Brothers Grimm Genetics

When I first started, folks like subcool, cervantes and browndirt were huge influences on me via the seemingly short-lived youtube community. At this time breeders like brothers grimm were past memories and fables, true to the name “grimm” I guess. Today I have the honor of having a taste of those genetics. So in light of the recent revival of og, here’s some Cinderella 99 bred by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm. Feel free to post your own shots of any Brothers Grimm genetics or really any old school strain at all! Thank you all for everything. Zoo


mmmm cindy 99 i want some beans!!


Picked up some Cindy upon re-release, as well as some Apollo Haze. No plans to grow either anytime soon, but I’ve grown C99 in the past that was NOT original Grimm stock. Had to jump at the chance to get the real deal. Who knows when they’ll be out, or if they disappear from the game again? Better safe than sorry…



What’s up folks

Just FYI The first Episode of “PotCast” on SoundCloud features Duke Diamond who goes in depth on all sorts of cool topics.

Nice buds @farmerzooticals! Stellar looking stuff there.


Does it compare to G13 labs Cinderella 99 ? Curious if from the same stock or G13 replicated it…

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@StrainVenator Brothers Grimm’s C99 is the original with Mr. Soul being the breeder. Unless Soul gifted a cut to them I’d assume it would be different. I’ve run their Blue OG, nice tasting smoke


@lotus710 Got these from the first re-release with the black skull packaging off shn… No issues shipping at all


Ah alrightie cool thanks! I’ve had their Cinderella 99 I really enjoyed it and i REALLY like their pineapple express!

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Cinderella 99 taken at day 61 going into cure. Smells like deep dank funky fruit with a hint of chocolate or coffee earthiness.


I don’t think Soul ever gifted a princess cut to anyone. I was lucky enough to get some princess bud from Sly many moons ago. I was able to get cuts/clones of their parental stock, except Princess. Makes me cry when I think of the outstanding collection of mother plants I once had. At one time their were a lot of growers who had Genius growing in their garden because of Soul’s generosity.


An interesting side story. Webfish (Webby) created a strain called X13 (Airborne’s G13 x Apollo 13). He grew out a bunch of the seeds looking for a keeper to no avail. I purchased a pack of 10 X13 seeds on the Cbay auction. Grew them out and found 2 keepers. Sent Webby some samples and he confirmed she was a keeper.

Being the only person in the world with X13 I got a LOT of requests for clones. Must have sent out 3 or 4 dozen to different growers all over the world. As the legend spread I was approached by Hightimes to do a cover story on the strain. After talking with some of the most experienced members of CW I decided to pass on the Hightimes article. I tried to preserve the strain by giving out cuttings to many different growers and a few of medical growers in California.

I wonder if anyone still has it…


OH dear did you say BDW? That name just chaps my ass…and Subfool…


What about if you stop arguing ad hominem and start using some factual arguments?


Why dont you like subcool man? Hes bred some amazing cultivars. Donated THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of money to people in need, donated THOUSANDS of dollars in childrens toys to families in need. Hes givin away sooooo many seeds. He dont rip people off even when he can. Hes accepting to new ways of gardening. He interacts with all his fans. He even answers stupid questions every week for the noobs. Subcool just got the dr grinspoon lifetime acievement award because of how much good he has done.


Soul sent me a shoebox of rooted Princess 88 clones back in '98. Still remember, Nike size 13. Everything was still all secret-agent-like so I’d not met him or seen him. For years after I imagined I was trading genetics with Bill Walton or some-such. Princess 88 was 2 filial gens removed from the P mother, one BX short of C99. At one point he told me that the second release of C99 (in 2001) was actually P88 x C99, he liked the P88 cut so much. So did I :grin:



Sorry, I’m bias, and indeed Subfool has done some nice things for folks. I knew him decades ago, and it was a vastly different story. If you want to pm me I’ll tell you about it.


I can do that but not publicly. It’s not my intent to just bad mouth folks for no reason. I’ve got good reason. If you want to talk privately, lets lay this to bed and move on.


So you come on the thread, post opinionated garbage, and then say hey I don’t wanna be negative but…etc. Sounds like a sociopath to me bud. Also I do agree lately though bdw has seemed to sell out pretty hard, but his old guerilla vids gave me a decent amount or inspiration so I include his name in my early influences.
this thread is for brothers grimm and related genetics, not your opinion that, this may be news to you, nobody really gives a shit about. Don’t post unless you have bud shots to share or old breeding stories.
Have a nice day


Sorry if I got a little hot headed but shit man. Opinions don’t mean jack. You gotta realize that. My opinion doesn’t matter. Your opinion doesn’t matter. If you have personal issues with a person that’s on you two. But in the end all that matters are the facts. And my chosen personal influences for that specific paragraph at the intro have nothing to do with the topic of this thread… Bud shots and Image gallery. Moving on…


Let’s talk Brothers Grimm seeds, shall we?

So I noticed that Mr soul and Duke are still doing responsible breeding practices. That’s cool. Really cool since the drug war started there have been a whole bunch of crossers and not enough breeders. I’m really glad to have grown their stock and swear by it If responsible professional breeding is of importantce to anyone. Because after all, no real grower wants cookies after the first batch… But the multiple layers of intensity on that grimmdica… Whooo-ieeee