Badger goes camping with his buddies

Also, in hindsight, I’ve been doing some research. LBS does have antifungal properties, so, since I’ve already made mine, it was probably an oversight on my part to not utilize them in my watering regimen. Here is a win to all those wanting to see me kill some seedlings! :joy:

@Tinytuttle Any insight here buddy?


None of us WANT to see you kill seedlings!!


over watering damps off the seedlings but also if you are mixing raw organic material into the soil it can cause damping off as well(fungal bloom). Ensure good drainage, as in all excess water will drain away, and only top-dress raw organics. My mom mixed raw alfalfa meal into her potting mix and damped off all her lettuce and tomato seedlings with this crazy grey mold fungus.


are you talking about LAB serum? if so use that to soak your seeds in - it works great. I was thinking of doing a DIY on making LAB serum since it is so beneficial in the garden.

Also, I have had seedlings that looked like they were dead and gone, all shriveled up and gone to meet their maker, but it is amazing what a little water and sunlight and LITFA will do for a seedling so dont count any of those out yet


This mix shouldnt have had any fresh organic matter in it. It was well composted and aged compost, earthworm castings fresh from the bin (over a year in it) and fresh pearlite from the bag. The worm bin is fungally heavy, could that have really had a part of this?

We will see what the added air space does for them.

@monkeyman Yes, I made my own too, and have a ton of it. Im wondering if I should have been watering my seedling with a dilute made from it. This could have helped. Also, I could have soaked the seeds in it, yes.


I know man, but I thought it was funny. You cant keep them all alive!


Well… I got bad news today. All of a sudden there is a slew of construction projects getting ready to happen at the house. So… Since I would rather ask forgiveness, than permission, the grow will be moved. I was taking it for granted that the landlord would not be around again so soon.

Thank God for good people and another spot (20 minutes away) . The thread will live on, the grow will go on. We will see how this goes teaching and growing from a distance. The updates won’t be as frequent. I will do my best friends.


Damn skippy but that’s more time to plan. Tell them you need a “storage” shed on the property LOL


We are just learning and growing! Just got to put your shiniest foot foward! Excited and happy you were able to work something out.


Shiny foot. Hell, might as well put on the whole suit!!


that sucks, but it’s great you have a backup plan. a minor setback, just a hiccup - could be much worse


Seedling update. They all look great, although a bit stretchy I feel. Today I’m going to try to get the tent all set up, cuz I’m back in town!!

She has been giving them a tbs of hydrogen peroxide water a day. I’m gonna let them dry up a bit today as a couple look a bit over watered still. She did a good job though!


It’s up! I got the ventilation done as well, but I’m tired so I forgot more pictures. I got a plant to chop in the morning . I’m going to bed.


Now we are cooking. I wasn’t sure how to get this started, so with these small plants, I set it on 25% power. I put the light a little over 10 inches above their heads. Two clip fans roughing them up, and using some of @SmknCanuck btfoot. Yes i came up with an acronym for it (beat the fu$& out of them). They need some stem strength. They got a bit stretchy outside for some reason.

We will see how this goes.

Edit: yes, that one plant does just have its cotyledons, damn :chicken:. Figured I would see if it will do something, though I highly doubt it.


Hey bro love the acronym :+1: beat the crap out of them.
Dont give up on the one with the cotylenes.I had one its cotylenes and tiny tiny first leaves turned brown was dead and gone.A few days of cool mister in the ghetto humidome and boom color came back.grew a few gnarly leaves and now its a thick ass little plants…

You got this bro.
Meet Wanna Live

@Badger BTFOOT 22 days from seed soak.Rock them stems


Looking OK, not great, but they are growing. The new growth looks good, so I will run with it.


Looking great!!


Looking good brother.


Looks good! Been excited for you to get started.

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This is cool. I may not be as close as I would like, but this makes me feel a bit closer. Channel 1 is is the outdoor plants, and channel 2 is the indoor. No guessing involved. I can also see temp and humidity in different areas. Not my idea, I’m fortunate to be working with good people.