpaw no white or black bits., slightly lighter coloring where the splotches are because the leaf is thinner. Also just on the lower growth, nothing up top

@SmknCanuck yah. I’m under a 1000w cooled MH in a 4x4 tent. I think it’s just water spots. It’s not getting worse and nothing on new growth

Thanks for the quick responses guys! Good call on the transplant. Been so busy with work, I spaced on that completely.


Hey @Rriichh yep 1000w MH will definitely cause it.Glad its all good now.Maybe tell the mrs next time to shake the water off after watering😉

17days ago i soaked beans,put them in a 16oz cup of promix seedling mix.Transplanting to 1gal bags now,caught them at the perfect time

Oh yes. We had words :wink: lol.

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She is still awesome for helping out,just needs a few pointers :grin:

Maybe you should make her a gift to thank her for helping you … :wink:

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Lol. She has a little yellow one with flowers on it already!

@SmknCanuck those look great! What strain? I’m currently doing white widow and strawberry banana cheese from CKS

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That one in the pic is SourDieselSnowLotus x GodsSpaceNeede 17days old from soaking seeds.Currently growing 8 strains from seed,that a great grower here gifted me.All crosses he made from Bodhi strains,43 of 45 seeds sprouted 17days ago from soaking seeds and growth is phenomenal.Have nice clone of Gorilla Glue, SourTangie and Rugburn OG
Smkn is Back and Rarin' To Grow there is a link to my grow if you want to check it out…Also going to be starting some regular Autos and some Fem Autos as part of my seed project.

You have some great genetics going.Nothing wrong with a cute pretty watering can to water the ladies