Your longest flowing time you've ever grown?

When I ran my freebies from SeedHeaven, SFV78, 9 plants from a 12 pack, started cutting at 18 weeks, and the last I believe was at 22 weeks. And, I’d climb that flower mountain all over again, if I had more seeds of it. Lovely mind bender, she is.


Yeah 30 weeks, seed to harvest on two females, and they needed a few more weeks of ripening. This is the journal;

I like to think that on the next attempt I’ll have them finished flowering by the 30 week point.


hey guys.
Noob here!
i am currently here in papua new guinea and planning to build a stealth microgrow as weed in PNG is not legal (although you can easily buy it at dirt cheap prices, or sometimes get some for free)

You might ask why i would bother to grow it myself, if i can easily get it.
The answer is that the PNG growers just rely on planting the weed outdoors , leave it there, and just let nature take care of it (no nutrients, no training, etc). this might be due to the fact that the soil here is very fertile and growing is always in guerilla mode as weed is illegal here. They are also not aware that males should be uprooted/ taken away from the ladies. (they might not even be aware that there are boy & girl weeds. This means that males are not taken out away from the girls, thus the girls are pollenated most of the time which reduces their potency.
I havent used a weed here that doesnt have any seeds in it.

Also, their drying & curing technique just basically consists of letting the weed dry under the sun, thus degrading the quality of the weed further.

I already have the seeds (lots & lots of it ) and I am just assembling the things that i need to make my own grow box.

For those who have already grown the new guinea strain, I would like to ask these questions :slightly_smiling_face:

on a scale of 1-10, how is the smell during the flowering stage? I am really hard-pressed to find a carbon filter here. Thus I will be using only USB fans & side vents for air circulation & air exhaust. I'll be putting my grow box in the terrace as the housekeeping staffs are coming inside my unit mondays - saturdays even when I am at work.

since this will be a stealth micro grow, can anyone give me tips on how to reduce
it’s height? will the scrog method be fine with this strain? I am planning the size of
my grow box to be 60x60x80 cm.

CFLs will be my lights. is it ok if I will immediately do a 12/12 or 10/14 cycle starting from seed? if this is not advisable for this strain, how many weeks do I have to veg the plant before switching it to flowering mode?

thanks in advance to any tips coming.


One of the reasons I stopped growing photo plants they take forever lol started growing autos quick harvest,

Now I’m going back to photo plants getting bored with the autos, well I’ll still grow them but I’m growing photos next grow,mite do autos one tent photos the other tent


I had a Thai plant that popped up at the end of harvest Nov 2008 and I let it go all year untill December 2009, and It would have just kept popping out new little foxtails if we hadn’t pulled it. It was novel to get to let it go that long… i wouldn’t necessarily say there was any noticeable benefit other than the size, but It was fun, it was the largest plant Ive ever grown by far. So it went like 13 months seed to harvest.


Search the forum here for PNG goroka highland… :v: there’s a thread or two. :wink:

There’s also a lot to read on lighting.



Around 5 months for some random “haze”

Still had a lot of clear trichs probably chopped it way too early. Great smoke.

My Master Kush hermied for the first time in 15 years and pollinated the fuck out of the haze. Going to pheno hunt some of the seeds. Should be interesting.


Thai hybrid going for 23weeks is the longest I’ve had. 13months seed to harvest.

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13 weeks on a permafrost clone I had she got real chunky after week 10. I still reminisce about that one


How bout the strongest most potent smelling strain? Doent necessarily have 2 b a long flowering type? I’m just curious on what the fellow OG members input is on this.:sunglasses:

SourD was my stinkiest ever. Chopped it before flower 'cuz it REEKED. (other threads on stinkiest/loudest/etc… too)


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That makes me want to get me some of them beans. I love it. Lol

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11 weeks is about as long as I can last. After that I’m looking at the plant like a junkie needing a fix!