Yoop's 2nd Perpetual Garden Attempt

Hello OG fam!I It’s been a year since I posted a grow diary. I thought I’d use this quarintine time to catch up. I hope everyone is doing well during these trying times.
I’ve been wanting to grow some Delirious (LED_Seedz) for over a year now and Mrs Yoop wants that “OG Kush”. I found the last Pure OG Kush seed, gifted by @MadScientist. I also popped my last White Queen fem seed to make up for culling any males.


Day 18 Veg stage. Plants seem to be doing alright. There’s a weird turning of the 3rd node petioles on 2 plants… I have no idea what’s causing this. Number 6 is a runt, not sure if I’ll cull it. It may be female.

Weird leaves

POG & White Queen


Day 25 Veg stage: All plants, except #6 are starting the 7th node. #6 is still a runt & one node behind. Time to start taking cuts?

POG & The Queen


That might be the Afghani leaf twist presenting itself. If so, not a problem, just the ‘nature of the beast’.
Also, love the spoon labels!



Thanks for enlightening me. They straightened out a week into flower.


They’re looking good @Yooper63. Your grow looks so neat and organized. UP is my happy spot. I’m trying be a good troll and stay away from the cabin. Take care!


I forgot to mention the growing environment. The media is Ferti-Lome Ultimate Potting mix +20% added perlite in fabric pots.
Flower tent is 4’x4’x76" w/435w (at the wall) Lush LED Dominator II
The closet is 30" x 60" x 8’ with an HLG 320XL QB288 Rspec LED
The multi-cab is 2’ x 4’ x 4’ with another 6 tube T5 (6000K)
The room’s environment is controlled as the seasons change, with a humidifier, dehumidifier and A/C.
Temps D/N 80/67 deg.F RH D/N 45/55%
I’ve been using GH 3 part Flora series, Kool Bloom & Molasses, and Mammoth P and Floralicious+ when needed. All at moderate levels.

Edit: Upgraded light info


Thanks for the kind words. You can blame spider mites for the cleanliness lol.

Please stay put. It ain’t safe UP here either! I thought our low population density might shield us a little… NOT! Take care, be safe, Bro.


For sure my twin brother babysits an er just north of my cabin near manistique. It’s in the UP too😢. Those dang spider mites are the worst. I haven’t been up since end of musket season. Left trailer n quads n side by side up there. I use a quad a lot here at the farm really missing it as things getting busy here.


Week 5 was a busy one. I took 2 cuts from each plant, then up potted all to 3 gal. fabric bags, and moved them into the flower tent. I got a free sample gender test from the grow shop. I sent in a sample from Delirious #1, which I think is a male. We’ll see.


Week 6 was fast & furious. I saw a few spider mites on D1, time to go nuclear on 'em. The whole lot got submerged/agitated in H2O2 solution, same with Safer soap the next day, and finally showered with H2O2 3 days later. The gender test came back as Male. We’ll see in a week or so.

The test was accurate! Sorry for the purple pic.

One more plant showed male so, 60% were female.

2 males saying goodbye.
So far things have gone fairly well. No more mites! There’s 2 sets of clones following close behind in the cab. It’s going to get interesting around here.

Pure OG Kush and White Queen

11 Delirious clones I’ll have to wait to sex. The tray crumpled, and spilled out onto the floor, as I put it in the cabinet. :blush:


Hi all! A couple weeks have passed and, things are a bit rushed, but falling into place. These are the Delirious clones.

And a week later

OG Kush clones

White Queen clones


Beautiful setup you got !!! Nice and healthy plants :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Text-book perfect!!

Well done brother.


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So whats your plan for running perpetual? You staggering flower times and whats the harvest interval you’re shooting for?


Looking great. It’s a little more work but well worth it. Kudos.:ok_hand:

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Thanks for looking and the encouraging words @Swe-can, @Gpaw & @ubcchemo. I hope I can keep them growing like this, once I get accustomed to managing up to 24 plants (Mi. plant limit). I don’t want to overdo it. It’s all part of the learning process. :seedling: :evergreen_tree:


That’s a good question. Ideally, I’ll start seeds every 5-6 weeks and rotate plants from cab to closet to tent (and outdoors too when summer comes). That should give us a harvest every 6 weeks or so. @BogSeeds Sour Blu Tooth & LSD sprouted yesterday. On 4/20 I’ll start this years outdoor grow. I’m testing Nigerian Sunshine #2 x Gogi OG & NS #2 x Granny Skunk for @SCJedi. That ought to keep me busy, lol. I’m wondering if I’ll have time to go fishing.


You planning on just flowering the plants you start from seed, or running clones/mothers?


That depends on plant count, available space and how it affects the other plants’ staging.