Beanhoarder @ Hemp Depot

Anyone have some experience with Beanhoarder’s gear ? He has some interesting crosses with detailed descriptions and the price is right.

Thinking about picking some up.


@Ftlob (:wave: wassup) has a bit I think. :v:


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Well, I decided to satisfy my own curiosity. Got a few extras and the Malberry freebie.

My friend is always raving about Red Congo, and the BB/C99 x Chemdog D sounds like a fun time.

Service from Hemp Depot was very good. Sent request at 1am Friday, confirmed and paid by 3am, beans in hand Tuesday.


Brad@ Hemp Depot is the man! Very reliable and solid bank. Been at it for years and is very professional, cool. He is also the man behind Beanhoarder Seeds (I suspect). Been a solid rumor for years but only hinted/winked at. Dude knows his shit and has a crazy ass selection of ol school fire that is quickly becoming rare and extinct


Ive always had success buying thru Brad at Hemp Depot. He’s quick to get seeds out, usually same day as payment lands. He is my Canadian go-to seed retailer (i just wish he\d carry more top California breeders’ gear. thats my 1 complaint)
Ive had pretty good luck with Beanhoarder’s stuff. There may be some pheno differences among progeny, dependig on what seedstock is used. Great prices on B.H.‘s gear.
He sent me Malberrys’ Mozambiquian Sativa last year as freebie. Used a Moz Sat male to hit the Roberts Creek Congo.
Good luck.


Thanks Silver, good to hear. Any specific strains to recommend (or not)? He has so many crosses, it was hard to choose.

11/12 beans have sprouted.

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Beanhoarder carries a nice Durban X Freeze for outdoor growing. Total sativa head high in a super quick flowering package. Mine was done mid August-early Sept in Ontario Canada outside.
Id have to look at the list again. a lot of stuff comes and goes w/ BeanHoarder. Dont think ya’ll can go wrong with most of his gear. Good prices to in Canadian dollars too.
I would suppose your own selections would be based on growing style, flower period limits etc.
Also, Bodhi Seed co.has some great fire genetics priced better than most American genetics.He’s worth a look IMO. Everyone here at OG seems happy with Bodhis gear they grew.
Good luck


Huge Beanho fan, only ever had good experiences with their work.

The PCK crosses were their only bad seeds, just bad pck from cannabiogen

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Their Johnny blaze X c99 get great reviews from everyone, I’d also like to try the Flo X old timers haze, a bit of a bitch to get his seeds if you aren’t in Canada or states side unfortunately