California clone exchange

Hello everybody I wanted to start a thread for those of us here in California that are willing to trade genetics with each other and or help each other aquire things that may be available in your area and not somebody else’s. The clubs are almost always out of clones in the bay area now and I see prices going up, so maybe we can help each other out a little.
Post what you have and if somebody has something your interested in let them know.

What I currently have in verified clone only form
Ice cream cake
Do si do
Peanute butter breath
Ringo’s gift ( CBD )
Blue dream - original haze leaning / santa cruz
Sfv og
Grape pie
Grand daddy purple
Gelato 45

What I have in testing
Skywalker og from reserve privada fem seed
Skunk 1 from sensi seed
Og from reserve privada fem seed
Ghost og - clone from down south
Bubba kush - clone from down south

What I’m looking for
Sunset sherbert original clone


I’ve got GorillaZkittles. Smoked a sister last year & have this mom outdoors, so a couple months until “testing” begins. :smoking:

*(comes with free aphids) :heart_eyes:



I can send the cap cut to you around the new year none of my clones rooted so I’ll have to reveg :unamused: would definitely be interested in that sfv og and the blue dream if it’s the santa Cruz

Edit I’m not in Cali but I don’t have a problem sending you some cuts homie


I’ve got the TK and Chem D cut. I also have some decent BT cuts.


I got cuttings of hso blue dream and ogkz. The ogkz is going to be fire! Idk about the dream. She seems pretty Sativa dominant and I jack flowering plants most times. I can send you some cuttings if you would like bro.

Im not in Cali but super interested in how your Bubba Kush in testing turns out - hope its what I remember! Also would love to someday get my hands on an old school Bubba if one is still floating around someday.

Mac1 been super intrigued by that forever, has anyone on here done a grow of it yet? (Thinking you have one in the process @TheShowMeHomie ?

Cheers guys- spread the love

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Some American cannabis growers are so lucky nowadays (Cali residents). Easy access to good genetics (in legal states). Id love a chance to clone shop in Cali, or even Michigan.
We here in Canada are federally “legal” yet we cannot easily access quality verified clones like our American neibors can.
Instead, our govts answer is to selI us 4pks of femmed beans for $60 CAD. I wish Canadians could hit our local greenhouse for verified cutts that are market worthy.
In Michigan its popping off, their genetic scene. Most legal states are popping off.
What Id give to get legit cutts of verified cultivars in a greenhouse close by.
This happens when the ex-top cop in Canada writes the new cannabis laws for Canadian cannabis use guidelines… *sigh
I dont mean to sound like im complaining, its just that Canada sux at easy cannabis access. We cannot even properly breed here recreationally. 4 plants max/houshold. Trading mostly still done underground here sadly.

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If ya dont mind me asking @Tommy_McCain , how do ya describe yer Triangle cutt? im asking cuz I have a few Triangle x Double OG Sours outside (RebelGrown). they a long way off yet. Early on, im getting kind of mint smell from it. Im not sure what the dominant odor TK is sposed to be. Kushy I guess? Thx
nice clone selection @Heritagefarms. they all 9 week + flowering in your list?
I love the Ghost OG. smoking on a Ghost hybrid right now.
I.C. Cake and Do Si Do are sposed to be tasty too. if u access the proper cutt.
Heard Blue Dream is a real heavy yielder. Ive heard Californians trying to hit 20lbs per Blue Dream plant outdoors, and coming close. Id like to try a Haze dom version of blue dream. Maybe a BX back to the Haze half.

I love Bubba, but it takes forever to grow out of a clone. Such a slow growing plant I found. Grew HSO Bubbas Gift last year and they were slow A.F. Had a real tasty Bubbas Gift that was almost blackat harvest and smelled and smoked like a strawberry jam smells like. Wild taste. Just wish Bubba had a quicker chassis.

HSO Bubbas Gift


The blue dream I have is the original haze leaning version and I’ve def seen 10-12 pound plants in 200 gallon pots. It’s not my favorite go to smoke but it makes exceptional extracts , there are very little fats or lipids in the plant.
I have two other strains that Im Keeping in house one because I want to breed and stabilize it before releasing and the other because I was asked to hold it , breed it but not pass it on.
Those being my grape rebbelion and the 92og. There will be some crosses to both though and there bound to be fire.


Blue Dream catches a lot of shit, like a red headed stepchild, but its still among top cannabis cultivars consumed by the tech world. been that way a long time. I enjoy Haze myself, not so big a fan of BlueBerry tho. IMO Blue Berry genetics makes better hybrids. I find they shine a little better in that way.
A Haze leaning Blue Dream would be nice. I grew out a BBx Haze once it was gorgeous. But Haze dom. The smoke and flavor was sickly sweet on it.
I was hoping for a Canadian oldschool Haze renaissance when legalization came to Canada, but its still a hard to find flower/clone strain up here. Ya mostly see super silver haze if anything. Its nowhere near what Seni seed co’s silver haze was back in early 90’s.
Guess no one wants to really grow a low yeilding, long flowering strain with so many other options around. A few Canadian LP companies carryOriginal/Silver Haze flower, but very few.
I have a criminal record or id just drive to Michigan and shop for clones there. Mail is undependable with covid right now too, tho they would prolly still be alive if shipped from MI.
I heard Kevin Jodrey once talk to Dan at RebelGrown seeds about the elusive 20 lb Blue Dream plant. Its been close to a record 20lb Blue dream plant a few times in Cali from what Ive heard apparently.
Sadly, Blue Dream wont finish properly here N of Toronto outdoors properly, havent even bothered trying it.
Would have to force-flower to finish on time here. Or find an auto Haze maybe.

Pine, Mint and Kush. It is a really complex smell. You can tell it has some fuel or chem smells in the background. It is like when you were a kid and wanted all the flavors in one cup. It becomes difficult to narrow it down. I will say one thing…crazy frost.

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I got one about 3 weeks into flower

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Sure would love that real deal santa Cruz I have the STL blue dream lol it’s more blueberry not much like the orginal in high or yield

I’m not familer with a stl blue dream, I just know what I have is the original cut that made it a common name. The haze leaning pheno that gets incredibly huge but still finishes in 9 weeks.
Most blue dream I see grown from seed is much heavier on the blueberry side. I wish there was a way I could pass you a cut but I’m not Into to mailing clones, I know some people do but I also know some who have had issues because of it. I’m willing to trade clones with anybody in California and meet half way if they have one of the things I’m trying to track down.

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Maybe we could find a california member here who would be willing to accept the Mac via mail and send a blue dream to you, I’d happily meet them and they could gain a cut of both themselves . Let us know if you get that to re veg sometimes they don’t like to , I take several cuttings if your going to try and maybe even try wuth the main trunk

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Yeah it’s just the one that floats around our area it’s solid just not that hazy dreamy stuff

Yeah I had some unknown issues with dead spots on the cloner :unamused: I’ll reveg it and if for whatever reason it doesn’t I can get another either way I got no problem sending you some cuts

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Blue dream , @Meesh this is the original haze leaning pheno


She is so pretty! Even thinner leaves than the others I grew, but definitely less similar to this Indica looking bunch of bud rot I grew this year!

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Yeah I saw your posts about the rot situation , it’s hard to read I’ve been there myself when I lived out on the north coast. I have a grand daddy purple original that’s just about worthless to try and grow outside , great indoors and good for breeding but a rot magnet if put outside.

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