Yoop's 2nd Perpetual Garden Attempt

Yeah I get it. Im in a similar scenario. Dont want to flower anything til I have it cloned, but then my plant counts start to go way up by trying to keep a clone around until I can tell whether its worth keeping.

If I could just pop and flower seeds, I could try more stuff but would run the risk of losing something great.


I have taken clones up to 3 weeks into bloom without issue in the past. It is difficult with new genetics because of the variables ie, environment, nutrient requirements. Once you lock in your genetics it is much easier to schedule your grow in a perpetual sense. Just my thoughts.


That’s my problem! I’m searching (17 strains so far) for my wife’s favorite medicine, currently Pure OG Kush, gifted to me by @MadScientist.

I’ll have to try that, if/when necessary. I usually cut, up pot & flip to 12/12 on the same day. I’ve cloned the last OG Kush plant twice already. I might have a keeper in OG #2, but it’s starting week 7 of flowering. I’ll have to read up on re-vegging, quickly!


Yeah, thats a great point. So hard being on OG to not want to constantly pop new gear after seeing all the awesome breeding projects, the seed sharing, etc. Gotra balance the known, consistwnt strains with trying new ones!


Don’t ever forgo being on the water for me. I’m and avid fly fisherman and nothing beats being alone with a bowl and your rod and standing in the middle of a blue ribbon trout fishery. I often don’t even care if I catch anything.


The grow must go on! lol. I’m getting things in order as we type. I share your love of trout fishing. I haven’t used my boat in years. I’m sure I’ll find time to fish. The Rainbows & Smelt are starting their run NW of here, and I’m blessed to have a Class 1 (blue ribbon?) trout stream a mile down the road. I’ll email you today about my plans. Take care.


I’ve got to kick this up a notch! Not much to say, except the grows are doing well, imho.

Delirious, OG & The Queen

The OG & White Queen clones (in the closet), are doing OK, so far, under the T5.

The Delirious clones were recently flipped to 12/12, The count is down to 6 females, 1 no show & 1 soon to be culled male.

A week later, the male was culled, but the last one refuses to show.

Meanwhile, the OG’s & Queens are done stretching. They look more sparse than their mothers. Time will tell.

I’m probably at my max upload limit, so I’ll stop for now. This may be the calm before the storm, lol!


Looking happy and healthy bud!!!


Unlimited uploads, Yippie! I substituted Delirious #4 for the shorter, White Queen I gave to my son. The Delirious, OG & Queen were chopped before lights on.

The OG, White Queen & now Delirious#4 clones advanced to the tent.

Delirious clones D5-D8

Another week has past. D, OG & Q. Day 45 Flowering

The Delirious clones

The next indoor grow… 5 each of @BogSeeds Sour Blu Tooth & L.S.D. 100% germination! I can’t wait!

Week 7 D, OG & Q.

Same time different space The “D” clones.

This diary is pretty much current now. There’s more to come as I iron things out and start upgrading. Thanks for watching. Happy 420!


420 was a very good day. I soaked seeds for the outdoor grow, a new led light showed up, and the Delirious (cured 2 weeks), lived up to it’s name! Great smoke :fire:.

Yes, a very good day!


Hi All. One week later, it’s harvest time :joy: I chopped the OG’s & White Queen. Delirious #4 has 2 more weeks to go. I’ve never had OG Kush turn purple before.



White Queen #2

Trim jail awaits!


Happy Jail time @Yooper63 :sweat_smile:!! Looks nice

Ps: no more likes left!!!


Just stepped out from trim jail to give an update. I upgraded the closet light with a HLG 320XL QB288 Rspec. What a difference! It’s so much brighter than the 435w Dominator II in the flower tent.

The Delirious clones noticed too… 3 days later and 2 threw nanners :sweat:

I plucked about 16 total, I’m keeping my eye out.

I up potted the Sour Blue Tooth & LSD to 1 gal. pots and moved them into the closet. 2 samples from each strain were sent in for gender testing.

Delirious moved into the tent.

I soaked some testers on 420. They’re headed outdoors eventually, but until that happens, I’ll update them here.

Nigerian Sunshine #2 x Goji OG and NS #2 x Granny Skunk #5 from

These will be gender tested too. I’m running out of space LOL!


Greetings OG fam. Hoping everyone is healthy and safe :mask:. The Delirious clones got chopped this morning. They’re smaller plants, but the nugs are solid, and smell like cat piss or skunk. It depends on how much I’ve smoked that day.

Delirious #7 & # 6

Delirious #5

Delirious #4

Trim jail is getting old, but our governor gave me plenty of time LOL!

The sex test results came back. Both Sour Blu Tooth were males. The LSD was a split. I should have tested SBT#3. It bulked up fast and has the fattest leaves I’ve ever seen. LSD are in the back row.

They’ll be up potted to 3 gal bags this weekend.

The Nigerian Sunshine testers get up potted tomorrow. I sent in 11 samples for testing today. I try to select (guess) which ones are males to save space. I’m 4 out of 5 so far. Hoping to go 15 for 16!

That’s all I got for now. :peace:


Beautiful work @Yooper63 :v::v::heart_eyes:


Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. This past week, I up potted 24 plants, rotated they’re locations and flipped the Sour Blu Tooth & LSD to 12/12. This is day 3 of flowering.

The Sour Blu Tooth’s (back 3) have bluish leaves, duh. LSD #4 (center) tested female. I’m still waiting on the others to show their stuff.

The test results came in for the Nigerian Sunshine testers, and to my surprise, 8 of 11 were female! WTF? I wanted to cull more than 3 males! There’s gotta be some slow starting boys in there :sweat_smile:. On the bright side… I’m at my legal plant count, and (with 8 girls already) I can start planning the outdoor phases, 5 in the greenhouse & 5 in the soil.

NS x Granny Skunk #5 (back row), NS x Goji OG (front row), middle row is mixed

The Granny Skunk’s are taller than the Goji’s, and have a short, bushy pheno (middle row) and a stretched pheno (2nd M? & 3rd F) in the back row. The NS x Goji OG are fairly uniform so far. I’m stoked, I can’t wait to get 'em outside in 3 weeks (frost danger). Till next time, :peace:


it looks like you have not lost your green thumb keep up the good work.

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Looks like that cab will fill up nicely in no time…you up north?


Thanks for the kind words. I wish the green thumbs carried over to vegetables & fruit trees :slightly_frowning_face:. My wife takes care of those.


Really fast too, if I don’t find more males to cull. Yeah, I’m in the central U.P. Spring is finally here and so are the wood ticks & :mosquito:.