2x2 organic LED

I’ve Never finished a grow journal before but I’m determined to. So heres what I got going now.

  • 2 gallon fabric pots
  • coast of Maine soil
  • 2×2 tent
  • LED (rapidLED)
  • 4in fan and carbon filter for flower
  • amendments for veg and flower

The plants I got going right now

  • csi mendo - purple cheddar (uk cheese x mendo purp)

  • pisces genetics- Polaris ( chem91 x deathstar)

  • snowhigh seeds- wintergreen - Tahoe Snow #5 (Tahoe OG Kush x True Gangster Kush) x OG Purple Fire Thai (NorCal Fire OG Kush x Purple Thai x Neville’s Haze F3)

  • blue widow bagseed, the pollen is definitely from a chem I grew these seeds before and can definitely smell it in her.

    Ok so the Polaris is 23 days old, the mendo purple cheddar is 22 days old, the bag seed is 20 days old shes also growing super slow, and the wintergreen is 19 days old.
    These are all fems except the wintergreen I’m going to flip in a couple days. I’m trying to keep them small for stealth reasons. Pics in the next post.


Rapid LED is a great shop. Used their stuff to build a couple lights, was happy with them.

I also do a couple of 2x2 tents and try to cram as many plants in as possible :grin:

Good luck, I’ll be following along!


Group shot!


Mendo purple cheddar




I love my light from them it’s super bright. I got one of the prebuilt ones myself but plan on building my next one. I wish I can blow my little tent up but I’m scared, although its legal in NV its still federally illegal on the rez I live on. I have to play it safe for now. Thanks for stopping by.


Lol…we must have bought from the same shop…check out my 1 gallon bags…lol.


Welcome to OG, we will help you finish your first grow journal. :+1::seedling:


Hell yea lol Amazon is where I got mine.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


i find the grow journal a really helpful tool to see how my plants are growing and to keep track of what i did when …good luck :slight_smile:


Looking nice.

I would be a bit concerned about using that heater in such tight quarters. Have you had to use it yet?

Which LEDs? The cobs? I’ve never used them but they look sweet.


Totally agree with you. Been wanting to do one for a while now, I just never fully went through with it. This is for everyone interested. Thanks for stopping by.


I had and still get a little worried about it but it doesn’t get too hot. So far so good.
As for the LEDs I went with the prebuilt chilLED I’m not sure on the specs other than it’s for a 2x2 space. Also get you one because they are super sweet.


Ok so today I flipped the lights to 12/12. I was going to wait another day but couldn’t wait. I forgot to mention the bagseed and wintergreen are sharing a pot. Also the the only plant topped was the mendo purple cheddar but it’s more like a FIM.


question for you guys …if you use bags to grow in if they touch will the roots grow into the bag next to it ? …am considering using them but that would be a big problem


In my experience, this doesnt really happen, but you they also won’t air prune where they touch.


i have a small area it is only 32" square was thinking to fill it up with1gal bags and grow small plants instead of the 2 gal round pots i am now using …it was just a thought not sure if that would work


My old workbench was 30" cubed. I have run a perpetual SOG in it before, 90 clones fit in 3" pots around a 150-watt CMH bulb.

That being said. The most I ever pulled from that area was running four 5-gallon pots. Ended up with about seven ounces using 250-watts of LED.


Good question. I feel like I’ve seen someone posted this happening before on another forum or Instagram. But I would think they get air pruned. Also my pots are spaced out I just squeezeed them together for a pic.Are you growing organic if so maybe consider a raised bed. I think I’m going to give it a try sometime this year.

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ok i am running an led that is supposed to be equal to 1000 watts …with a max foot print of 4ft … so your saying i would be better off to go less plants but bigger …

nope am using MG potting soil …the devil of all non organic products out there according to some growers here :smiley: