16 Year Old Calizahr Grow

Put 6 Calizahr seeds into rockwool starter cubes 3 days ago. I’ve had these in storage since 2004 or so. As of this morning all 6 have breached the surface. 4 are growing nicely and the other 2 seem to be struggling a little. So far I’m at 100% germ rate with my 1998 to 2005 seed collection.
My goal with these is to make some seeds.
Pics to follow in a bit.

Stay safe, grow more.


nice thanks for the show :slight_smile:

all best and grow well



I’ll be watching this one.

What else you got hiding in that collection?


This is going to be good!

What is you germination process & How have you been storing your beans?
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@dequilo Thank you for stopping in.

@TheShowMeHomie My over 15 year old seeds include more Calizahr, White Widow, Destroyer, and Super Silver Haze. The SSH is over 20 years old. I also have some newer stuff.

@Gpaw I hope it’s good :wink:
I usually soak my 2 inch rockwell cubes in distilled water and shake off the excess water. I place the cubes in my covered tray with a heating mat set to 80 F and then sow the beans directly into the cubes. I have cracked seeds in damp paper towels but have had better success directly into the cubes.
All of my beans are kept in individual ziplock bags with a little rice in with them and stored in the refrigerator.

Stay safe, grow more.


Man, I can’t wait to see the progression here!

Great job preserving these beans!


That was one of my all time favorites of Chimera’s work!!
I ran those for a few years, and just loved every aspect of her, structure of the plant, big buds, cloned so easy, easy to trim, very potent smoke, with a delicious flavor!!
Best of luck in your endeavor!
I was able to go back to look at a few snaps of my Calizahr’s of old, 2006 I think is stamped on the pics. Thanks for the memory lane stroll.


I have my chair for this one.

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@riahgorf_1 Thanks and you’ll get to see it all, including the screwups I make :man_facepalming:

@webeblzr Your description makes me even more excited about growing this strain. I hope I can do them justice. I’ve not smoked Calizahr before and it’s been around 35 years since I’ve had any calio. I just recently opened this 10 pack of seeds and found 13 beans inside. I’m gonna make more seeds, if all works out, so I should be able to spread a little orange love.

As of this morning all 6 have roots poking out of the rockwool. Will need to move to netpots within the next 24 hours. :+1:

@Old-Ron Welcome.


If you got them to crack and tail, you should be fine. They grow like wild little beasts. I think I was still growing them in a small box with a 150 HPS and a 70 MH together. I dont think I had built a room just yet back then.
Let me know if you want a pic or 2 in your thread.


@webeblzr A couple of pics would be great. Give me an idea of what it’ll look like.

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Love Chimera’s work and I love Cali-O!

Will be following along.

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Thanks for sharing Bullitt…
I love watching beans grow…even if they’re someone elses. :slight_smile:

Did you do anything special to get them to sprout…water, peroxide and fulvic acid…or giberellic acid?



@man-bot Welcome to the grow, hopefully it’s a good one.

@MrToast I know how it is, I never get tired of looking at these plants.
I don’t do anything special to germ these beans, no matter how old. I just put the beans directly into rockwool starter cubes that were soaked in distilled water and place them under a dome on top of a heat mat set to 80 degrees F.
I actually think that keeping them stored in the fridge is the biggest factor in my germ rate.

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I agree…
If you take care of your beans…you’ll have no surprises…
Mine are all in test tubes and centrifuge tubes…packed in rice and stuffed in the cold room downstairs :slight_smile:

Watching intently…

Best of luck on your grow…


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Thanks for the well wishes.

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So glad to hear of your success with old stock! I’ve got some early 2000’s gems I’ve been hoping to get into soon, try and revive some old favourites. I’ve just been waiting till I’ve got the space to give em their best shot. This gives me hope for my beans, best of luck with the run!


Good luck with this one. i’m just gonna settle down and watch.


Man I wish I had some real computer skill back then, as I loved this plant and took many photos, but that was 3-4 computers and laptops ago. And, I did a crappy job moving them. But it was 98 Second edition, and it was brutal for an old welder/fabricator/machine builder with zero computer skills.
Great thread! Run them hard man, she’s a beast.


@Ginger_Rick I have been waiting for 14 years to be in the situation I could grow these old strains.
The toughest part is trying to figure out how to run all the other strains too. First world problems :wink:

@GreenBhoy Welcome and thanks.

@webeblzr Nice plants, I hope mine look that good.
I know how it is with computer skills. I took an intro to computing class in high school, we used punch cards in those computers. After a run in the military, and a couple of years into college, I thought I had it made with MS dos and floppy discs. :grin: