Bodhi's Triple Goddess, HolyAngel's Franco's Lemon Cheese x NL5Haze/Sensi Star and Doc D's Wat Pho

Good tune, good album. Sounds like The Beatles/Elliott Smith meets Butthole Surfers/Melvins.

I’m just gonna get right into it, I guess.

Triple Goddess #1, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (all of the plants were flipped the next day, so this is basically flower day 1):

Flower day 9:

And today, flower day 19:

Here’s the Triple Goddess #2 veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

I took a closeup picture of that leaf on day 52, labeled it and added it to the folder, I have no idea why now, but I guess I thought it was interesting-looking haha. It actually is kind of interesting-looking, now that I’m checking that pic out.

Triple Goddess #2 veg day 60 (flipped the next day, so this is basically a pic of flower day 1):

Flower day 9:

And today, flower day 19:

So that #2 Triple Goddess was the one that I plucked like ten sacs off of the other day that I mentioned on the Bodhi thread. When I watered today, I checked again and think I found a few more on a couple of lowers, so I just ripped the branches off and threw them on top of the mulch, as you can see from the pics haha. I didn’t bother plucking or anything. If I find more sacs the next time I water, which’ll be in two days… I dunno. I may toss her.

Everything else looks fine, though.

Anyway, here’s the #3 Triple Goddess, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (again, everything was flipped the next day, so this is basically flower day 1 haha):

Flower day 9:

And today, flower day 19:

Here’s a group shot of all of them from today, flower day 19:

That gorilla tape on the wall behind them was from when I unsuccessfully tried to hang a whiteboard in the grow room when we first moved in haha, but it’s actually become a pretty useful gauge of how much the plants have stretched. From left to right there, it’s #3, #1 and #2. None of them are flowering like I thought they would, figured they’d get much taller or at least a little stretchier and lankier, but I guess they have stretched a little bit. Barely, though. I wasn’t really thinking about this before today when I was watering, but maybe I found some sort of super-recessive Bubba leaners or something? Haha. I may be thinking that just because I’ve been watching too many people grow that one Bubba clone here on OG… Still, you woulda thought they’d be at least a LITTLE taller, right? I dunno.

Anyway, here’s HolyAngel’s Franco’s Lemon Cheese x NL5 Haze/Sensi Star #2, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (flipped the next day):

Flower day 9:

And today, flower day 19:

Very, very little stretch on her, especially compared to the other two that I’m about to post pics of.

Franco’s Lemon Cheese x NL5 Haze/Sensi Star #3, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (flipped the next day):

Flower day 9:

And flower day 19, today:

She’s the tallest plant in the tent.

Franco’s Lemon Cheese x NL5 Haze/Sensi Star #4, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (flipped the next day):

Flower day 9:

And flower day 19:

And a group shot of the three Cheese/Haze hybrids from today, flower day 19, in case y’all didn’t remember haha (left to right: #2, #3 and #4):

So there’s a little bit of variation going on there, @HolyAngel haha. Or at least between the #2 plant and the others.

Alright, time for another song.

Here’s the Wat Pho (Temple x A5Thai) #2, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (FLIPPED THE NEXT DAY haha):

Flower day 9:

And today, flower day 19:

Barely any stretch on her, as well, which I’m actually more surprised about than the lack of stretch on the three Triple Goddesses.

And the Wat Pho #3, veg day 35:

Veg day 52:

Veg day 60 (I actually didn’t flip this one until four days after I took this pic)(just kidding):

Flower day 9:

I think I “super-cropped” her on the day I took this pic, although it might’ve been two days before. And when I say “super-cropped,” all’s I really did was pinch the two main tops right underneath where the “colas” will end up being. I wanted to do that to the two stretchy Cheese/Haze crosses, as well, but they felt woodier and less pliable, so I just left them alone. In any event, this #3 Wat Pho definitely wanted to stretch, although not as much as the two tall Cheese/Hazes.

Anyway, here’s that Wat Pho #3 on flower day 19, which is today haha…:

I don’t really ever even try to notice smells or what the plants might smell like this early in flower, but the two Wat Phos were pretty stinky today and a very, very familiar smell, too, although I couldn’t place it while I was watering. Still, whatever they smell like, it for sure that made me sit up and notice.

Anyway, yeah, so… New log! Haha…

I’m running the lights during the day this winter and I love it, get to water in the morning instead of waiting until 8pm to do that. That was always my biggest problem with the winter grows and running the lights at night, was just that waiting around until 8pm and lifting pots out of and back into the tent when what I really wanted to be doing was chilling on the couch haha.

No need to worry about light leaks, either, which is always a concern when the lights aren’t on during the day. Temps have been fine, highest they’ve gotten is 80, but they’re usually down around 73-76, which, yes, awesome. Humidity hasn’t been an issue, either, even though I’m down to three humidifiers now. So, yeah, I dunno why I waited this long to run the lights during the day in the wintertime, but that was a really good idea on my part, glad I thought of it haha.



Dangit, forgot to post those “whole tent” shots that everybody likes. Here’s flower day 9:

And flower day 19 (two pics):

The plants are obviously in different places, but I’ve actually decided that the two tall Franco’s Lemon Cheese x NL5Haze/Sensi Stars will stay under the AT200 on the right and the rest of the plants are gonna stay underneath the AT600. I’m gonna bend those FLC x NL5SS’s at some point, though, and try and get a little more even canopy, just so I can keep both lights a little bit closer to the same distance from one another. Right now, those two FLC plants are growing above the AT600 haha.


Very nice progression pics! Looking forward to how they finish up.


Interested to see what comes of the Triple Goddess plants. Just remember if you’re mulching with branches expressing intersex traits they can still drop pollen! Seed giveaways incoming?

The tallest pheno has red petioles!


I like how you label all your photos with each plant name and number. The way the wat pho was growing was unexpected to me, I thought it would’ve had a significant stretch.


Really? Fuck, I figured once they were removed, they were done. I pour water all over them every-other day, though, so that should probably “neutralize” shit, right? Right??? Haha.

I think it’ll be okay, but that’s good to know.

Hmmm… Does anybody here know the exact percentage of Korean genetics in either the Franco’s Lemon Cheese or the NL5? Or could it possibly be from deep within the Sensi Star???

Maybe I should tag that dude who’s screen name I’ve already forgotten and see what he has to say…


Yeahhhhh, I’m kind of, uh…. I don’t wanna say,”Disappointed,” because I’m definitely not disappointed haha, but I for sure was hoping for some taller plants. I’m a little concerned about how bushy they are, though, totally anticipated the plants sorta “thinning” themselves out on their own as they grow and as the flowers develop, too.

As it is, I think I may have to defoliate a little bit here pretty soon haha. I actually did do a little bit of that a while back, but man, yeah, they’re some pretty bushy plants. I don’t think that’s indicative of that line, though, pretty sure it’s just something weird that I did haha.


Man :heart_eyes: Look at that early frost! Stem just covered in cystolithic trichomes too! :drooling_face:

I think you’re making seeds with her though :face_with_monocle: unless a fan leaf has been touching that top or something…

The LCH #2 is definitely the cheese leaner. Cheese gets more wide than she does tall. The other two are obviously leaning more haze :sweat_smile:

Everything’s looking great! Sucks on the nanners from that TG#2 tho :cry: I like the way the TG#3 looks! Stocky and looks like good yield. I didn’t realize she was so short though compared to the other two until the side-by-side! Unsure on the leaf :thinking: Looks like Triple Goddess is SFV OG x (AJ?) Sour Diesel x (Loompas?) Headband crossed to the Snow Lotus male? Would explain the nanners on the one, but i don’t really have any idea which way any of them look/lean.

Really surprised the Wat Pho’s didn’t get taller! They’re looking great with some frosty stems too! Interested to see how everything turns out FireWeed


so I see you’re making seeds. did you clear it with the co op, and when is the wiki going up?


It’s only visible in the pics. With the flash. And if you click on the pic haha. Could just be my shitty eyesight, but there’s really no visible frost to me when I look at them. And that’s fine. I don’t expect anything like that this early.

I know what you mean and those brownish pistil tips actually are visible to my naked eye, but I’m like 99.9% positive it’s because I watered with TM7 a few days ago, not worried about seeds at all right now. That TM7 always makes the plants do weird things if I water with it any later than like ten days into flower.

It’s either the TM7 or the fact that those two tall FLC etc etc plants haha stretched like a motherfucker right up into the light the past week or so and I didn’t raise it until today. They’ll be fine, though, no seeds, not worried about it at all.

I don’t know the EXACT OG/Sour/Headband used in the Three Kings female that Bodhi used, but yeah, it’s an OG/Sour/Headband hybrid. Which is why I’m incredibly leery of the lack of stretch. I mean, I guess two of them have grown a little bit since I flipped, but still… I was hoping they’d get a lil’ bit taller.

So am I. I really do think I “did” something that just resulted in a lack of stretch for the majority of the plants this round, but I have no idea what that coulda been.

Haha, no, I am not. And if I ever do, there will be no wiki haha!


Oh, yeah either one of those would do it. Hopefully that’s it ^^

Is it colder than normal maybe? 60’s at night or something? I could see cold temps keeping things shorter :thinking: idk otherwise. Still gonna be good tho!


Oh yeah! I forgot about that haha. That’s been the one drawback of running the lights during the day, is that it has gotten cooler than I’d like in there during lights off, like 66-68 usually. Shit, yeah, I totally forgot about that.

Welp, problem solved! I knew it was my fault haha…


My tents are lights out during the day and are hitting 62-64*. That will get worse in Jan, Feb.


Yeah, that’s pretty cold. I dunno what you or I could do about it, though, other than putting a space heater in the tent or something, which, hell no haha. It was actually 70 in there when I opened the tent this morning, so not bad at all. We’ll see how this winter progresses here. They’ve been saying that this year is gonna be even worse than last year and last year was by far the worst winter I’ve ever seen in LA. If they’re right, I’m gonna be PISSED haha.


I just roll with it. It’s been this way since I started growing. But the colder temps definitely brings out the color in the plants!!


Looking good!

I’m with you. I don’t like running the lights at night if I don’t have too.

Great to see this journal. Triple Goddess is one that I wanted to pick up, but never did, so now I can live vicariously through your grow haha.


Yeah, I hope they turn out alright. Like Holy pointed out, it’s possible that the cold temps kept the stretch to a minimum, so maybe plant morphology-wise these Triple Goddesses won’t be the most “accurate” representation, but I guess the smoke should still be the same, right? Haha.

I’m looking forward to them, anyway.


Just got done watering. The Triple Goddess #1 and #3 were fucking coverrrrrrred with both sacs and a few nanners, too, so they’re gone. Oddly, the #2, which was the one I plucked like ten sacs off of last week, looks fine. Hopefully that’ll last.

Anyway, yeah, that fucking blows. They were just starting to get a little frosty and stinky, but I’m not gonna deal with all that for the rest of the grow, sitting there hoping me and my shitty eyesight caught every sac. And there were just too many. Had it been ten or twelve, yeah, maybe, but there were a lot more than that. The fact that there were both sacs and nanners also really weirded me out.

Looks like the shorter Wat Pho may have gotten pollinated, too, which also sucks. I saw some withered pistils on her, anyway, but that may just be because she’s so bushy and compact, maybe the flowers are rubbing up against the leaves or something, I dunno. I hope that’s what it is.

So now we’re down to six plants from nineteen seeds started :joy::weary::joy::weary: haha. What a joke… I did start soaking four of Doc’s Banana Soap (Ethiopian Banana x A5Thai) seeds this morning, before I saw those fucking Triple Goddess plants. Hopefully I’ll find at least two females from those and then I’ll start the Oil Spill seeds in five or six weeks.

But yeah, what a fucking bummer…


Ouch, that blows :see_no_evil:

Makes me kinda glad that I pop whole packs at a time, but also massive sadness when I’m composting the whole lot of them later :sweat_smile: The latter makes me wanna mix it up like you’ve been doing which is why I started popping these smaller packs I’ve been sitting on.

Hopefully that last one stays stable for you :crossed_fingers:
And hopefully no seeds!


Yeah, I mean, I guess popping whole packs would be good, except then I’d be dedicating space and time and power to a whole pack of hermie seeds haha. When you consider that I veg everything for eight weeks minimum, that’s a lot of time just to throw plants away. Popping only four or five seeds at a time of multiple hybrids allows for a better chance of ending up with some good stuff. Or at least some shit that doesn’t herm haha.

I’m just super-irritated about the whole thing right now. This is now two grows in a row that I’ve had to trash plants because of fucking herms. It’s pretty unacceptable to me.