Doc D Chocolate Blitz; Freeborn Yesca x Jaro f3; Relic/Professor P/Dynasty Grapefruit f3; and (1) Bodhi Hasplant D

Alright, this is gonna take a while, so let’s start with some music:

I dunno why this song popped into my head yesterday, haven’t listened to it in years, but it’s a good one, been listening to it nonstop for the last day. I actually like it better than the original version. That whole Control soundtrack is good.

Anyway, I started 5x each of the seeds mentioned in the title on April 20. I’m not sure if April 20 was the day I started soaking them in water and fulvic or if that was the day I actually put them in soil; in any event, they were definitely all planted 24 hours after I started soaking them.

With the exception of two of the Grapefruit f3’s, everything sprouted, leaving me with 18 plants. Vegged those in the three-inch “starter pots” until May 15, at which point I transplanted into half-gallons and top dressed with a little bit of neem, kelp, MBP and watered that in with OG Biowar Nute Pack.

On June 12, the plants that I thought were female (or hadn’t shown yet) were transplanted into seven-gallons, top dressed with one tablespoon of Kashi Bran (I got an email from BAS on, like, May 18 saying my points were expiring the next day and a two-pound bag of Kashi was one of my options, so I ordered that)(and btw, fuck you, BAS, for “expiring” my points haha; the points should last forever) and a 1/4 cup of BAS Craft Blend. Watered that in with both the Nute and Root packs from OG Biowar. I usually make it a point to top dress with MBP when I get the plants into their flowering containers, but I guess I forgot to do that this time, I dunno how that happened. I also usually top dress with neem and kelp, but it looks like both of those are in the Craft Blend, so I skipped it this time.

On June 16 I started decreasing lights-on from 16/8. Flipped nine days later, on June 25.

Anyway, I ended up with three Chocolate Blitzes, two each of the Grapefruit f3’s and the Yesca x Jaro and only one of the Hashplant D’s (sad face emoji). Here they are:

Chocolate Blitz #1, veg day 28:
Chocolate Blitz #1 veg day 28 1

Veg day 35 (I think I had just topped her):
Chocolate Blitz #1 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Chocolate Blitz #1 veg day 47

Flower day 2 (which was 68 days after I started the seeds and 21 days after the above pic)(same timeline for all of the plants/pics):
Chocolate Blitz #1 flower day 2

Flower day 9:
Chocolate Blitz #1 flower day 9 1

And flower day 17 (today):
Chocolate Blitz #1 flower day 17

Chocolate Blitz #1 flower day 17 2

There’s pretty significant flower development on her (and all of the other plants, too); they look much further along than I woulda thought for day 17, but I think that has a lot to do with decreasing lights-on leading up to officially flipping.

Anyway, here’s the Chocolate Blitz #2, veg day 28:
Chocolate Blitz #2 veg day 28

Veg day 35:
Chocolate Blitz #2 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Chocolate Blitz #2 veg day 47

Flower day 2 (again, 19 days after the above pic and 68 days after starting the seeds):
Chocolate Blitz #2 flower day 2

Flower day 9:
Chocolate Blitz #2 flower day 9 1

And flower day 17 (today):
Chocolate Blitz #2 flower day 17

Chocolate Blitz #2 flower day 17 2

Here’s the Chocolate Blitz #4, veg day 28:
Chocolate Blitz #4 veg day 28

Veg day 35:
Chocolate Blitz #4 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Chocolate Blitz #4 veg day 47

Flower day 2 (again, 19 days after the above pic):
Chocolate Blitz #4 flower day 2

I forgot to mention that I actually did do a little “pre-flowering training” this round; usually I wait until Ive flipped and it’s too late for the training I do to make any difference. I don’t think I did a good job, though haha. I even did a little defoliation a week or so before I flipped, but you wouldn’t really be able to tell from the pics.

Here’s the Chocolate Blitz #4 on flower day nine:
Chocolate Blitz #4 flower day 9

And on flower day 17 (today)(all “flower day 17” pics were taken today because today is day 17 of flower haha):
Chocolate Blitz #4 flower day 17

Chocolate Blitz #4 flower day 17 1

Chocolate Blitz #4 flower day 17 3

See how far along those flowers look? Pretty surprising…

And here’s a little side-by-side-by-side of the three Chocolate Blitz plants, just so we have an idea of the stretch. And all the other stuff, too:
Chocolate Blitz fower day 17 side-by-side-by-side

From left to right, that’s CB #1, #2 and #4. Just judging from everything I’ve read about that Dutch Flowers Chocolate Trip and also from what Doc D had to say about it, I’m guessing that the #4 plant is a Chocolate Trip leaner and the other two are probably leaning towards the A5Thai dad. I’ve actually got the #4 Chocolate Trip and the Hashplant D on five gallon buckets already, just because some of the other stuff is dwarfing them.

So those are the Chocolate Trips. I’m pretty stoked about them, glad I got three females.

I wanted to copy-and-paste the info that meangene wrote about those Yesca x Jaro plants on speakeasy, always good to have info direct from the breeder, but for some reason I can’t. My girl looked at it just now and said that they disabled copy-and-pasting, which I think is kinda dick of speakeasy, but whatever. I guess we’ll just have to settle for these pics I’m about to post haha.

Yesca x Jaro #3, veg day 28:
Yesca x Jaro #3 veg day 28

Veg day 35:
Yesca x Jaro #3 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Yesca x Jaro #3 veg day 47

Flower day 2:
Yesca x Jaro #3 flower day 2

Flower day 9:
Yesca x Jaro #3 flower day 9 1

And flower day 17:
Yesca x Jaro #3 flower day 17

Yesca x Jaro #3 flower day 17 2

Yesca x Jaro #3 stem shots

Yesca x Jaro #3 flower day 17 stems

Check out those last two pics. Tying her down was completely pointless; she reeeeallllyyy wants to grow up and in. Or I dunno, maybe tying her down made a little bit of a difference, but it doesn’t look like it to me haha. I’d mayyyybe try to tie down some of those branches, but they’re so fucking flimsy (notcomplainingjustobserving! haha), I don’t wanna snap anything off. I’m probably just gonna wait until the flowers get fatter and let the branches spread out naturally, on their own. And then stake and tie the fuck outta everything haha.

Here’s the other Yesca x Jaro, the #5 plant, veg day 28:
Yesca x Jaro #5 veg day 28 1

Veg day 35:
Yesca x Jaro #5 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Yesca x Jaro #5 veg day 47

Flower day 2:
Yesca x Jaro #5 flower day 2

Flower day 9:
Yesca x Jaro #5 flower day 9 1

And flower day 17:
Yesca x Jaro #5 flower day 17 1

Yesca x Jaro #5 flower day 17 4

She has sturdier stems, but also wants to do the “straight up” thing, although maybe not quite as much as the #3 plant.

Here’s a side-by-side of the two plants:
Yesca x Jaro side-by-side

The #3’s on the left, pretty big difference between them haha. I think the #3 plant might actually be the tallest in the tent.

Okay, time for more music. This one’s a good little “summertime cut”:

So, like I said, two of the Grapefruit f3’s didn’t sprout, which is a little annoying. And then the three that did sprout started growing… haha. I can’t say I’m in love with these plants, but here they are:

Grapefruit f3 #2, veg day 28:
Grapefruit f3 #2 veg day 28

Veg day 35:
Grapefruit f3 #2 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Grapefruit f3 #2 veg day 47

Flower day 2:
Grapefruit f3 #2 flower day 2

Flower day 9:
Grapefruit f3 #2 flower day 9

And flower day 17:
Grapefruit f3 #2 flower day 17

Grapefruit f3 #2 flower day 17 1

Grapefruit f3 #2 flower day 17 2

Look at those tops. They, like, just split up into three or four little “pieces,” have y’all ever sen anything like that? I haven’t. It’s kind of annoying, just gonna end up being a bunch of tiny little nugs at the top of that plant.

Here’s the other Grapefruit f3, the #3 plant, veg day 28:
Grapefruit f3 #3 veg day 28 1

Veg day 35:
Grapefruit f3 #3 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Grapefruit f3 #3 veg day 47

Flower day 2:
Grapefruit f3 #3 flower day 2 1

Flower day 9:
Grapefruit f3 #3 flower day 9

And flower day 17:
Grapefruit f3 #3 flower day 17

Grapefruit f3 #3 flower day 17 1

The #3 plant’s also been doing this for several weeks now:
Grapefruit f3 #3 flower day 17 leaf curl

Not all over the place and not all the time, but just every now and then, randomly, there’ll be that “taco-ing” or whatever you wanna call it. I dunno know what that’s about and I don’t really care, either. Honestly, I kind of hate those two plants haha. They for sure stink like grapefruit, so I’ll give them that, but they’re growing really weird and they’re weak as fuck, too; both of them split right where I’d topped them when I was tying them down a while back. Taped them up and a few days later, another branch had snapped right around the same area, even though I hadn’t done anything to it and there were obviously no flowers growing that would’ve made that happen. So I taped that branch up, too, and am just letting them ride.

If the smoke turns out great, I’ll grow them again (eventually), because they really do smell like grapefruit and have for weeks, long before I ever flipped them. But the next time I grow them, I will definitely not top them. Single-stalk plants all the way.

Anyway, finally, the lone Hashplant D, veg day 28:
Hashplant D #4 veg day 28

Veg day 35:
Hashplant D #4 veg day 35

Veg day 47:
Hashplant D #4 veg day 47

Flower day 2:
Hashplant D #4 flower day 2

Flower day 9:
Hashplant D #4 flower day 9

Flower day 17:
Hashplant D #4 flower day 17

Hashplant D #4 flower day 17 2

Hashplant D #4 flower day 17 1

I like this plant a lot, although I think she’s leaning more GHash than Chem D. Having never grown Chem D, though, I don’t now. She didn’t stretch much at all, got her on a five-gallon bucket the same way I have the shortest Chocolate Blitz on one.

And since I only ended up with one Hashplant D female, I’m just gonna post a few random pics of each of the males before I trashed them.

Hashplant D #1 veg day 35

Hashplant D #2 veg day 47 1

Hashplant D #3 veg day 47

Hashplant D #5 male flower day 6

Hashplant D #5 male flower day 6 1

That last one I really thought was a female, didn’t notice until day five of flower that he wasn’t haha. I saw the beginnings of those flowers and was like,“Come on, baby, don’t be a male…” but the next day it was just so obvious haha. Bummer…

Anyway, yeah, so we’re on day 17 today, top dressed with some MBP this morning, since I didn’t do that when I transplanted. It’s been starting to get hot as fuck the past couple days, having a little trouble keeping temps below, like, 84 after about 12pm (lights are on from 8am to 7:30pm right now), humidity levels veer anywhere between 60% and 30%, depending on how much and how long the AC’s been running and I DO NOT CARE. After the winter and spring we just had, I don’t give a shit if it stays 120 degrees with 20% humidity every day for the next five years. I will never. Ever. EVER! Complain about hot weather again haha.

Also, just for fun, here’s “full tent shots” from flower days 2, 9 and 17 (day 17 is today, in case I didn’t make that clear haha):
Whole tent flower day 2

Whole tent flower day 9

Whole tent flower day 17

Alright, done.


Watching for sure. Excited to see what you find in those Chocolate Blitz. I know Bodhi’s Chocolate Trip cut is legendary and used in a lot of sought after crosses.


Oops, sorry, here it is, @syzygy. @nube, you were asking about it, too. I posted a link to this one on the last log, so hopefully people’ll see that and I won’t have to berate them into following along haha.


I don’t know anything about it, gonna research it right now. I don’t even think I knew he had a Chocolate Trip cut until that stuff (which will not be discussed here haha) on the Bodhi thread a few days ago. Unless I did and forgot, which is entirely possible.


Oh ya, that’s what I was referencing haha anyways moving on. In all seriousness the picture of Doc D’s Choco blitz looked great on GLG. Had a good description but that seems to have disappeared.

What’s that hanging in the center of your tent via cable ties?

Also that stretch on the Jaro cross in just 8 days is pretty insane.

Edit : wanted to mention that I have a Herer HP that looks very similar to your Hashplant D #2.


I enjoyed the two chocolate blitz I had, but they were pretty different. One I recall as being very happy, fun, active stuff weed. The other was not really a heavy stone, but made me feel kinda stupid haha. Couldn’t focus on anything, random train of thought type smoke. The stupid one also threw a couple nanners at the end, but I found no seeds. The stupid one also left the air smelling kind of incensy after you smoked it. I remember the plant smelling like hot solder, if you know what that smells like.

Plants are looking nice as fuck, as always. Holy noodle legs on the Yesca x Jaro!


Looking really good! I like your full tent shots, haha, don’t get to see that from you too often. That big Jaro seems like it’s going to be a yielder or at the very least an early finisher with those size flowers already.

The Chocolate Blitz look really good too, the two taller ones damn near look like the same plant and then the short beefy one is there like, “yeah what”, haha.


Oh, gawdDAMN YOU! Haha. I alllllmost made a joke about that, started typing it and everything, but then I thought,”You know what? No. We’re not keeping that shit (aaarrrggghhhh! haha) going on this thread, too.”

Moving on indeed…

Hygrometer/temp gauge thing.

I know, pretty fucking crazy. I think they’re all done stretching now, though. I hope they are, only have about a foot more, maybe less, to raise the lights.

Gotta be the HP dad influence. I don’t mind it.

Chocolate Trips? Or Chocolate Blitzes? In any event, I hope they do turn out different from one another. I think they will, at least between the shorter one and the two big ones, considering the differences in plant morphology and, uh, how short/tall they are haha.


Yeah, obviously chocolate blitz haha. Wooops


Hey, what day of flower are you in?


Uh huh, I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering to take them when I’ve been taking the plant pics this round haha. I used to do that on my old grow logs on thcfarmer pretty regularly and then forgot about it somewhere along the way.

Mm. We’ll see. She’s pretty “gap-y,” but the report of it on higherthought described it as growing “OG nugs, but way bigger,” so maybe.

Haha, yeah, kinda weird. But awesome. I’m thinking she’s gotta be a Choco Trip leaner, just judging from the description of that strain from both Dutch Flowers and Doc D talking about “short and squat.”I’m just stoked to have three plants to pick from haha, been a while since I’ve gotten more than two (and usually only one) females from any of the seeds I plant.


Haha, good to see you here.


I’m plugged in and curious about each of these strains!


nice music interlude while i read that long post. love the details and pics of the diff stages and how you lay it all out. i need to step my journal game up lol looking forward to the hash plant


Mhm, so am I haha. We’ll find out in, like, four months.

Yeah you do.

Just kidding, I’ve never seen any of your journals.

One of the reasons I wait until I know what’s what before I start a new one is because I can’t stand journals that just fizzle out, like when people title them with whatever the name of the strain is and we follow along for a while and then they’re like,”Never mind. They all turned out male…” or,”They all hermed on me and I trashed them,” or whatever. I’ve started grow logs before that ended up the same way, so now I just wait. I take pics along the way (there’s a shitload of pics that I took of plants from this grow that turned out male), but I wait until I know for sure before I start the log.

That means that the first post is always gonna be hella long, but whatever. Deal with it. Reading never hurt nobody.

But yeah, everybody should try to post good grow logs haha!


Nice work!!!


ill keep this in mind for what ever i run next. just doing a tester run so i kinda have to do the herm game and just hope i dont get any lol. all the sour and chem journals i see right now making me lean that way !


@minitiger nice start… just wanted to get subbed, I miss so much, lol!


Heh, before I got to the group shot on the Chocolate Blitz (Chocolate Trip x A5Thai BX) I was thinking the #1 was the A5 leaner. Just something in those leaves reminds me of the A5. The other two looked fairly unfamiliar to me. Figured the #2 might be kind of a hybrid of the Trip and the a5Thai, and the 3rd one might the Chocolate Trip leaner… and then I got to your group shot and damn! and then you came to the same conclusion :sweat_smile: Great minds, right? ^^

That sucks some of the Grapefruits didn’t make it! I have a pack of those exact beans in my fridge and Prof P is supposed be on top of stuff :confused: Looks like two completely different phenos too? I have seen that split top before, in my experience it’s common on males and I’ve seen them pass that trait along to the offspring. Shows up in the FLC BX1/Lemon Cheese Haze I made for instance. The flowers might fill out though. That taco look usually meant I needed to add more magnesium or possible VPD/transpiration issue. Nice to hear they actually smell like Grapefruit at least!

I haven’t grown Chem D either but I’ve seen a lot of the 91 and of course t he TK. I’d also think the Hashplant D girl you have there is leaning to the Ghash side but I’ve not grown ghash or any crosses of it either :sweat_smile: You probably know better than I do there. That first male pic looks like it might’ve leaned closer to the D tho with the fatter blades and whatnot but :man_shrugging: Hopefully the loud chem d rankness comes in on that lone girl you got going. She looks good! Some fat little stems there!

Yay for full tent shots! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You don’t have to comment to get subbed, you can just go down to the thing and switch to “watching.” But I like it when you comment… haha. I’ve been following your ongoing grow, but I haven’t had much to say about it lately. For once haha.

Yeah, that’s funny. The #2 maybe might be exhibiting a little bit of Chocolate Trip influence, but she’s for sure leaning more A5Thai. And that’s fine with me haha.

Totally different. The third one, the male, looked completely different from the two females, as well. I actually have pics of that one on day six of flower (thought he was a she until I flipped and found out haha) if you’re curious.

It’s kind of annoying, considering they’re f3’s and all, but whatever. Seems like Professor P was breeding strictly for grapefruit smells (and hopefully flavors) and nothing else.

Oh, really? Good to know. I was planning on planting either those Lemon Cheese Haze seeds or the NL5Haze/Sensi Star seeds you sent me for the next grow, guess I’ll plant the NL5Haze cross haha! I wanna check out the Lemon Cheese cross for sure, but I don’t wanna risk having that weird “split tops” thing happening two grows in a row.

Probably VPD. Humidity levels have, as always, been an issue for sure, but none of the other plants look like they’re having a problem with it. It’s just that fucking Grapefruit plant. I hate her… haha.