Bog Seeds Availability Info

Yeah the real ones before people started sunburning their flower at 1500 ppfd :grinning:


Y’all want to see a 2009 Sour Bubble pack?
(no it’s not mine)


That’s the exact package type the Black leaf one I posted came out of…. Nice post!:+1::+1:


@DougDawson i made an order with GLG with cash and tracked parcel to them. The most annoying part was getting exact chance in US dollars but everything else was a dream. :+1:

@Tonygreen , when is the Black Sour Bubble going to drop on GLG? :hugs:


Hopefully it’s not true.


I think it may only be included in the box set…. But that’s not for sure, merry Christmas dude.


Think he may be taking a little break from everything after all of this. He made an apology video this morning towards James and the bog family for his reactions. Don’t know if it meant that what James was saying all along about having bog gear was true.


ooh! What box set? I feel I missed a note in a thread somewhere talking aboot this.


Post 990 :sunglasses:

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Hail @buckaroobonsai , that’s the area of this thread that started looking into this but can’t find any flushed out details. :+1:


It’s supposed to be a Valentine’s Day drop I think, or there about, but we’re not positive. However it goes I am in! :+1::sunglasses:


Sweet! That gives me some time to save up :rofl: .

The Love stinks from last year was soooooo very tempting but ultimately I wanted the Black Rose so I held off on the LS pack and grabbed the BR instead. I want in on that Italian Beef as well so I hope to have enough “spare” coin when Feb rolls around :smiley:

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The box set comes with like 6 different seed packs I think, sounds like a great deal to me :+1:

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I really want to know where you read this :heart_eyes:

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Back channel chatter……

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There some other stuff included. I’ll have to go through my messages with him


It’s a little disheartening to read of the doubts regarding BOGs seeds at SHN. What sort of plant populations are suggesting these things? Grown indoors or out?

I don’t think SHN is knocking off original packs and selling the resulting seeds. It’s reasonable to think that BOG had piles of seeds, as he had been making them for decades. Anomalies like all males, or all females, or all one phenotype can pop up in a pack or two. How many packs are this “pre 98 bubba” pheno? And from what I remember, BOG never admitted to the pre98 bubba being in Sour Bubble, I remember there being a big controversy but he would always say that it was a rare afghan pheno from whatever the Dronkers put into that WL Bubblegum that he was working. I’m not saying he didn’t say it, but I never read it and I distinctly remember him refuting that claim more than once. However valid that is, it’s what he said. And what he says is more than realistic, Nevil’s comments on Bubblegum that aren’t in any regard directed towards BOG actually support what BOG had said all along.

BOG posted on Icmag that he wanted to leave his family with something, why is it so far fetched to think BOG didn’t have jars of seeds? He pretty much said just that and he had been breeding for decades.

I don’t know them but I’ve read, I love seeds of course. It’s noted that Jim Jr. doesn’t really pursue making seeds and growing in the same fashion as his dad and that he, rightfully so, is into his own things. It’s even more reasonable for me then to assume that he wouldn’t necessarily be chomping at the bit to fulfill the wants of the community for his dad’s seeds after his passing and start quickly making more. Then to consider Pat is also said to be ill. I wouldn’t expect someone who wasn’t already elbow to elbow in the dirt previously to start making seeds for “us” so it’s likely to assume that the seeds being restocked are from seeds BOG had previously made.

I would prefer BOG made whenever possible anyways, no offense to Jr or whoever else. These seeds in my option should be treasured. BOG is a legend and he made it known at the time that SHN was his only vendor other than ordering direct. Many other respected breeders have SHN as an authorized retailer. I just don’t see the juice being worth the squeeze for them to start knocking off BOG packs.

Now the question of maybe the seeds are from another generation, or the labeling wasn’t accurate or whatever else is something of its own for sure. I don’t think either camp is being disingenuous and selling “knockoffs” from original packs though. And if Jr. was doing it, it definitely wouldn’t be called a knockoff anyways. As far as I’m concerned, these are likely some of the last seeds available made by BOG himself but everyone is surely entitled to their own opinions.

I don’t know Tony, but as a seed collector I don’t think it’s a good look to make such grandiose claims on word alone. Especially when there is potential conflict of interest. That makes two seed sellers that have been lambasted recently by Tony. The other was CSI for their work with GG4. Both of these seed sellers, CSI being breeder and seed seller, advertise as giving back to the families who those genetics come from. SHN purchasing from as well as having having fundraisers for the BOG’s and CSI selling a GG4 multiple pack deal for $350 with 100% of the proceeds going to the family of whoever discovered GG4. Both pretty admirable actions in business, and especially so considering the historical nature of cannabis genetics and profit sharing. More than admirable even, one could say they are landmark moves. Legendary moves.

I have had this post on edit for days now, unsure weather or not to post it. I’m not here to stir controversy or to engage in it yet I find myself doing just that, and on Christmas no less. BOG had love for anyone working with his seeds and supported their endeavors. BOG was a real one. BOG didn’t just have a passion for the plant either, he had a passion for showing love and being kind and sharing the stoke. He never engaged with negativity. He had so much wisdom in many of his posts. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo your positive impact lives in the hearts and minds of many BOG we miss you Merry Christmas. Much love


I’ve followed @Tonygreen and his work since late 2015 when I first joined the online weed community. I had never joined a forum before that but I did so to follow 3 individuals that at the time, were just in the beginnings of what they would soon create, Antenna Seeds, Chunky’s Bagseeds and Tonygreen/Dansbuds… and one long established breeder, karma Genetics.
I remember clearly on the other forum where I have followed tony’s work with the sour bubble since 2015… that Bog himself did indeed post and bless the work being done.
I also know tony’s deep desire to breed with integrity, authenticity and he has pursued a deep understanding of the plant and the breeding practices that he has rigidly stuck to all these years. My first growing experience was with the gorilla bubble BX2 and as I grew those seeds I was able to go on the forum and see ALL of @Tonygreen 's work laid bare for all to see. His work has been that way ever since. An open book for all to see. The beginnings are all out there in the threads on icmag and most of what followed from 2015 to 2022 is all out there for the community to see.
When it comes to @Tonygreen 's word as a man and a breeder… I’ll quote his own saying… “When the Green Drops… The Bullshit Stops”
and that is all there is too it.


Well put @SHSC-1. You mentioned integrity. TG has it for days. 1st seeds I purchased in the US were TGTB from GLG. I’m a nobody in the grow world. I reached out to Tony with a question. He treated me like his most important customer. I’ll continue to support him when I can as I know the integrity of his work, like you said, it’s there for all to see. No bullshit here boss.