YoungDad420’s grow log

I’m going to be keeping a loose log of my goings on. I have grown a couple times before both indoor and outdoor to some success. Currently I am in legal state and in a comfortable spot in my life to start taking growing more seriously as I need more hobbies I can do at home. As a young man and into my current years I have been for the most part an everyday toker and along with other self sufficiency measures I am taking, growing my own seems to be a smart thing to do. All the seeds I am running are hand-me-downs from my father in law that use to run around on these forums in the early 2000s. He grew some of the best stuff I ever smoked. Some of the seeds he has are pretty rare but he is on board to see them preserved and used for the enjoyment of others.

Indoors: I have 2 tents: a 4x4 for flowering, and a 2x4 for veg. I have a 24 spot home made aero cloner that I definitely don’t have a need for but comes in handy for handing out cuts to family and friends for the outdoor season. I was running a 400 watt MH in the veg tent but temps are getting high so I am running a “1200” watt blurple currently to keep temps down. 6 inch fans pulling air through passive intake. I had both on temp controllers but now it doesn’t matter, it’s mostly just full fan speed to keep temps down. The flowering tent has a 600 watt hps.

I currently have 3 ladies in flower. 1 Rare Dankness Facwreck Haze and 2 Wallyduck C99xgrapefruit f4 (pinapple pheno). The first is the stankiest if the 2. Smells like rotten fruit and if you give it a squeeze you smell for days. The wallyduck will come down next week after about 65 days in 12/12. They all suffered from lockout early in flowering but have recovered nicely to give me some smoke. The facwreck fattening up nicely.

In the veg tent I have a Black Cherry Punch clone that is from a local, a revegging Facewreck, a g13/skunk clone from my plant that is now outdoors, a plant from seed labeled Darkstar x Prurple urkle that he says is from a friend in Humboldt in the 80’s, and a cut of Rezdog’s Galadriel from another family member that was blessed with my father in laws seeds last year.
The Darkstar x purple urkle was a week seedling, the only that germed out of 7, but is now strong growing and about to be put in the flower room. I took clones.

Anyway, this will be the resting place of my indoor grows. I hope you enjoy, feel free to drop a comment, advice, questions, etc.


Hi! I look forward to your grow


You’re my dude. Of course I’m here for your grow. You’re already looking good! Let me know when you see a gnarly skate part! The Mark Suciu “Verso” part is pure beauty. You know where to find me if I can help.


Thanks for sharing the story. Great when people share the love and wealth. I am along for the ride. Looking forward to your updates.


Looking good, keep it up.


Thanks for watching guys! Here are some bud pics at 55 days from flip.

I was running an Early Purple kush as well but it hermed something fierce on me. Was a girl on top, male on bottom. One pollen sack had opened before I noticed but haven’t seen any seed development.


I’m interested in the G13/Skunk you have outdoors too. Maybe in the Fall I could get you to overnight me a clone? :star::star::star::star::star: On those beautiful buds.


@Solowolf I have a couple in the cloner now. I have never shipped a clone but I see there are some pretty fancy shipping containers for clones. Wouldn’t be too hard


Thanks young brother. We’ll have to wait until we’re sure the temperature is right between both destinations and it’s 105 here today. I used to have my own saltwater aquarium store in Tempe and I’ve done a lot of live coral shipping, so I know we can do it. We’re smart :nerd_face:


Sounds good man. We will figure it out when the time comes


your setup is sick. im super jelly. WTF is “Rare Dankness Facwreck Haze” sounds deadly

keep it up dude



@pux had a lot of time to cruise craigslist during our state shutdown. Slowly built up on the cheap. Luckily there are a lot of folks around here that have bought entire setups just to abandon them the next year for dirt cheap.

Description from RD:
A favorite haze based strains. Large yielding, fairly fast flowering time for a haze and selfed Og lineage that leans heavily towards an indica high makes for an interesting balance in high not found in the “Ghost Train” series. Expect sparkly silver buds that appear to become grey/platinum as they ripen. INTENSE high, that will have your heart thumping.

Lineage: OG Kush (‘Faceoff cut’) X Nevil’s Wreck

70 Days flower time.


Don’t have any massive updates so I thought I would show off my DIY cloner. I had never cloned prior to building this which was built after looking at other DIY projects on the web. I have had 100% success with this cloner so far and no clones have taken more than a week to start showing roots.

The cloner is a 24 spot cloner in a 27 gallon tote. It has a 250 gallon submersible pump from HF. Attached to the pump is a 1/2 pvc frame with 10 micro sprayers. The tote lid has 2 inch net pots with neoprene collars. I have run it 30 minutes on/30 minutes off, and 24/7 on and both ways seem to be equally effective. No humidity dome needed and the plants have never sagged, wilted or lost leaves at all. Runs on plain old tap water. The bucket was my original plan but I abandoned it for the tote. .

Tote- $13 Home Depot
Pump- $21 Harbor freight
PVC and fittings- $5 hardware store
Sprayers- $2 hardware store
Net pots and collars- $15 hydro store
Approx $56 total and works like a charm


Ohhhhhh, you’re a pimp of the plumbing too!


That is a nice set up. Thanks for sharing it and the list.


Darkstar/purple Urkle :astonished::astonished::astonished: that is gonna be :fire:


It was a slow starter but now it’s taking off. Started shooting pistils at about 6 inches tall with 3-4 nodes, granted it did take 6 weeks from seed to get that big in the first place. I did knock over the solo cup it was in when it was a seedling but replanted it with no real problems. Her clones have been showing first roots in 4-5 days. Have 3 more seeds and hoping I can get a male but with the godawful germ rate she may be the only one I ever see.

The story is that they were acquired in the 80’s which I think would predate the Darkstar strain that exists now. My FIL has some crazy beans. Talked to him yesterday and he says he has a pack of Texas Resin Company’s Heavenly Klingon Adventure that he hasn’t touched or let anybody touch but he said I could run them on here as a preservation if there was interest in it.


Fingers crossed for a male for you


Harvested both C99xgrapefruits tonight. They were starting to foxtail due to heat stress as we have had a few days in the 90s this week and I’m in the garage. Temps look good for the next week so I should be able to dry at a reasonable temp and humidity. Going to throw the darkstar x purple urkle in the flower room tonight, move the babies out of the veg room and dry in there.

On another note, had my daughters 5th birthday party today, with different groups of family coming at different times. It was weird, but enjoyable. It is a true pleasure to be the father of a natural born hell raiser. Frustrating as hell sometimes, but great nonetheless. She’s going to be dangerous when she is older. And in the last few weeks we have been sharing the news of our new little “Coronial” due on the 26th of December so I thought I would share with y’all. Anyway not necessarily grow journal material but our family continues to grow so I think it fits the criteria :upside_down_face:

And a picture of the outdoor girls for your pleasure


Well done. In every way. All I can say. :teddy_bear: :gift::balloon::balloon::balloon:for the kids.