6 years of OverGrow Anniversary Party $500 in prizes! A pot for pot Medium grow kit winner announced Sat. July 30th 2022

OverGrow has been continuously serving the community for six years, in that time thousands of people have learned from growing their first cannabis plant with seeds provided by OG’s. Cultivation of cannabis becomes easier with the lessons learned from making mistakes, we are here to offer a hand up in bad times and two hands up to celebrate when achievement’s happen. The OverGrow community loves to offer a hand up to those in need, combined there are over a thousand strains on OverGrow that won’t be grown at all. The race to market with hype sells the latest strain and all those buyers end up with grow stress from trying to keep up with others that haven’t reached the limit of what can be grown or spent. The most common phase written here and everywhere “I’ve got more seeds than I can grow in my lifetime.”, now is your chance to give those seeds a life.

OG’s with seeds to be given away during the event are asked to follow the dibs protocol, choose your time, post that the next person who posts “dibs or whatever you want” gets the seeds. There is no limit on amount of times that you can give away your seeds. If you prefer to post your free seeds and select the winners yourself at the end of the contest, this acceptable. The shipper of the seeds must pay shipping cost to supply the gift.

OG’s who have given away seeds:

@Enjoi802 @Dirtron @SHSC-1 @ReikoX @Carty @Pigeonman @Pawsfodocaws @buckaroobonsai @tresbundles @DougDawson @Bobgrows

To enter this event to win prizes, post “OverGrow the world”. This event is open to all OG’s. You can post as many times as you like once entered, the only limitation is all OG’s must follow OverGrow guidelines and rules. Got a picture of your incredible plants and or bud shot’s? Share it and add a link to your grow if possible. Shout out to your friends, Post music video’s, communicate with others, pictures of your pet, got a story to tell, what’s for dinner, what your smoking/vaping, it’s your post to make. The only requirement for entry to win prizes is to post “OverGrow the world”. Other than that… it’s a celebration.

The following prizes are available for purchase from companies that advertise on OverGrow, all gifts were purchased by Mrs. Helios and I to be given to members of OverGrow. All products represent things that can used by OG’s and it is our hope that you will show these gifts to others in use and let others know if the product is worth the hard earned dollars to have one of their own. All cost of shipping for prizes will be provided world wide.

Show prizes

1: AC Infinity tent

2: A pot for pot medium size starter kit

3: Pipe

4: Multi use Vaporizer

5: 10 medium size OverGrow stickers

As the prizes arrive, there will be a reveal with pictures and a video, a small OverGrow sticker will be placed inside and the item will be repacked and prepared for shipping.

Starting July 4th a medium size OverGrow sticker will be awarded to a participant every 72 hours, free shipping. The winner of the “A pot for pot starter kit for free” Will be announced here and in the giveaway.

The prize will be opened, picture taken and a small OverGrow sticker placed inside, repacked and shipped to the winner. If you have a prize you would like to add to the celebration, you choose the winner and how it is given away, dibs protocol or announce your winner at the end of the celebration. Shipping is paid by the sender. There is no limit to the amount prizes that can be given away. Your gift must not contain anything illegal, this protects the sender and receiver from harm. Medical Cannabis/hemp Example: I bought NAM CBD Delta 8 THC (.03%) flower for this event, my thought was if I send this to a OG, they have a bad reaction of any kind or cause harm to themselves or others, I’m at fault.

OG’s who supplied prizes for this celebration:




Hundreds of OG’s give a buck! Have you been wanting to donate to OverGrow to keep the community strong for another 7 years? When you join the charity drive for OverGrow, a $1 donation is made, you will also feed those in need by the thousands and say Fuck Cancer!

One OG like no other taught me generosity and how to give from the heart.

To the 73 OG’s who donate monthly thru Patreon at any level… you are the backbone of OverGrow. Without you, there would be no OverGrow community and none of this would have happened. Thank you. I’m inspired by your generosity to support unlimited uploads and the free membership of any person to become a part of our incredible community.

Mrs. Helios and I would like to start the shout out chain… Thank you for 6 years of OverGrow! @LemonadeJoe and the @moderators

You don’t haft to be growing cannabis to join, medical cannabis user who buy from exspencery’s may never grow in their lifetime are here. There are people who exclusively use and grow CBD, those who don’t smoke/vape/ingest THC or CBD are a part of the community. Together we grow all kinds of vegetables and eatable plants. We share our lives, trials and tribulations, what’s happening in our life and who we are. Whether you joined OverGrow when you read this or you joined in the last 6 years everyone is invited to this celebration. Mrs. Helios and I will announce the winners of their prizes August 1st 2022. I will be using ReikoX dibs protocol to give away 5 small OverGrow stickers 1 at a time randomly throughout the celebration, shipping paid world wide.

To enter this event and be eligible to win prizes or medium size stickers, post “OverGrow the world”


Well a few things @Heliosphear.

  1. You’re amazing!
  2. Thank you for 7 years of OverGrow @LemonadeJoe & all the mods!

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What @Pigeonman said!

Overgrow the world!


Thank you for all that you do!

Overgrow The World!

Edit: that tent is swanky af


This is amazing @Heliosphear! Many thanks for being just so awesome!

Overgrow the world! :fire::heart_eyes::+1:


“Overgrow the world” . Thanks @Heliosphear this is truly awesome of you and yours… This should be fun!



Suuuper awesome @Heliosphear, many thanks!

Overgrow The World!!
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This is an awesome way to celebrate!

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Amazing community here,

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WOW!! @Heliosphear the generosity just keeps coming :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

@LedZeppelin says OVERGROW THE WORLD

@LemonadeJoe Thanks for the site!! :slightly_smiling_face:

To the TeamOG & mods high fives :raised_hand: :raised_hand: :raised_hand:

These buds will be smoked to all the good OGers out there :peace_symbol:

Link to my grow diary:


Happy Anniversary Overgrow :partying_face:
“Overgrow The World!”


Simply amazing. Thank you @Heliosphear.

OverGrow the world, one plant at a time.


@Heliosphear you and your Mrs. Are super generous not only to this community, but to people in need who you will never meet and will never know you. That’s the best kind of human generosity to me. :heart:

Both of y’all have my respect. :ok_hand:

Thank you to all the leaders of this forum, @LemonadeJoe this forum is blessing and it truly embodies the spirit of giving and life that comes with the herb. :muscle: :peace_symbol:

I’m sure I will post more in the coming days, and I might even donate a prize, I’m honestly waiting on some potential good fortune in my own life before I can commit. :upside_down_face:

Until then

OVERGROW THE WORLD :earth_americas:

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OverGrow the World!!! :v:
Good luck everyone. Thank you again @Heliosphear for doing such a awesome give away!!


@Heliosphear you’re a truly inspiring member.
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Overgrow the world!


Overgrow the world!

I promise to do my part!


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