BarefootAndBlazed 2023

Happy New Year!
Last year’s log…

On 12/31 I harvested my last two plants in flower, a Cavity Crush and a Sour Diesel. They are both hanging and I suspect I’ll begin trimming this weekend.

Also on NYE, I planted six Lemon Wookie V2 seeds (from Bodhi: Lemon G x Wookie, the “V1” used Lemon Diesel) and they have all reared their heads, though two are barely breaking the soil.

The biggest change for 2023 is switching my tents around. I used to keep veg, clone, nursery, moms, and autos in the 4x8 and flower in the 5x5. Going forward I’ll reduce the number of moms so that all fits nicely in the 5x5, then use the 4x8 for flowering clones in Octopots.

My current plants include: Cavity Crush (Reeze McFlurry x Runtz Bx by NugLifeFarms), Sour Diesel (Karma’s SOWAHH x Rez’s Sour Diesel), two different moms of JOTI’s Pure Blueberry (Blueberry Muffin Edition), two different Querkles, Bruce Banner, AKBB’s NL 5/1 x Super Skunk, Baked Beanz’s Port Wine Cheese (GDP x Super Cheese), and Bodhi’s Spirit Train (Trainwreck x Kashmir).

First up in the flower tent are two Querkles and a Bruce Banner - all from seed - plus a Blueberry clone in an Octopot. The ones from seed have been in veg over four months! I didn’t plan it that way, it just didn’t work to move them into the small flower tent - one of the reasons I’ve switched things around. I suspect they will stretch quite a bit.

I wish everyone successful gardening in 2023!


Happy new year @BarefootAndBlazed


Happy New Year @BarefootAndBlazed! Got the new thread set to watch and I’ll be keeping close tabs on those Lemon Wookies! Good vibrations!


I’ll be riding on this train for sure :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Happy New Year @BarefootAndBlazed wishing you and yours a fun, healthy, and abundant year ahead! Great start so far! *Subscribed

Love & Light ☆ DJSF


Got room for one more? Taking a seat in dat far right corner. Anyone lookin’ for me, tell ‘em, I’m "rollin’ in the deep". Continued success, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gonna be an exciting year, can’t wait to see the budporn from these selections…

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Things have been fairly quiet in the garden. The four in flower should stop stretching soon so I began switching them from 20-20-20 to 10-30-20 nutes. I emptied my cloner and gave it a good scrub and bleaching.

The moms are fine, but there was a development in the veg tent today. I had planted six seeds of Bodhi’s Lemon Wookie V2. Two didn’t make it. I sent leaf snips of the remaining four to the lab for sex testing. Samples were sent on Friday via Priority Mail from the Midwest to Washington DC. Monday (yesterday) was a federal holiday, but they received my samples this morning and emailed the results this afternoon.

Only one girl was unexpected. I’ll throw her into an Octopot to veg a few weeks. She’s the bottom left…

I need to decide if I want to plant more of the same strain or try something new. I can hear those Pure Michigan beans calling to me!!!

Over the extended weekend I was busy in the kitchen. I made cannabis infused chocolates - a few bars and some individual chocolates. No pic of those, but here are 5+ dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I whipped up that are quite potent!


Pop the pure Michigan! I keep seeing pictures of them and they look killer.The sour Diesel you ran had some beautiful bud structure, looked really good nice job.


Thanks! That Sour Diesel yielded 12oz dried!!! Gotta love those Octopots :cupid:


Those look quite yummy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking forward to seeing your progress @BarefootAndBlazed !! :green_heart:

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Here’s the flower tent. The light schedule flipped at New Year’s and these were taken on the 19th:

Blueberry in an Octopot

The two Querkles

Bruce Banner

I only ended up with one Lemon Wookie V2 girl from seed. To make sure I’ll have a lemony keeper I decided to plant six Super Lemon Haze. These are from the Fall Box seed run by @Jinglepot. Many thanks!!!

The SLH Seed Run thread is a good read and contains pics of the two non-seeded girls that Jinglepot grew. I hope I can do them justice.


Oooooooooo! Right on! I need to run these again fir flower, thanks for the tag! Ill be following along! Your other plants look wicked too, nice work!

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One week since the last pics. Here we are today:

Hard to fit the Blueberry in frame!

Lemon Wookie V2 from Bodhi Seeds. Seeds planted 12/31, transplanted from Solo cup to Octopot on 1/21. This was my only female. I’ll top her soon. She’ll get another couple weeks in veg before going to the flower tent.

Only two of six Super Lemon Haze are above ground. One of the remaining four fizzled out and the others have not emerged. I didn’t take any precautions and simply put seeds in dirt… I usually see better germination results. Maybe I’m being impatient?


Your plants look amazing @BarefootAndBlazed :heart:

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The Lemon Wookie V2 's roots have reached the reservoir. Here she is four days after that last pic I posted above:

Only two Super Lemon Haze sprouted. I’ll need to test their sex soon.


Bruce Banner


Looks great, definitely pulling up a seat for this one :sunglasses::dash:

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