Amumayuks 4x4 SecretJardin , and the Geekbeast

hi here i will try to keep updates of my flowering tent on indoor runs and projects
ill startup with my upcoming run ill have feww clones going for flower
i should transfer them in about 4-5 weeks if all goes well


im gonna make this poste with a statement

last year in january i suffered from a stroke
i was hospitalized untill the 15th april when i got home i was left with two choices
i could either ceclare my self defeated and abandone growing this season
as i usually start seeds in jan feb to find what i want to put in the ground

so i was extremly late for finding out my males i usualy take cuts and flower them to be sure i get seedlessoutdoors

or go for it and reap whatever i sowed

i figured if i didnt grow any i wont have any
so i poped a pack of wedding cake from canuks
as a side note a few years back i got interested in the ideaof breeding and upon reading that time idecided to only get regular seeds from now on and gave out the remainder of my fems to a friend as i didnt want to risk keeping fems and breed withit later
so the canuks seed germinated 10/12
eneed up eith 8 males bunch of seeds and was the eorst bud i ever smoked i would sort seeds out to not grind them

but this made me pop a pack of seeds i was eagerto try my green dope
so i started green dope in nov
poped the whole pack and my goal was to keep my males buti had issues with my cliner and i flowered 8 and two were males i tried reveging them but they never reverted i just abandoned them cuz they kept sheding non stop

so this lil story is just to say that im a shame to show this but im dealing with alot of obstacles and doing good for what i can do so far being unable to use my left hand and arm


They look good. Are you slowly getting strength and mobility back in your left arm?


thanks @Tejas but i feel they could of done better if i could handle things like i use to but as long as the end product satisfies me i happy and for my recovery its going
very slowly but i keep optimistic even if doctors tells me not too expect much more


I think your grow looks excellent for 1 arm gardening handicap, I can not even imagine how hard that would be.
We do what we can do, and I give you BIG Props for hanging in there, to get what you can.
I know dozens of folks, (with no health issues) that want buds, and do not do for themselves, as it’s a hassle…your showing folks what can be done when you have the will to do it!! Good on you!!
I wish you all the best!!


thanks alot webeblzr


im realizing i posted this but forgot to give out s few details about these girls

thry are green dope sisters same age they were both veged and in the square 2gal pot like in the pucture
but i was concerned about the size of pot for flower so i did a test to see if transplanting before flipping would do ani different

both plants are from seed same age im expecting them to be somewhat similar to those previously harvested minus the seeds

been battling aphids since started in veg so i wash my buds acording to pigeon420’s methode before drying

they will have 9 weeks total on 20th april wich is around harvest time


Ready for 4/20…now THAT’S planning!!!

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its a lucky timing but yeah i was trying to be close to it

i did a stupid mistake and just noticed it as of 2min ago
i had changed my timer when i moved them from my 3x3to my flowering tent
but i wsnted to let them veg anextra week so i played with the timer set it up to 16/8 but when i fliped it to flower i taught i had it setup at 13/11 but it was around 14/10
i wonder if this reduced bud production


I doubt it.
Just a slightly slower transition to flower.



thankls gpaw , then i guess my aphid battle has took a toll on the girls

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week 6 day 6
im sad but i guess i cant do much more then what i tried already

been battling aphids since last year i did a mistake but now i inow to not repeat it or to take better precautions if i redo this

so far i have been able to keep them under control in my veg tent i sometimes think i got ride of them but they are persistent lil bastards

so last harvest they did not apear to be that many at bud locations so i just budwashed them with bakingsoda and lemonjuice but i wonder if i should trash this and restart or if budwashing is still a viable option at this point


Yeah, that aphid shit, is harsh. I’m not sure which is the better idea, restart, fresh medium, or going to an expensive killer type stuff. Damn.

do aphids colonize the medium aldo

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smoke report as i probably have 3grams left out of those two. they were bad the aphids ruin them preety sure,
i have two more i added mid-flower they are way less infected and looking way better
should harvest in 3 weeks

Damn they’ve set up shop in there :frowning: .

They don’t spend any of their life in the medium.

What have you done so far? Ladybugs can be a good option in flower, 1500 are like 15$ and they eat a lot!

i spray in veg and try to kill as much before i put them to flower

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i dont love the idea of ladybugs indoor i gro in my house and dont w nt to deal with ladybugs on the loose


i have harvested and dried /cured in my cannatrol 2 green dope, now i got 1green dope and 3 (burnt glue x green dope) in there flowering the green dope has 4weeks left and the burnt glue cross is 1week into flower