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hello ogers,

i wanted to get everyone’s feedback on their favorite strain to curb anxiety. mj can evoke an extremely board range of emotions. i do believe set, setting and current mind state takes presence. pharmaceuticals drugs like Valium, Xanax, K-pins have been the going treatment for these issues but imo is not scalable to one’s personal growth.

just curious about first hand accounts of tried and true strains to help calm, slow down racing thoughts and help realign positivity.

thanks for reading and your input.

i’ve been sincerely humbled and inspired by all the awesome people here. love you all :heartpulse:


Northern lights and other Afghani crosses are what I’m into for anxiety, pain, and sleep.


Weed has never helped with my anxiety. I’ve tried numerous strains and they all made it worse. Smoking, tinctures, you name it, nothing helped. Same with the pharma route, nothing.

What did work and continues to work has been consistent daily exercise, a clean diet(try to avoid as much packaged food as possible), and meditation with the occasional counselling session. Depending where you live there are free programs available for counselling. I highly recommend this route vs self medicating.

Obviously weed works wonders for many people but in my opinion it’s a bandaid and doesn’t actually get to the root of your problem.

That said… Everyone always recommended Harlequin to me. Maybe that strain will help you out!


Aged indica hashish. There is none better IMO


Chemdog in answer to your question. Have a couple of patients that swear by it.

I tend to agree with Impala604 though.

For myself long distance running and jiu jitsu have been the 2 most beneficial habits to completely remove anxiety from my body.
Wish you luck brother🤙🏽


Microdosing mushrooms relieves my anxiety.


Mindset is a big thing. If you feel anxiety coming on, don’t smoke alot at one time. I’m looking for strains as well for anxiety and pain. More so pain but I have sever anxiety disorder, agorephobia and ptsd. Indica, mostly indica hybrids is what helps me the most. Something to relax to. Of the strains I have going, Rainbow Belts is the best I’ve got to help. I smoke a 1/4 of a joint and put it out. I let the initial buzz die down a bit then I’m good to smoke as much as I need to, to ease my pain. I’ve tried train wreck which is pretty good and I have Stawberry Cough on my wish list.


I’m not exactly sure cannabis doesn’t encourage agoraphobia. I don’t know, like I am much more easy going and social when medicated and it’s way easier to cope being out in the world, but I’m kind of more likely in those moments I really, super do not want to go to find it’s making it a bit harder. Brings the heart rate up, makes you a little paranoid. But setting comes in here, these are usually high stress times. This is when cannabis seems to fail me.


Vitamin B1 B6 all reduce anxiety and if you are dificient like most people it will affect your ability to sleep well. Sleep apnea is also a symptom of B1 dificiency.

Mushrooms are definitely good for sleep and anxiety/depression when micro dosed.

Weed wise Hog will start me yawning 30 minutes after the first toke and falling asleep in my chair an hour later and calms me right down.


A micro dose of mushroom contain how many grams?
0.5 , 1.
What the minimum dose?


I started on 0.1 of a gram every 3rd day. Every one is different so work up to where it makes you feel sleepy after a couple of hours or so thats the ideal dose. I now use half a gram 0.5 as a micro dose, if I want special effects I got up to 1.5 grams :slightly_smiling_face:


Special effects was great.
This reveillon i use 1.5 grams , or 3 capsules of 0.5 grams.
Was a wonderful night trip and day.
And year.


But i really dont know about doses to depression/anxiety.
I know i with this 1.5 grams feel so much good.
And i have anxiety.


If I dose to high on mushroom it can cause anxiety try a lower dose, when I am using .5 of a gram all I notice is a relaxed calm feeling, without any visuals, regular use of small amounts re sets the brain and autonomic nervous system.

I now only use mushrooms once or twice a week sometimes when I am feeling good I forget to take some and only remember when the anxiety starts to creep back up.

Another way to re sett the autonomic nervous system and induce prolonged feelings of calm, is the Wimm Hoff breathing technique. He has lots of YouTube vids explaining how to do it.


I find the blueberry line strains to help - especially in low / moderate amounts. There aren’t many strains where I can feel comfortable in social situations, but my blueberry I have right now (breeders choice mix 2 from DJ) is definitely mellow and good for socializing. I’m looking forward to looking through some Newberry F2s I made - that’s from the Blue Heaven line known specifically for anti anxiety.


Well I guess I will be the one to say it. CBD. For most people, higher ratios of CBD elevate anxiety that the THC may cause some people (user experiences may vary). Lots of CBD with a little THC to kick things along. 1:1 CBD:THC can still cause lots of sensitive people some issues, so my go to is to intake/mix/use at a ratio of 2:1 CBD:THC and up to 15:1 CBD:THC. You can achieve this in many ways: some strains on their own or mixing high CBD strains or hemp strains with normal THC strains in ratios that will best help you for your needs. Always lean into the CBD side of things and go from there in my opinion. Just my 2 cent.


I’ll second the CBD. I make a tincture with a 1:1 cultivar without adding any heat. This is actually a THCA/CBDA tincture. I’ve had this rescue medication stop a panic attack right in the middle of it. Something benzos never did for me.


Shango just put out an excellent podcast on Shaping Fire with Dr. Ethan Russo about CBG and it’s benefits. They did a study with approximately 130 volunteers and surveyed them all with pretty accurate results. He was saying that one of the many benefits of CBG was that it was found to curb peoples anxiety really well and that the good thing about CBG is that you can take really high doses of it without any adverse effects. The Dr mentioned 100mg/day but Shango said he was working with patients who were taking up to 250mg/day! They spoke about how the CBG was found to help ppl compartmentalize the issues in their heads, allowing them to focus on the task at hand, including but not limited to sleeping better.


It varies for me

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