Canadian Breeders?

When I think Canadian breeders currently on the scene, i think Chimera, Jordan of the islands, next generation, white buffalo and a few other older names.

Obviously the great canadian members on this site and theres a few killers. dont want to start naming names and leave out anyone.

Who else is out there and who do you currently like?
curious about all the great people out there i havent heard of.


I don’t think he’s working in Canada right now but @BreederSteve Spice of Life

I think you can get some of his genetics though certain legal providers in Canada. Look for ones that deal with Klonetics


Skallywag seeds and Sacred Cut Seed Co repping central Canada


Thanks for creating this @jessethestoner always looking to broaden my horizons and see what amazings breeders we have up here in the great white north!


After growing Buddhas cane and seeing some members grow some other offerings. Im going to say Spidey from @ShitSeeds is breeding some fire.


My heart grew 3 sizes today… thank you @Floyd
New fire is on its way soon! Just testing a few things now.

Good growers make us look great over here. Thank you all.



Must say huge fan of the thread. :green_heart:
Are we listing off currently available canadaian breeders or was your directional idea to head in a more historic route?


I guess both as long as we mention whether or not they are active.

For instance, i left off breeder steve because he isnt actively selling seeds to consumers at this point.

Some new names to me here. Maybe we can also post links to trustworthy websites?


I feel thats a great idea having notes weather or not the breeder is actively selling, as for reputable links, theres a thread for that , links for seed shops in 2 places could get messy


I can think of several but most tend to stick to instagram or have gone underground, rebranded, left canada ect. I know there are 3 canadian breeders listing on GLG but I won’t name them for fear of pushing site rule boundaries.
Jordan of the Islands and Peak Seeds have been around a long time. A lot of Canadian breeders with awesome outdoor IBLs got burned when rcmc went down and most have not returned from what I can see although they pop up on instagram from time to time.

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I was under the impression that Peak seeds BC was no longer selling seeds. There is or was a fake site.

Just checked. I guess I heard wrong. :thinking:

I dont think there are rule boundaries about mentioning random breeders. joti and next generation certainly arent active here for instance.

cannabis forums arent generally the best organized, which is why i think posting links in 2 places doesnt really matter.

I want to mention bearhill seeds. a great breeder and my first foray into autoflower cannabis. i remember telling my mom they were watermelons lol.


Beauty much appreciate another Canadian source! , perhaps this belongs here aswell speaking of rcmc!

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Hey @jessethestoner , check out Elite613Genetics, from Ontario,if you haven’t yet. He has access to some fire genetics from running a seed bank for years and has made some great F1 seeds. I have used some of his gear in my own seed making endeavors. :peace_symbol::grin::canada:


Federation Seed bank had the Cotton Candy and boy do I miss that strain. Bought it in 07. Soon to find out later Canada went ape shit on seed companys back then i believe.


This is my opinion and my experiences may not reflect others but here is my two cents on the current breeding scene in Canada.
Honestly there isn’t alot of real breeders in Canada these days.
Before Emery got busted there were a lot of great breeders but most either sold there company, went overseas or just packed up shop and called it a day when all the heat came down from Emerys bust.
Now there are a lot of really bad closet breeders in Canada. Pollen checkers at best.
Most taking two similar polyhybrid type things that are hot in the US and crossing them together.

Here’s my list of the true:
-Peak Seeds
-Big buddy seeds
-White buffalo seed collective
-House of the great gardener
-Reeferman now known as Scott family farms
-Next Generation
-sacred cut seeds

Honorable mentions and up and comers to look out for:
-Lucky 13. Dude has some fun stuff in his catalog like a few old inbred lines such as herijuana and an old Skunk from 1985. His Roadkill og is nice.
Does a few "recreations"of famous strains I don’t care for as they will not be close to what they are advertised as imo.
-blackpack seeds
This dude is one to watch for but kind of keeps a low profile.
Uses some rare old Canadian outdoor heirlooms and makes some great outdoor strains.
Also does a bunch of stuff with more landrace kind of strains. Afghan and Pakistani hashplant kind of stuff.
Hard to find his gear.
-Joey weed. Been around for forever. F2s of classic strains. Pretty popular and has a loyal following
-beanhoarder. Breeder on that makes f2s of popular strains as well as some cool hybrids.
Alot of this stock is old but is pretty cheap and h
there definitely are treasures to be found In his stuff.

You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these choices. All very experienced breeders who actually make proper selections and are doing directional based true breeding

-Here are a few more reputable breeders I advise to avoid based on my own experiences or friends of mine who have had negative experiences.

-Jordan of the Islands was left off the main list as I don’t believe it’s the same guy who used to run the company. The real Jordan got busted in the lat 2000s and lost all his mothers (God Bud, Blueberry, chemo amongst others) and his genetics haven’t been the same since and have steadily gone down hill.
Now a days seems like they are doing straight pollen chucks with single packs from hype breeders.

Also visioncreator deserves a mention for his work with the red Congolese and special k he bred amongst a few other fantastic strains however he is a Junkie and ripped me and a bunch of other people off for a lot of money so be weary if ever dealing with this fella.

Bc Bud depot. These guys are selective scammers and your odds of getting your seeds if you order from them is a gamble at best. Lots of reports of Germination issues.

-Old school breeders association.
Stole reefermans company from him and all or most of their strains are fakes.
Ripped a lot of people off.

Hope this us helpful for some


That cotton candy was great. There was a cut that floated around the island for years that was really unique and tasty. Haven’t seen it in a long time.


Cannaventure is :fire: new drops recently they don’t release a lot.
Truefire genetics phenohunt cheap tester crosses mostly thugpug.

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it gave me insane dry mouth and munchies like crazy.

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